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Taiwan leader lost people's hearts [Copy link] 中文

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Taiwan has wasted all its limited precious resources in creating DEMOCRACY! Had it channeled all tho ...

You know very well that democracy will come to all countries in due time. It is not perfect because humans are not perfect. Look at the mess in the USA with Trump. But notice the strong resistance to Trump. Democracy is not waste. Taiwan will bring democracy to China when it is re-united.
My problem is simple: I just know better than everyone-else!

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People in Taiwan knew full well her Taidu stance when they elected her into office two years ago, so even if we would like to say that it was her separatist proposition that has turned the people against her, we cannot in all honesty say so in view of the hard facts of electoral history in Taiwan.

People in Taiwan are a practical lot -- it is the economy that has always played a pivotal role in the island's politics.

I wouldn't be surprised that even if Ma Yinjeou recaptures the highest office in 2020, the same win-lose cyclical change will occur again.  

The man understood neither the implications nor the ramifications of power when he was in office.  That's why throughout his term of office he wasn't even able to control his KMT subordinates such as Wang Jinping who was caught during routine surveillance by Taiwan's Security Bureau to have tried influence-peddling in court cases.  

Instead of sending Wang to prison, Ma's own Security Chief was subsequently convicted of improper surveillance and incarcerated.

People lost respect for Ma in his role as a major politician, even as he tried to build up his image in the public mind as a 'clean' official whose wife took the bus to go to work.  

I am telling you -- the issue of Taiwan will NOT be solved peacefully now or ever no matter how many olive branches are being delivered.  

For too long the islanders have been taught by both the KMT and the DPP educational systems to think of the Mainlanders as economic benefactors and NOT as their own compatriots.  

Taiwanese politicians like Chen Ju had gone westward to take advantage of Beijing's preferential economic policies, enriching themselves economically but thumbing their collective nose at the Mainland politically.  

In the meantime, the Trump Administration under the direction of John Bolton has goaded the Taiwanese onto buying offensive weapons at inflated prices and Beijing is not doing anything effective to stop these deals disallowed by the Three Communiques.  

The Americans have cunningly tried to use the provisions of the Taiwan Relations Act, which constitutes their own privately-concocted national law, to overrule countering provisions embodied in the Three Communiques.

The people in the white House are still entertaining the gangster logic that might makes right and threatening to go to war against China while our side is still dreaming about win-win negotiations despite repeated examples of post-agreement perfidy and non-observance.

That's why there is no sense of elation surrounding the news that the KMT has won most of the posts in the mid-term elections on Saturday.  

Preferential economic policies offered to the islanders from Beijing will work only to a certain extent and only as a stop-gap measure.

Again, in my estimation reactionary forces are too entrenched and the loss of the current election hardly translates into a broad consensus amongst the Taiwan populace to unite politically with the Mainland.

Unification must be on the negotiation table if more of these policies are to be proffered to the islanders or else tell me what are we doing with the preferential policies.  

To avoid war at all costs is to invite war imminently.

Only by taking a strong, no-nonsense stand based on our own capabilities can a cross-Strait war be truly averted, and that stand is to put the issue of unification on the negotiation table.

If we unconditionally send tourists over to enrich the islanders like we were doing during Ma's administration, they will easily forget that the only reason we are offering them lopsided economic benefits and incentives is because we are earnestly seeking unification -- peacefully if we can but forcibly should it be determined that interminable deferments are merely tricks up their sleeves -- and not to enrich the Taidus in the next two years.

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Without beating heart in the chest, this woman is not worth your support!
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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Ted180 Post time: 2018-11-25 21:47
You know very well that democracy will come to all countries in due time. It is not perfect because ...

Thank you for your comment!
China had, has and will be DEMOCRATIC!
Difference is not that the westernized form.
Each nation has its own unit of measure.
US citizens vote one person to rule from The White House!
The White House master is likened an emperor for at least forty-eight or up to not more than ninety-six months, unless macro circumstances like World War II dictated.
Demorcracy or not, it is just another name! Label not others with defintion to distinguish with hope to raise above for it may not always happen or have long lasting ill effects!

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pnp Post time: 2018-11-25 11:19
Time for her to go!  In fact it is long overdue!  She has done enough damage to the Taiwan Province! ...

So called DEMOCRACY in Taiwan is paying PROTECTION FEE at all cost to USA!
Only to discover that the military hardware often turned out less reliable and all desire to self develop its own is extinghuished for good!

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pnp Post time: 2018-11-25 12:37
That has always been the case with leaders who whipped up mass hysteria against a bogeyman, in thi ...

Most Taiwanese claimed that they have courage and bravery to test new waters that not even their US counterparts dare!
Well, nice but nasty!
Now, it gets sticky and sicky!

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