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Chinese court in Liaoning sentences Canadian man to death    Close [Copy link] 中文

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pnp Post time: 2019-1-16 12:36
That is still drug smuggling, regardless which direction it goes to; in this case, heading for Aus ...

Some folks are a bit stubborn when it comes to China...
  As a foreigner one must accept Chinese law, otherwise 200 kg drugs might shorten your time on earth.
And I do agree with it.  They can always do it in one of the 5 eyes ( (FVEY) Countries, even 9 or 14 eyes will keep you ticking over in case they are worried about their lifespan...   

  For other forumites 'The Five Eyes' was formally founded in the aftermath of the Second World War, through the multilateral agreement for co-operation in signals intelligence (SIGINT), known as the UKUSA Agreement, on 5 March 1946.

Initially, compromising only the UK and the United States, it expanded to also include Canada in 1948 and Australia and New Zealand in 1956, all of these last three English-speaking countries, members of the Commonwealth of Nations and with similar political systems when compared to Britain. Thereby, the ‘Five Eyes’ term was created from the lengthy ‘AUS/CAN/NZ/UK/ Eyes Only’ classification level that included the ‘eyes’ that could have access to high profile papers and information.

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parcher Post time: 2019-1-16 13:35
Akmal shaike was more pakistani than briton, but yes he was mentally ill who was taken off The stree ...

Do not twist facts.

So a white man is sentenced to die by a clean shot to the back of his head.

You parcher can go and appeal so that he can receive his sentence by choking on a mouthful of the drugs that he sold.

The guy had a long history of drug violations back in Canada ever since he was a very young man.  The Canadian judge in that case told him to sober up and lead a clean life.  He just didn't listen and kept on trafficking in drugs.

You asked the amount involved?  Was that your question?  Don't even try to look away while I am talking to you, you Z_punk!

More than 220 kilograms.  One kilo is 2.2 pounds.  Go figure.

Drug traffickers have been sentenced to die for less than 0.1% of that amount

Do I need to teach you any math?

The court did him a favor back then by sentencing him to 15 years.  The guy is incorrigible and appealed the sentence.

Of course he was the one who asked for it and no one else is to blame.

Imagine someone from Norman Bethune's home country trafficking in more than 220 kilograms of hard drug.  

The initial lighter 15-year sentence was handed down in memory of Norman Bethune.

The final verdict and sentence is what every civilized nation would give to the violators.  

The no-nonsense purpose is to protect the health and welfare of its citizens.

If you want to apply double standards, you should get out of China pronto!

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parcher Post time: 2019-1-16 13:35
Akmal shaike was more pakistani than briton, but yes he was mentally ill who was taken off The stree ...

Any felon can pretend to be mentally ill and try to procure leniency when caught.

That's a seven-thousand-year old trick used by some of the earlier Pyramid builders.

It doesn't work in China.

It takes guts and smart genes to be able to figure out how to apply for a visa to come to China.

So to pretend afterwards that he had suddenly gone 'mentally berserk' is just a cruel joke.

Tell that to the thousands of drug addicts hurt mentally and physically by the likes of this trafficker and see if they or their dear ones think the same way.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-1-16 16:06
Any felon can pretend to be mentally ill and try to procure leniency when caught.

That's a seven- ...

obviously you dont know nothing about the case....
The supreme court ignored advice from their own experts, when they denied him a full mental health assement....
The panel unanimously reccomended that a full mental health assessment be carried out, but was ignored by The courts
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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parcher Post time: 2019-1-16 16:07
Shut your mouth....
i asked how much The Canadian guy was caught with but never said he Did not de ...

He is boss here, i think that.he says what he want above the laws.

rude to me

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Here's a breakdown of the Akmal Shaike's case in Wiki:

Akmal Shaikh (5 April 1956 – 29 December 2009) was a Pakistani-British businessman who was convicted and executed in China for illegally trafficking approximately 4kg of heroin. The trial and execution attracted significant media attention in the UK.

Shaikh was born in Pakistan and moved to the United Kingdom as a child. After a couple of failed businesses, Shaikh moved to Poland with his second wife in 2005 with the dream of starting an airline, and later of becoming a pop star. He traveled from Poland to China and was arrested by Chinese customs officers at Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport on 12 September 2007 with 4 kilograms (8.818 lb) of heroin hidden in a compartment in his baggage. Shaikh's defence team pleaded ignorance of the existence of the drugs, although his lawyers said that the evidence against Shaikh was "overwhelming".

Reprieve, an anti-death penalty organisation, argued that Shaikh suffered from mental illness which was exploited by criminals who tricked him into transporting the heroin on the promise of a recording contract.

Shaikh, who had never been assessed by mental health experts, denied he was mentally ill. He had requested a psychiatric evaluation to prove he was sane, but the requests were refused by Chinese authorities on the grounds that PRC laws required defendants to first provide past medical records showing evidence of a mental disorder before such evaluations could be undertaken.  

Appeals for clemency were made by his family and by British government officials. After two appeals, the Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence he was given at his first trial in October 2008, and Shaikh was executed by lethal injection in Ürümqi on 29 December 2009.  It was reported that Shaikh was the first European nationalto be executed in China since Antonio Riva in 1951.

Britain made 27 official representations to the Chinese government; the Chinese ambassador to London was summoned twice to meet British Foreign Office ministers, once after the execution. Senior British politicians strongly condemned the execution, and were disappointed that clemency was not granted, while human rights groups and some Western legal experts in Chinese law criticised the lack of due process; United Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston said the refusal to assess Shaikh's mental health was a violation of international law.

The Chinese embassy in Britain said Shaikh had no "previous medical record" of mental illness and that his "rights and interests were properly respected and guaranteed". It said the Chinese stance underlined the "strong resentment" felt by its public to drug traffickers, in part based on "the bitter memory of history" – a reference to the First and Second Opium Wars. A professor of criminal law at the East China University of Political Science and Law said the administration of the death penalty is related to a country's history, culture and other conditions: "It's human nature to plead for a criminal who is from the same country or the same family, but judicial independence should be fully respected and everyone should be equal before the law."

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in the filters...

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