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Firms welcome China-US trade consensus, but negotiations pose uncertainties [Copy link] 中文

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Mike Pence didn't make his original speech in a vacuum, nor his bellicose speech on the spur of the moment at the recent APEC meeting.

The speech, as I had predicted, was in fact a prelude to the Cold War announced by him in the October 4th speech.

I was waiting for the results of the G20 meeting to see if the Sun could actually arise from the west before I launch my own counter-attack against the self-styled 'experts' working as professors in well-known Chinese institutions.

The results have shown unequivocally that I was correct and they were wrong -- that indeed my analysis was down-to-earth and theirs were superficial and perfunctory.

Weren't these gentlemen supposed to be leaders in their field of expertise?

Why is it true that their statement "there couldn't be any Cold War because China didn't want one" is the epitome of folly?

For illustrative purposes, just look at the results of the G20 meeting and Meng's case.

I have never heard of a similar case in which the CFO of a major company in a leading nation gets arrested in a third country according to national laws of the second country to which it is being extradited.

There's no doubt in my mind that Trump and his team knew about Ms. Meng's pending arrest as she was transiting through Canada to go to a third nation.

So everything that transpired and agreed to at the talks should be rejected outright to show China's support of the rule of international law as well as Huawei because the entire edifice upon which Huawei has built its credibility and global respect is not only based on its technological prowess, but also the fact that it has a strong motherland as its support.

If our government appears weak at this juncture and not make the strongest DEMAND for Meng's immediate release, a huge chunk of the Western world will abandon Huawei's 5G standard because people would feel uncomfortable in the presence of a weak government which cannot protect its own citizens from unlawful arrest.

Just remember how the U.S. reacted when one of its ordinary citizens got arrested in China legally for a criminal offense -- Trump asked the Chinese leader for the man's release during his first visit to Beijing in 2017 and it was done pronto without any legal proceedings in China -- which at the time already made a mockery of Chinese law in front of the world's audience.

Just remember how the entire US welcomed the return of several convicted US citizens back from North Korea.

People will contrast in their minds the worth of such ordinary US citizens with that of VIP citizens like Ms. Meng, the eldest daughter of Huawei's president, who has not disobeyed any law other than what the US had unilaterally claimed to be punishable as part of its sanctions against a third nation -- Iran..

It is time for the Chinese side to show more than just verbal protests and demand Meng's immediate return from Canada -- or let the Canadians face serious consequences.

China should tell Trudeau to get lost in no uncertain terms, and that he's not worthy of his late dad the former Canadian president Pierre Trudeau.

Failing this, Trump should receive a call from Beijing to release CFO Meng pronto!

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China is still too far from reaching the top. However, the catalyst is from US Trump, who messes up his own home, White House and entire US to keep China catching up!
If US Trump hits below the belt on China, China may have to suffer great losses never before.
Talk less China!
Work harder!

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Meng's release from Canadian custody is of utmost importance to China's image in the world -- far more than how many Spaniards, Argentinians, Panamanians or Portuguese line the streets or wave our flags in welcoming our leaders.

And it really doesn't matter whether China assumes technological leadership by 2025 or 2027.

The important thing is to secure Meng's release from Canadian custody in 2018 and not a day beyond.

Or else Huawei will lose a larger chunk of Western nations supporting its 5G platform because Huawei's success isn't just due to its technological prowess, but its image of having strong support from its Chinese motherland.

Without that image, Huawei will be in serious trouble.

This is a political crisis of the first order, and we cannot let the U.S. set the agenda by letting Meng be wrongfully extradited to the U.S.  

What Trump is doing is blackmailing China while the trade talks continue, and Huawei's own announcement that it trusted the impartiality of U.S. courts simply missed the point -- which shows that  it either has terrible legal advice, or that it was simply acting in accordance with governmental guidance.

If this is not resolved to our satisfaction, we should seize the CEO of any American company that is found to have had any dealings with Taiwan in violation of the Three Communiques that the U.S. had signed with China.

The trouble with our side is that we believe in the worthiness of words, or at least the signed documents, of any Western leader that has reached post-negotiation agreements with us.  We cannot imagine that they could be such shameless liars without even a modicum of self-respect.

We have had no or little experience dealing with complete scoundrels who put such documents into the paper shredder almost as soon as they are signed.  The winners of American elections aren't based on their trustworthiness, but on their demagoguery abilities.

So the only recourse to solve the Meng situation is to seize their CEOs based on their non-observance of the Three Communiques in trading with the Taiwanese on our largest offshore island.

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