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Beijing refutes the US claim that it helped 'rebuild' China   [Copy link] 中文

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(CGTN) China on Wednesday refuted claim by US President Donald Trump that attributed China's development achievements to the US, saying it is not only untrue, but also illogical.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks when responding to the claim that the US has "rebuilt" China as its huge trade deficit with China during the past 25 years has contributed large quantity of wealth to the country.

"Any country's development is fundamentally on its own," Lu said, rebutting the idea that any nation is powerful enough to "rebuild" China – a country with a population of 1.4 billion.

He noted that the US' trade deficit with China is the result of multiple objective factors, including the comparative advantages of the two countries and the international division of labors.

"The US buys a lot from China, but sells less. It especially sets restrictions in selling high-value-added products to China. Of course there will be a deficit. It's not fair nor reasonable for the US to blame China for that," Lu said.

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He also pointed that bilateral trade has benefited the US more than China, citing a study report published by Deutsche Bank this June.

"According to estimates by institutions including the US-China Business Council, Sino-US trade saves an average of 850 US dollars for each American household per year. And statistics from China's Ministry of Commerce shows that in 2016, US companies earned a sales revenue of some 606.8 billion US dollars, with a total profit exceeding 39 billion US dollars," Lu argued.

Last month, Trump claimed that China rebuilt itself with the "tremendous amount of money" pouring out of the US when addressing a joint news conference with the visiting Polish President Andrzej Duda at the White House.

He asserted that America has been "ripped off" by "everyone," especially Beijing, adding that China has been taking 500 billion US dollars a year from the US.

Lu urged the US side to respect the facts and stop making groundless accusations against China, take a correct view on bilateral economic and trade ties, and do more things beneficial to the businesses and consumers of both countries.

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This kind of mentality is quintessential American.

All Hollywood movies start with the premise that Asian people are dumb as hell and can't do anything without a white guy as their leader.

For instance, in the movie "Unconquered" starring Gary Cooper, the Pontiac War (the so-called French-Indian War) fought near today's Pittsburg in the Ohio Valley, was billed as the brainchild of Martin Garth -- a white arms dealer who was so immersed in his business that he actually married the daughter of Chief Guyasuta.  

Nothing could be further from the truth -- Chief Guyasuta was historically acknowledged to be the initiator and executioner of the Pontiac War.

You should all go and see this film shot in the 1940s for it portrayed the true mindset of white Americans down the ages.

It is futile for Chinese negotiators to try to win Trumpsters over to their own way of thinking.

They are not interested in win-win results -- they can't bear the thought of standing on the podium receiving accolades and ovations from the world's audience.  

They simply have to have everything for themselves, or else it is "not fair."

They truly think of the Chinese as modern-day Native Americans whom they had slaughtered into oblivion in one of the darkest chapters of human history -- an estimated 50 million Native Americans have been slaughtered since that fateful Thanksgiving Day when the European settlers were first rescued by the Original settlers  now known as the Native Americans.

So that's why they had such a supercilious attitude when they first came to Beijing for that first round of trade negotiations earlier on.

The more negotiations, the more insults will be hurled against the Chinese side.

You will see.

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US wanted and helped China to open up for several reasons:


US want to implement the "world order" that US has established over the decades, and is also the leader, on China to change China into a "democratic" country to counter Russia.


US has been using developing countries to provide cheap labour to exploit so that they can maintain the "good life" of cheap goods. The modus operandi is for US companies to export low tech manufacturing onto these countries, get paid for IP and patents, and sell back to US for a substantial profit while gaining additional market. Before China, South American countries, like Brazil and Mexico, and some South East Asian countries have been providing such labour. Right now, these countries are still considered developing countries (with the exception of Singapore and Malaysia) because they have been tightly controlled by US unfair terms. China is not the same so now US is trying all ways and means to contain China using multi-prong attacks such as cyber warfare, false accusations, and sanctions.


Culture influences how people think. US wants China to adopt the same culture that has been developed over the decades after WW2. This is the period where "human rights" and "democracy" has been propagated to death according to the dictates of US. The NEA supported by Congress is responsible for this. This is also the period where "freedom" activists and "rights" activists come about going around the world telling governments what  to do and not to do. These activists usually appear, and are vociferous, in countries that are at loggerheads with US or the "West". Their activities are timed for maximum effect.
Too bad there are people in developing countries, including China, who fall into such trap and blindly follow the dictates of such activists.

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huaqiao Post time: 2018-10-12 16:20
US wanted and helped China to open up for several reasons:


Yup, the members of a barbaric and inferior civilization now sliding into the abysmal depths.

Their misplaced self-confidence is not based on facts, but on their conceptual framework of lies and more lies.

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I think this is quite true for most countries other than China I guess. Throughout the 70s to 90s, many developed countries have made lots of donation, medical aid, no import tax, preferential taxes and answered to humanitarian call for each natural disaster from developing countries. Plagiarism and copy rights violation were also ignored for the sake of developing countries.

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Fred9 Post time: 2018-10-12 17:37
I think this is quite true for most countries other than China I guess. Throughout the 70s to 90s, m ...

The donations, medical aid, no import tax, and preferential taxes are all offerings with strings attached, and in hindsight, the so-called succour sometimes brought about immense scourges...
Believe it or not, it's true.

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