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Will there be a breakthrough in US-China trade negotiations? [Copy link] 中文

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-1-31 23:59
Don't be naive.  

Ed Snowden's revelations in the Prism saga showed beyond reasonable doubt the U ...

Tell it to the Judge!
After years of public mistrust, the US government has finally, officially laid out its cases against tech giant Huawei. The Chinese company stands accused of a laundry list of crimes ranging from wire fraud to trade-secret theft to violating Iranian sanctions to obstruction of justice — all told, we're looking at 23 charges across two states. (Naturally, the company denies allegations of wrongdoing.) And now that the US government has made its claims against Huawei we're left with one weighty question: Just how screwed is this company, exactly?

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Boston101 Post time: 2019-2-1 04:46
Tell it to the Judge!

Com'on 23 charges only?

Are you kidding me?  So few?

Total lack of imagination on the part of these Americans.

Yes, the American prosecutor on the case should be fired from his job for his total lack of imagination.

I am sure he had received orders from Trump -- the only American president in U.S. history to have incurred wrath from so many upright Americans.  

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has been able to connect him to so many criminal activities that he understandably wants to use a Chinese champion like Huawei to distract the public's attention from him and focus it on Huawei instead.

He might even be thinking of provoking China into a regional war and then invoke special war powers and declare a national wartime emergency like FDR (Franklin Roosevelt) did in WWII, and thus stay on as president instead of going to prison.

23 charges only?  Gimme a break.

Total lack of imagination from the Crime Boss of the United Syndicates of America.

If Huawei is truly stealing anything from America, why are the Americans making the accusations on the first day of the trade talks instead of earlier?

This shows the charges are fake and putting political pressure on Liu He is the real reason.

That it is a political ploy and gambit is obvious to even a third grader.

Totally shameless nation to have produced such a shameless leader.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-2-1 09:50
Com'on 23 charges only?

Are you kidding me?  So few?

That's 23 charges against Huawei. They only need one to prosecute.

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cnn70 Post time: 2019-2-3 15:44
it seems china is playing for time, nothing solid will ever come out from talks like these, what the ...

Everyone is entitled to his/her dreams.

We have long lost hope in trying to come to win-win terms between our two countries.

However, the Crime Boss of the United Syndicates of America wants to have the cake and eat it too.

He is greedy as hell and believes he has some potent weapons to use -- the tariffs -- which so far has ironically produced more trade deficits than before they were used.

Even if there is some kind of agreement reached, it is likely he will renege and then blame China for it by claiming falsely that she has not kept her promises, and start the tariffs gambit all over again.

The man is a despot.  Just look at the case of Venezuela.  

Why not let China declare U.S. opposition leader Nancy Pelosi to be the recognized president of the U.S. just because she seems to be more likeable to us, and stop dealing with the Crime Boss altogether.

Bring it on, you miserable meddlers in the internal affairs of other countries.

Wait 'til it's your turn to suffer in the coming years to come.

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Chinese government has a gigantic payroll of 65 million strong, government officials and staff members, all of which are non-productive by nature

I hope you know that's a huge misstatement.

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cnn70 Post time: 2019-2-3 18:54
Pelosi would be worse than trump, Trump is more reasonable than pelosi.

That is not the point.

The point is you can't meddle in the internal affairs of another country by declaring unilaterally that you accept the opposition leader to be the president.

That is the sign of a obsolescent hegemon who doesn't understand his own demise is fast approaching.

If you can say that of another country, what would prevent the others from saying the same thing to the U.S.?:

If this kind of interference is allowed to stay, a foreign meddler can say "Let Pelosi the opposition leader of the U.S. be the substitute of Trump as president simply because we believe she isn't as divisive on all issues as is Donald Trump."

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cnn70 Post time: 2019-2-4 13:27
on per capita basis china is not a dragon, but a lizard at best. no sustainable growth , if the pr ...

I suggest you study more about the Chinese economy, since none of your assessments here about China is factual.

No sustainable growth?  Says who? CNN fake news?  Which other country would you label as having sustainable growth if China is discounted as such?  Although there is downward economic pressure during the 4th quarter of 2018, this is largely due to the government's efforts to cut production capacity and lower available credit for private enterprises.  

Government-sponsored real-estate bubbles?  Says who? CNN fake news?  Have you been looking at real-estate properties in First-Line cities lately?  The government's efforts are directed towards eliminating bubbles, not enhancing them.

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