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The Tariff Nation - farther afield at the Break of Dawn [Copy link] 中文

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Part 1 of 6

There is a certain degree of inevitability in this Trade War, as can be gleaned from the fact that U.S. House Democrats have now enjoined the battle to reaffirm bipartisan support for Donald Trump’s tariffs on China.

Thucydides' controversial hypothesis notwithstanding, what we are witnessing today is the cold truth proven beyond reasonable doubt that the WASPs simply can't control their itchy impulses when it comes to demonizing China because of the relative ease with which they had historically exterminated at least 50 million Native Americans in the few centuries between the Mayflower and the 1890s.

The truth of the matter was that they feared the Mongoloid race so much that they didn't even deign to enslave the native peoples and would rather import black slaves from Africa.

That ignoble page of their history has left such an indelible imprint of remorseless contempt in their nation’s collective subconscious memory that to this day they still fail to understand the root of their own deep-seated antipathy towards China even as they are surer than ever that the latter's GDP is about to overtake theirs in a mere decade or less.

That's why they would never objectively attribute China's accomplishments to the intelligence and diligence of the Chinese people, but would always thump their chests and talk about American 'foolishness' in allowing China to join the WTO, forced technology transfers and IPR thefts, etc.  

They have conveniently forgotten that it took China fifteen years just to join the WTO on America's own terms, that China had never 'forced' anyone to transfer technology because of the inherent impossibility of any such unilateral practice, and that China had acquired some American knowhow by using the same mechanism with which America had acquired hers from Britain at the turn of the 19th century.  

What works for the gander should also work for the goose, or else it is using a double standard.

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Part 2 of 6

The Native Americans were backward technologically not because they were genetically inferior as the Whites had believed them to be, but because of their geographical isolation away from the centers of ancient civilizations, and this was purely an accident of history – there is simply no assurance that two tribes of equal intelligence will end up equally on the achievement scale when they become geographically separated -- or else the hundreds of millions of Caucasians living in India would have achieved the same degree of technological prowess as their West European counterparts in the 19th century.

That the Native Americans had begun to migrate from East Asia across the Beringia landbridge (now the Bering Sea due to rise in sea-level) 11,000 years ago is not a conjecture – it is a genetically-authenticated historical fact. Their DNA makeups are the same as those of present-day East Asians -- the Han Chinese and the Mongolians -- and are thus quite different from those of European descendants of the Neanderthals.

Now try zooming the lens from the Neanderthals in the Cave of Antiquity back to the shirt-and-tie occupants of today’s Oval Office in Washington D.C.  

Now you can hear the New Neanderthals Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and Navarro jumping up and down, babbling about China’s rise and how the Chinese owed their present prosperity to America’s ‘foolishness.’  

The readily-accepted myth inside the Beltway these days is that the Americans had somehow misread Chinese intentions – that they had intentionally been 'fooled' into believing that by admitting China into the WTO in 2000, China should have become a Western-style nation like an over-sized Japan albeit without the industrial capabilities, but with enough manpower to supply every American lad with Nike shoes at a buck a pair, that China would have become a huge sweat-shop for American investors who would be raking in the lion’s share of the profits, leaving merely crumbs for the rural migrant workers.

That was their rationale.  That was their intent.  The results didn't exactly pan out the way they wanted.

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Part 3 of 6

There is no doubt that American investors had raked in the expected profits, a fact which -- together with the news about the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 -- enabled them to dance in Cloud Nine, apparently mesmerized by their own unbelievably good fortune.

In fact, Japanese American historian Frank Fukuyama effectively flattered his Caucasian countrymen that they were witnessing “the end of history” – meaning that American-style Western democracy had won the Big Contest and the fruits of this victory would be theirs henceforth forever – at least on the same conceptual framework as Hitler’s “Thousand-Year Reich.”

What they didn't expect was China’s comprehensive rise touching all corners of the nation.  Not just the so-called princelings, but the people of the entire nation.  So the only plausible reason, according to their theory, that this could have happened was because America had allowed China to rise, not because the Chinese had out-performed them in every measure of competence and efficiency.

Oh yes, some HELP the Chinese did receive from the Americans according to their own reckoning -- to wit:...

...the Korean War; the Vietnamese War; the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia; the seizure of Ship Ying He in1994; the downing of Wang Wei's fighter jet on April 1, 2001; the cacophony of threatened interference in cross-Strait affairs, the weapons sales to Taiwan; the freedom-of-navigation claims in China's territorial waters in the South China Sea, the farcical UN trial involving the sovereignty of South China Sea islands near the Philippines, the struggles around the Diaoyu slands, the constant barrage of lies and innuendos blaming Chinese hormonal theft for America's own Erectile Dysfunction -- yes, China has been at the receiving end of such American 'help' for the last seventy years, they say, and so it's time to right the wrong by levying 25% tariffs on all Chinese imports into the U.S.

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Part 4 of 6

And it is totally baffling to know that Trump had actually graduated from U Penn's prestigious Wharton School of Business exactly 50 years before he lied to the American people last week that the Chinese are the ones paying the tariffs on their exports to America.  

No, not so at all!  Ordinary Americans are paying the tariffs -- taxes levied on imports already inside the U.S. -- not the Chinese.  Part of that tax revenue is being diverted to placate the angry farmers who will be devastated by the trade war that's sure to harm their fundamental interests when China retaliates.

There you have it -- a composite picture of a bipartisan, motley gathering of sore losers who just can't stomach the fact that they've been roundly beaten fair and square by the distant relatives of the Native Americans who in their minds represent nothing more than an inferior tribe of Ghost Dancers.

You can all imagine how they must be feeling right now -- the groans from Goliath the ogling ogre lying flat on the ground, about to be beheaded by a lanky David armed with nothing but a knife and a stone-slinger.

That's why they are levying this 25% tariff on Chinese exports, with the short-term goal of truncating China's international supply chains and the long-term one of thwarting her rise in any which way but slow.

China's surprise at America's intransigence in the Trade War is due to her ignorance of America's historical racist mindset -- that Cowboys would never give consent to sharing prosperity with Indians.  

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Part 5 of 6

One of the oddities is that lately even one black congresswoman seemed to have forgotten her own roots and appeared in the limelight to characterize America's contest with China as the first time that her country has faced the challenges coming from a "non-Caucasian foe."

That's the tragedy of a people who have chosen to assume the contrariwise identities of oppressors and the oppressed simultaneously -- the white Puritans had come to the eastern shores on the Mayflower as political and religious refugees, while the Blacks had come as slaves freely sold on the markets in Dixieland and elsewhere, but today they are talking about China's rise in the same breath -- Obama was talking about how it would be tragic for Americans should the Chinese people succeed in appreciably raising their living standards, as if he had forgotten that amongst the ancient civilizations, China's was the most precocious one which contributed the most to human progress with her Four Great Inventions of paper, movable type printing, mariners' compass and gunpowder, and have thereby earned the most deserving rights to access the material benefits of her inventions.

America's misplaced hubris, on the other hand, is due to her ignorance of the fact that the backwardness of the Native Americans was just an unfortunate accident of geography and history, that the latter's relatives across the Pacific had enjoyed material comfort and cultural resplendence for the better part of at least 5,000 years in a continuous civilization far more advanced than their European counterparts until about five centuries ago -- a mere heartbeat in Mankind's history of continual progress.

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Part 6 of 6

So it behooves all of us to mull over these facts and right the real wrong -- that American hubris has been allowed to ride roughshod over such a large swath of humanity for so long that it is time to take the reins of control back into the hands of the world's peoples, that there is no time left for us to be complacent in the face of their brazen attacks.

It's not that we don't want to share prosperity with these folks.  On the contrary, it’s just that their unwarranted hubris has prevented them to do the only sensible thing – to embark on a journey of co-operation instead of antagonistic strife -- with us as fellow passengers on Spaceship Earth sharing the same dreams and not as bedfellows shoving off each other’s stinking feet.

Our negotiator Liu has so far been dialing that toll-free number many times to implore the other side to share prosperity with us with no strings attached, but his efforts have so far gone to deaf ears.

Liu has personally gone over many times to invite the Oval Office occupant to thrive with us and enjoy the fruits of breakthrough achievements in the New Industrial Revolution.

The Donald just reached into his wallet, looked at the picture of one of his predecessors -- Andrew Jackson the Butcher on the 20-dollar bill -- and twitted "NO."

We have done it with sincerity in our minds.

We have done it with compassion in our hearts.

But the real-estate man is hallucinating that he can repeat what Jackson did at the Trail of Tears.

So he wants to start doing it by taking the cowardly step of holding Meng The Daughter as hostage.

And this is all happening because of America's bedeviled attempt to withstand the megatrend of history and block or detour everyone else’s road in order to claim sole access to prosperity.

Knowing Chinese capabilities, I can tell you that we can expect to see a decapitated Andrew Jackson farther afield in the gutters of history at the break of dawn.

Wei Chao, M.D.

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There is a certain degree of inevitability in this Trade War, as can be gleaned from the fact that U.S. House Democrats have now enjoined the battle to reaffirm bipartisan support for Donald Trump’s tariffs on China.

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