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130 and 80 Years Ago [Copy link] 中文

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Just a note while I am unpacking the goodies.

He was born 130 years ago today -- April 20, 1889.

He started a process in Europe 80 years ago that led to globalization.

He certainly didn't plan it that way, but the world wouldn't have become the way it is without him.

I am not going to tell you who he is until you've finished reading the world history book for the child-molecular dummies.

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Finished the first chapter yet?

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No?  I can wait.

I've got all the time in the world -- I can wait.

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I can go to bed later tonight, but there's no doubt in my mind that you'll finish reading this book sometime next year.

For I've been checking this forum every now and then to see if -- like parchment paper said -- talents like Mike Basset would stay around if I perform some magic (like Baldie said) and do a disappearing act.

Their hypothesis was all wrong.

No fresh talent like Mike even deigned to stay around to wait for emoticons to pass the filters.

Go on reading -- I'll set the alarm for 7 in the morning -- a full ten hours for all of you to finish reading page 2.5.

And therefore your worst nightmare has just returned.

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And you would have thought that the smart Chinese had learned a lesson in 1860 at Yuan Ming Yuan -- the Garden Amidst 10,000 Gardens -- when the French and the Anglos burned the priceless treasures down to the tune of a million pieces of Notre Dame quality art objects.

Well guess what -- you are DEAD WRONG!

Just the other day I heard some Chinese express His condolences to the French president for the fire at the Notre Dame.

And a Brit at Cambridge (who else?) even suggested the Chinese might want to use their talents in infrastructural construction to help the French rebuild the Notre Dame.

You see -- we Chinese are extremely generous.

If you rape one of my sisters, it's okay because I know you didn't mean to do it.

If your sister loses a pretty dress in a fire, I am definitely going to send someone over to repair it for you -- at the lowest price (China Price) possible -- because whatever concerns you is my concern too.

That's how generous we Chinese are.

Come to think of it -- maybe I didn't eat dinner -- something's not right with that kind of reasoning.

The correct response is no response -- not until you've acknowledge your wrong and come to reconstruct our Yuan Ming Yuan down to the last detail.

Otherwise, not one yuan of our money should be spent on Notre Dame.

Our skillful labor is not cheap cheap.  

On the contrary, it should be great great and expensive.

Our workers are not slaves -- they are talented, hard-working and deserve the highest pay for their highly intelligent performances

Yes, I would like to see white-skinned laborers working on rebuilding the ruins at Yuan Ming Yuan and returning as many of the artifacts stolen from it as possible, just like Italy had done two weeks ago -- returned 97 artifacts that had been stolen from China.

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Or else, not one cheap cheap laborer to be sent to help to repair Notre Dame.

The French experts said it would take decades to do the repair work, although their young president said it could be done in five years.

What was he thinking?

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Ah so, I see.

He's thinking of cheap cheap Chinese workers working on the BRI in those Middle Eastern Arab nations under the hot summer sun while their kings relax in their palaces with their harems.

He wants the generous Chinese to send hordes of workers his way too.

But he can't really open his mouth to utter those words, so he resorts to using an "international competition" to see who can do the job in the cheapest but most excellent way --  even though he knows full well that no one can beat "the China Price" if the generous Chinese really put their minds to it and enter the competition!

Again, no pictures of Chinese workers atop the Notre Dame for the false pride of being able to finish a two-decade job in two years.

In fact, no pictures at all -- until they've first come and repair our Yuan Ming Yuan and return the stolen artifacts.

A fool's generosity is an incurable disease!

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