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Chinese companies united to support Huawei by dropping US companies [Copy link] 中文

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US companies that stop supplying parts to Huawei such as Intel, Google, Nvidia, Qorvo, Micron, Broadcom, Microsoft, analog device,

Now Chinese companies are united together to support Huawei by dropping those US companies mentioned above.

Let's go Huawei! You have supporters now!

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War-mongering doesn't help you win elections, but the appearance of being a bully does help you win votes AT HOME if the home crowd is as pathetic as you are.

Our FM should not just make a statement that Trump is bullying Huawei.

He should spell out the consequences if Trump continues to go down this path.

If there are no consequences, then don't even make the comment about your most innovative company being bullied.

If your sister is being raped right in front of you on the street, you don't simply stand by and say "Oh, this rapist is doing horrible things to my sister right in front of me.  Just horrible.  Someone please call the police."

You pick up a large stone to drop it on the head of the bully instead of just standing by like a perfect gentleman waiting for the police.

Or else admit you're just a pretty boy and there's nothing you're going to do about it.

The day that the Americans start calling the Chinese "bullies,"  that will be the day that the world has really really changed, like in changing from 2G to 5G.

What we have seen so far is just the first salvo of the first skirmish -- yes a skirmish, not even a battle, let alone a war yet.

I really really really want to hear the Americans calling the Chinese "bullies" one day soon enough.

Nothing else needs to be said from that moment on.

There is no such thing as a "gentleman" when it comes to international relations.  

Throughout human history power has never come out of the barrel of a gentleman's smoke pipe.

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There are probably more than one way to respond to US.

First, its not just Trump. Maybe in essence he is a moderate guy but forced into this position by his surroundings. No one should generalize the profiling of US, otherwise one will be like them. There are other powerful people like Pompeo, Bolton etc. Basically there are a whole lineages of racists and extremists holed up in the US. So there is a question of how to align with the non-extremists-non-racists in the US against the extremists and racists. Many people especially you Chinese prefer a peaceful world for business that isn't disrupted or held hostage or being bombed into the oblivion by the racist and extremist bigots. There still many peaceful people in the US. Identify them. Work with them.

Second many people cannot control what others do. What one can do is to improve oneself repeatedly and profusely. Sharpen your education and economic, enhance your security capabilities and foster a bigger family. Your neighbors are not free from US clutches too.

Third. Technology is not the only frontier in competition. For example the bio-industry, heavy-industry, transportation-industry etc. are of such industries too. Bio-industry should include health, hygiene and environmental. China can design a good structure for this and then hone students from China itself which should include a wide variety of Chinese-ethnics and also a good number of students from India and Nepal. It will be good to have schools at the China-India border on China's side which adheres to the normal Chinese syllabuses and subjects including Confucianism that caters for such students. By studying together, there is familiarity. By teaching the same thing, there is no discrimination. Can also offer extra Hindu and Nepal culture classes to students of Indian and Nepalese origin. Some of these schools can be public and some private funded by both Chinese and Indian philanthropists with both schools catering for students from ages 7 to 23 . Cater for poor students from India and Nepal as well as some of them could be star students. Of course due care have to be exercised as grooming children is a onerous job. Don't attract negative publicity by doing a lousy job. Let them study up until university level in the same place. From here China will have a pool of talent who can help to push China's bio-industry of medical, pharmacy, nursing and hygiene to Central Asia, South Asia and East Asia. The importance of Chinese multi-ethnic participation as a single work force and participation by Indian students with Chinese students are vital to China. It will enable China to reach every corner of Asia. What's more Chinese and Indian experts can work together in pushing Asian pharmaceuticals to both the EU and US markets. The same model can be applied for the Mekong Community. If the Russians are interested, the same can be done up north in China's Heilongjiang and cater for a small number of others like the Romanians, Bulgarians and Hungarians. Just a small number of countries will do.

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