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Upcoming Belt and Road Forum to further promote Philippines-China relations: Dut [Copy link] 中文

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The upcoming second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will further promote the development of bilateral relations between the Philippines and China, said Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

The event is scheduled to be held in April in Beijing.

During a meeting with Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua on Wednesday night, Duterte said he was satisfied with the current development of the relationship between the two countries.

Duterte also expressed his great pleasure to attend the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and he also looked forward to meeting with Chinese leaders again.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and world leaders attending the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation pose for a group photo in Beijing, capital of China, May 14, 2017./Xinhua Photo

Zhao said the Chinese government attaches great importance to Duterte's presence at the forum, adding that his attendance will help enhance the Belt and Road cooperation and boost the development of bilateral relations.

The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is going to be held in April in Beijing. Duterte attended the first forum held in Beijing in May 2017.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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Essential for both countries.

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Manifesting this idea throughout Philippines and convincing them on the viability is essential. This process should take into account the history that Philippines had suffered in the hands of the western colonialist powers and that it is time that they change their course towards a better future with their fellow Asians. China will not be Philippines' only good friend but China can become a high value key-friend cum ally of Philippines, this is an important mantra that should be inculcated amongst the Chinese and Filipinos. Much like Pakistan, an all weather friend. As key-friends, both should address the issue of mutual security. Economically however both should discuss how to trade over the entire Pacific realm together with other Pacific nations. Another important aspect for the China-Philippines collaboration is acting as another catalyst in bringing about closer ties amongst East Asians themselves minus Asean which has become definite extremism breeding centre rather than serving any other humanity purpose. Culturally Philippines is still behind in particular when it comes to apprehending corruption. This is something that will be of negative influence to the Chinese in the long run. It will be of great interest that Philippines and China work very, very closely with Indonesia on the affairs of Far South East Asia. Its definitely outside China's territorial interest but some of the affairs there are pretty tyrannical which in the long run can disturb peace in East Asia and Asia as a whole. Thus resolve is seriously needed and its in the mutual interest of China, Philippines and Indonesia to see that peace and a circular society with true religious freedom eliminating extremism and terrorism entirely. Apart from this, it is high time that China, Philippines and Indonesia push back the Five Eyes from controlling and influencing them negatively. Rightfully countries like Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand are Asians i.e. Far South East Asia. Ridiculously the Anglos use false scientific justifications to keep Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand for themselves by finding that the indigenous people there as being entirely different from South East Asians like they can pop out of nowhere when all East Asians including Polynesians can trace their roots from Asia. Don't discount that the Anglos will engineer a few other false biological justifications. The sole intention of the Anglos is to steal from the under-developed South East Asians. This is evident from the way Papua New Guinea is classified. The Western half of Papua/Guinea island is classified as Asia while the Eastern half as Oceania. Just ridiculous! There isn't such thing as Oceania in the first place. This came about because of the Anglo-Dutch division of their colonised prices in Far South East Asia with Australia representing the Anglos and as the UK needed to keep Australia-New Zealand on its side since Papua New Guinea was then part of Australia, therefore UK created the term Oceania and marketed it globally. Just study the Australia Day. It is marked on the day the Anglos first landed in Australia meaning Australia, recognises the UK as its origin. This says a lot that Oceania was created to allow Australian Anglos to steal Australia-New Zealand away from Asia. If so of course Australia can't recognise its Asia origin and will need all the false justifications it can muster to steal. The Anglos morality is pretty low. This also explains why the number of Australia- New Zealand aborigines are reducing as the number of Anglos are growing. This heinous inhuman engineering must be stopped. So why is a China- Philippines-Indonesia essential? First to design a proper economic engine to lift the living standards in Far South East Asia, reaping the moral high ground as against that of the Five Eyed Anglos and to build long enduring friendship. A fund contributed equally by all 3 should be set up in both Philippines and Indonesia to help protect the peoples of Asian heritage from Philippines to Indonesia to Australia to New Zealand to Papua New Guinea. China should let both the Philippines and Indonesia to do most of the work to lead the Far South East Asia to peace and prosperity. China takes the role of support by contributing economic and social studies and recommendations to help and support them. If the 3 republics of China, Philippines and Indonesia can work together closely over the next 100 years, they can achieve a lot thereafter and not only this as such a collaboration, especially in the form of economic can be spread to the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. Hence its important Philippines change its psychology and thereafter together with China convinces Indonesia to join the bandwagon to modern peace and prosperity.

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Peace and prosperity will not come by setting race against race and continuing the conflicts of the colonial era. Revenge is not the way. Evening the score is not productive. The recovery of China shows that colonialism is almost completely dead. Historical injustices should not be used to further nationalist imperialism. Remember the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere of Japan? Don't repeat that nonsense.
My problem is simple: I just know better than everyone-else!

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