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US spies on 'the entire globe', experts say [Copy link] 中文

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1.  The following are excerpts from an article by Tara McKelvey of BBC News Magazine, dated 25 October 2013, under the headline "US spies on 'the entire globe', experts say".

(Begin excerpts)
People and nations spy, even on friends. But in the realm of international electronic espionage, the US wields a nuclear arsenal while the rest of the globe fights with guns.

...computers used by French delegates at the UN have reportedly been under surveillance, as has the mobile phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And the US National Security Agency has monitored millions of French telephone calls, according to Le Monde.

According to the press accounts, Americans have been engaged in espionage on France, Germany and other countries - on a scale so vast that even jaded officials say they are taken aback.

"I am not naive. I know intelligence services have to do their job. But if it is true, it's deeply shocking," says one Western official.

"And if it's confirmed, the expression 'abuse of power', which has been used here and there, would not be entirely wrong. Of course, we are giving the US a chance to explain."...

"The rule is that everybody spies on everybody - except when they have an agreement not to," says Steven Aftergood, head of a project on government secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. "And then they may still do so."

Even given that tacit understanding, the US stands apart in the scope of its espionage capabilities.

"Every country has weapons for spying, but most have the equivalent of a howitzer," says James Bamford, who has written extensively on the National Security Agency. "In terms of eavesdropping, the US has a nuclear weapon."

Aftergood says, "We are photographing and listening to the entire globe."

In recent years, advances in technology have enabled the US to expand its electronic spying dramatically. The growth was driven in part by the effort to monitor threats after the al-Qaeda attacks in 2001.

Yet European officials say wide-scale surveillance operations on citizens and world leaders are harder to justify than monitoring of suspected al-Qaeda leaders.

The Europeans wonder not only why Americans would spy on their friends, but also whether these surveillance operations are legal.

A former US official says they are considered carefully at the highest levels. A decision to spy on the head of a Western government, for example, would be authorised by the president. The president would seek advice from the National Security Council, a team of senior advisers.

Researchers and former officials say decisions to spy on foreign leaders were likely made long ago - and adopted by presidents who later came into office.

Spying on a foreign leader falls under executive order 12333, which covers espionage necessary to protect US interests.

"Timely and accurate information about the activities, capabilities, plans and intentions of foreign powers, organizations and persons and their agents, is essential," the order reads.

Intelligence researchers and former US officials describe it as an open secret that even the closest of geopolitical allies spy on one another.

"Allies spy on each other because they don't have identical interests," says Jeffrey Richelson, author of The US Intelligence Community. "There are very few allies that are so close that there's no point in collecting intelligence."

In the 1920s and '30s, the UK used covert methods to monitor the US, he says.

At some point following the end of World War II, the Americans and the British agreed no longer to spy on each other. Eventually they decided to include Australia, Canada and New Zealand in their consortium, a group known as the "Five Eyes" alliance.

Espionage is part of statecraft, and these kinds of secret operations date back centuries.

Today, however, because of revelations in the mass media - provided by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, for example - ordinary citizens, and not just spies and high-level officials, know about their governments' activities.

"The politics of the debate have changed," says Suzanne Nossel, a former deputy assistant secretary of state in the Obama administration.

"Things that we once suspected that were going on are going on. And things we never dreamed of are going on. There's no way that Europeans can lie back and accept that."  (End excerpts)

Source:  bbcdotcom

2.  Trump's latest Huawei crackdown is akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  Under the Trump administration, the US has gone all out to pressure all countries to follow in its footsteps to ban Huawei on "security grounds".

As shown by America's outrageous global electronic espionage, its international campaign against Huawei is extremely laughable.  It is akin to a pickpocket shouting "Pickpocket!" in a market.  While all the people are looking at the wrong directions for the "pickpocket", the real pickpocket is laughing all the way to the bank with the money he has fished out from their bags and pockets.

With such people as Trump in charge, it is naïve to expect the US to discard its global surveillance operations that "were likely made long ago - and adopted by presidents who later came into office".  Neither should the world expect the US to dump away all the massive valuable data it has gathered from all countries throughout these years.  It won’t be surprising that the Trump administration is stepping up its international electronic espionage, particularly on foreign leaders, regardless of foes or allies.

Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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Hey ! Why is this CIA chief allowed to be in China (HKG SAR) to stir up treacherous movement and support against Chinese laws and rules ? Bloody shameful behavior of a multi-faced spy chief stalking the streets of China in Hong Kong; isn't this correct ?

Partly, to blame local Chinese HKG treacherous folks like this naive and brain-dead Mlee. These treacherous fellows should be aware of , if not learned yet, how the historical defeats of China came about. So bitter and shameful lessons that their buried grannies would cry a million times over; but yet not understood till today.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Martin Lee on Thursday, the State Department said, as Hong Kong activists seek to derail a proposed extradition law pushed by Beijing.

"Secretary Pompeo expressed concern about the Hong Kong government's proposed amendments to the Fugitive Ordinance law, which threaten Hong Kong's rule of law," the department said in a statement.


The USA has been a very big and greedy bully and that's why there were and still are so many wars and conflicts of nationalistic, religious and sectarian contents in this world. Of course, it deceitfully spied and will continue to spy on any subject ( people and countries ) vigorously because (1) it owns the world's largest spying networks , (2) it can mill and mint $$$ to pay for extremely sophisticated "gears and traitors" to work for its own selfish and greedy interests, (3)  its has an arsenal of nukes to kill the entire world that it often uses to threaten any "disobedient kingdom"; insofar as to enforce sanctions, military interferences and political manipulations across the lands of others. Examples happened as in The Korean War, The Vietnam War of Invasion, The Famous WMD-Faked Iraq War of Invasion and numerous other ongoing wars are sinister examples of bullying, faking and deceiving !

On Huawie scenario, it is a vicious battle of super high-tech dominance launched by the USA against China's development whose the latter only wishes to be independently intelligent and self-reliance : away from the paranoid, arrogant and selfish "America's First " regime in protectionism phobia. Again, the USA is faking with this phobia to dominate other advancing nations !

Irrespective of any notion about the quality of American learning in their so-called top notched universities ( what have they learned, taught and corrected those presidential political “major fault lines” ? ), the USA will fake news to spur on troubles in the lands of others and to demean others who are ahead of its interests though its president Trump often and always decried " hate fake news " . It is such a stupid faked face and mouthpiece not deserving any credible respect, globally. He is a casino styled President of the USA who uses “carrots and sticks” tactics initially. These, typically were seen in faked actor’s actions displayed in front of those top brasses of DPRK and China. Then, he juggles and mints his own words to suit his own interests, deceitfully.

Hence, if the top notched universities of the USA ( where many wealthy Chinese folks naively think there are values in them ) cannot educate their politicians and war mongers to live together in this world with fair plays and equalized participation in developments; then, one cannot see what values there are worth by “throwing away billions of dollar “ yearly in an unwelcoming USA. Don’t be a big sucker !


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12dream Post time: 2019-5-19 16:54
Hey ! Why is this CIA chief allowed to be in China (HKG SAR) to stir up treacherous movement and sup ...

re:  U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Martin Lee on Thursday, the State Department said,

  Not to worry, them Yanks are feeling down.

    In the US one of Theirs would be taken care of for treason...

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This post was edited by parcher at 2019-5-19 21:34

Obama gave the green light to spy on Merkel.....
but this is to be expected considering he passed on some of britains nuclear secrets to russia months after taking office....
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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We don't need the experts to tell us that, we already knew that long ago!

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this is not news.. just commonsense expectation..
My friend the Black Swan

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   So called 'Five Eyes' that consist of USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, have been traditionally and historically
keeping the whole wide world under their spying, listening and watching, through numerous telecommunication networks.

Present conflict with Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei is the fact that Huawei has increasingly becoming successful worldwide, thus increasingly becoming "a must watch" for 'Five Eyes', since they feel threatened by it.

Read hidden truth below,

Carrot & Stick,Bunny & Bully: What happen to bunnies if the bullies carry big sticks, and get to hold of almost all the carrots around? That's our world, now and then.

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