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US to force China manufacturing to Vietnam &Thailand; China to cut water [Copy link] 中文

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sooner or later, china has to do something. heping fazhan is not a long term solution for anything

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jie448 Post time: 2018-10-11 17:03
water is fundamental resources for human to live, they would fight with you and you have one more en ...

Water is abandant.

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Never cut the water or have such thoughts.

The Mekongnese  (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, in alphabetical order) need to forge relationships. As eternal neighbors it is damaging to go to war with one another even between say Myanmar and Thailand. Mekong isn't just about China, that is the wrong picture, it is as much Cambodia with Thailand, Vietnam with Laos etc. which is the correct picture to be promoted. Once any firing starts, even say between Cambodia and Thailand, US will be happy laughing to the bank, of course the region's extremists and terrorists too. Just look at how Sri Lanka suffered. It was just an internal issue. Same thing with Mekongnese if it happens. US will only be so happy to play the role of a middleman trying to settle for peace after invoking the war and at the same time sells its weapons.

So the Mekongnese must have meeting of minds. It shouldn't be just about money and corruption. Educate on good and positive values. If not its sort of Mekongnese-Civil-War and then eternal bad blood.

China cannot play the branding like the US or the UK. It has to be different. Times are different, situation, geographical, culture and nature are all different. Every Mekongnese needs to find and build a platform to connect all six. This can be the development of social values. For example many Indochinese greet one another with palms clapsed. The Vietnamese and Chinese being slightly different ought to learn and respect this whenever they are in those places. Filial Piety is observed, practised widely and valued highly amongst the Mekongnese, so all the Mekongnese should come together to design institutions that propagate such common values and dedicate to this practise within the Mekongnese society and make it a well known unique way of life. Of course the Koreans, Mongolians and Japanese, even Filipinos are to be drawn in as well. Cross cultural celebrations, cuisine, couture, sports, education, knowledge etc. should be promoted.

Henceforth the Mekongnese should come together to design their economic well being so that everyone can participate to uphold peace, live in harmoney and enjoy common prosperity instead of becoming a war torn area which is stupid. If companies, whether Chinese or Non-Chinese want to relocate from China to Thailand and Vietnam, China shouldn't worry, instead facilitate them and if the vice versa is to happen, then others should assist as well. This is a mutual practise that should be established amongst the Mekongnese.

Furthermore terrorism is rife in Asean. Although there is trade agreement between Asean members but this can be achieved even without Asean. Korea is outside Asean and it has no affiliation of any sort. So how did it have Samsung that has beaten the entire Asean added together? Needless to say Japan too without any affiliation has crushed all Aseans put together. The language and culture of English previously some 3 decades ago has good presence and footing in Asean - but somehow Asean was imperial and majestic in destroying that legacy and heritage and had extremism topping the charts of its social development. Mind you the Koreans and the Chinese are increasing their English command and knowledge of English culture at a tremendous pace and for some in China even French/Spanish is pursued. This is a very good character that the Aseans don't publish or even if tries to, it will do so to minus the good of the Chinese deliberately. Asean's development is definitely going the opposite direction and in contrast to Korea, China and India which have been going global economically with peace. The fight against terrorism is itself already a terrible war that the Mekongnese need to uproot in its entirety. So why fight one another and let extremism rule the Mekongnese? Instead of battling one another, Mekongnese should come together to battle and eliminate terrorism and extremism for good. This will also call for the Mekongnese to come clean themselves and not participate in terrorism acts. Within themselves, they need to come out with smart ideas to converge. As the Mekongnese are also part of the Pacific family, the Mekongnese should reach out to their Pacific family such as Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Korea as well as others to fight terrorism too. Once the extremism and terrorism are uprooted at least there will be better peace.

With peace, then it is time to enhance education so that the society can attain the same development. It is important to have cross-cultural education and vital to study how to encourage convergence amongst diversity to give the region a very powerful tool to survive and compete globally.   

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Not so easy to replace China as a manufacturing powerhouse with countries like Vietnam, India, Indonesia, where the infrastructures are in disrepair, well-educated, skilled workers are scarce, even with labor, the overall costs of the goods that are a function of productivity, quality, process reliability, and delivery efficiency, won't be competitive in those countries.

As a matter of fact, China is more than happy to hand over the labor-intensive industries to the countries aforementioned, as China is progressively moving up the value chain, as evidenced by the fact that mechanical/electronic products, rather than garments, cheap trinkets, has made up the majority of the exports of the country.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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