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Plight of Palestinians in the Occupation   [Copy link] 中文

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This is proof that certainly not all Jews are Zionists.

Some are vehemently against it because they are far-sighted enough to understand the dangers inherent in Zionism.

These Jews are amongst the many I regard as friends.
Jews against Zionism.JPG

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Here's Razan, the young nurse who was shot dead in broad daylight while attending to some of the wounded Palestinians trying to leave Gaza.

Nurse killed.JPG

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This gentleman is a Palestinian living in Hebron on the West Bank.
a Palestinian.JPG

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These are the ex-presidents attending George H.W. Bush's funeral -- all except George W. Bush who was hosting the event.  Guess what they have in common in regards to the Palestinian Plight?  

Bush Funeral.JPG

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This is the Big Crime Boss who outdid what his predecessors did in moving the U.S. embassy to go with the Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Crime Boss Speaketh.JPG

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What is a Semite you ask?

Actually both Israelis and Palestinians are Semites.

Zionists are those Jews who want to make the theft of Palestinian lands legal.  That's why they are wrong, not because they are Jews.

Jews are some of the most capable people on earth, and that's also why Zionists are some of the most hideous criminals on earth -- the are land thieves just like white Americans were land thieves who stole the continent-size land of North America (including Canada and the U.S.) in the name of Christianity ("Kill the Indian to Save His Soul" type of self-justifying nonsense to justify their genocide against the Native Americans or "Indians").

Now you begin to understand why the two criminal gangs of Israel and U.S. are so chummy with and mutually supportive of each other, and why they are holding Meng for her alleged business liaison with Iran!  Why Iran?  Because that's the only nation that can thwart Israel's long-term ambition to break out of the Middle East to form the Greater Israel.

That's also why China's leaders need to understand that U.S. will never accept China as an equal.  There will be no win-win deals in the long run.  

When they talk about Make America Great Again they mean to curtail China's rise and influence.  

When they terminate the Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia it is targeted against us and not mainly the Russians.

The termination will greatly destabilize the world and is meant to allow them to develop and install intermediate-range nuclear missiles in East Asia against us.

Zionism is the glue that binds all these anti-China elements together, and that's why it is the biggest danger China faces in her rejuvenation and rise in this century.

It has nothing to do with them being Jews -- it just happens that some of the Jews are Zionists.  So there is no such thing as Chinese anti-Semitism.  We oppose Zionism because it is the most dangerous idea in the world -- one based on injustice and a criminal mindset.

That's why Ivanka's husband called on the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and relayed Trump's idea to him how to handle the post-Khasoggi assassination charges.  This group of thugs is not interested in the Truth or Justice.  

They only care about keeping their stolen lands as spring boards to grab more land and resources from other nations.

That's why they hate us with a vengeance -- because we are on the side of upholding common interest and justice for all peoples in the world community.

That's why we need to get rid of the opportunistic wishful thinking that Trump and his gang will turn reasonable one day and give us a kiss on the cheek.

Be prepared for the Big War.

We are now only in the economic-warfare phase of the Big War.

With the cancellation of the Intermediate Nuclear Treaty, we are now put on notice that they are in the attack mode with nuclear-tipped missiles stationed at Guam, Japan, plausibly the Philippines when there is a leadership changeover, and of course the darned South Koreans.

Just mark my words and keep this thread and don't let any of the Z_mods at CD now or in the future delete this thread.  They will surely try to exert influence towards that goal so that you wouldn't understand what is going on, and why they are so adamant about Chinese tech companies like Huawei doing business with Iran.

No more win-win discussions.  

Einstein once said tha a fool is someone who keeps repeating a mistake in the hope that one day the objective physical laws of nature will obey his own laws.

This Crime Boss of the United Syndicate of America will resort to flattery again and again to  gain the political and economic results he wants.

Every yuan that the hard-working Chinese worker earns under harsh conditions overseas is filled with sweat and blood, and we should never allow it to be used to appease the Crime Boss.  

That is our fervent wish from our leaders.

Definition of a Semite.JPG

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A common scene in a war-torn Palestinian town.

Fight ghost town.JPG

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