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China's efforts in fighting plastic pollution   [Copy link] 中文

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It’s been 48 years since the first Earth Day, celebrated on every April 22. The focus of the day this year is on fundamentally changing human attitudes and behavior regarding plastics and catalyzing a significant reduction in plastic pollution.

China is among countries around the world that have shown great efforts in combating plastic pollution.

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China’s plastic bag ban

The Chinese government introduced rules banning supermarkets and shops from handing out free plastic bags to customers on June 1, 2008, to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. It also prohibited the production and sale of bags thinner than 0.025 mm.

China introduced rules banning supermarkets and shops from handing out free plastic bags to customers on June 1, 2008. /Photo via VCG

These measures were considered a major environmental breakthrough for China, which generates 1.6 million tons of plastic bags for commercial use every year.

Seven years later in 2015, the volume of plastic bags used by supermarkets and shopping malls had decreased by two-thirds, according to data released in 2016 by the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection. About 1.4 million tons of plastic bags were saved over this period, an equivalent of 8.4 million tons of oil.

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Import ban on 24 types of solid waste

Last July, China announced an import ban on 24 types of solid waste by the end of 2017 in a fresh move to reduce environmental pollution.

China announced import ban on 24 types of solid waste by the end of 2017 in a fresh move to reduce environmental pollution on July 20, 2017. /Photo via VCG

The country notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of the ban, which covers waste plastics, unsorted scrap paper, discarded textiles, vanadium slag and other kinds of waste, Ministry of Environmental Protection official Guo Jing told a press conference.

Imported solid waste, some of which had been used as raw materials in the past, has caused damage to the country's environment and public health, said Guo, who is in charge of the ministry's international cooperation program.

The Chinese government is stepping up the fight against pollution and environmental degradation as decades of fast growth has left the country saddled with smog and contaminated soil. (CGTN)

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ceciliazhang Post time: 2018-4-23 13:17
China’s plastic bag banThe Chinese government introduced rules banning supermarkets and shops from  ...

Good news indeed.
By telling the West to take care of their own plastic problem, China is capable to re circle their own waste

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You do need to go back to school instead of wasting our time throwing one-liners around.

Hitler targeted a whole race -- the Jews -- in the Final Solution, and he was wrong, dead wrong, on that score, and that's why nobody could defend him on moral grounds.  

In the same vein, the Israeli killings of Gazan Palestinians was wrong, dead wrong  and even worse because it robbed the dignity of an entire people -- the Arabs -- through pervasive bullying and wanton killings of the original settlers of Palestine.  

In order not to let the Israelis be driven into the sea, many years ago China and other countries proposed the Two States Solution aiming to establish viable or internationally recognizable borders for both.

Imagine this scenario: through the use of superior weapons supplied by a hegemonic backer, you've already driven the owner of a 10-bedroom house away, leaving him scrambling for crumbs in a destitute enclave where it is literally impossible to make a living.  What's wrong with letting him stay in the backhouse so that at least he and his family do not have to starve to death?  Putting Israeli feet into Palestinian shoes, wouldn't that be a more viable alternative than to lose the moral high ground by not only stealing their lands and houses, but also robbed them of the means to a livelihood?  

Taking a retrospective pulse of the overall situation, I would say that the two-State solution was already a great compromise favoring the Israelis because as landless tenants, the Israelis never owned any land, let alone a 10-bedroom house on the land, since their exodus occasioned by the Romans in 70 A.D.   Many of them started to flow back to Palestine during Hitler's era, and that's the reason Herr Hitler should be considered as the Vater (father) of the modern state of Israel.

You might want to ask yourself how Hitler got to the unenviable position of having to devise a diabolical plan in the Final solution even though in 1937 he was widely admired and eulogized as the savior of German civilization by the entire Deutschefolk?  Can a mad man just appear all of a sudden on the streets one day, wave a flag and gather millions to his cause without ANY reason?  The main reason was that the Jews were seen to be doing great harm to the German and other European economies.  This was mainstream European thought at the time.  In fact, Hitler’s methodology of solving the economic problem was very European -- the extermination of an entire race.  And that's where he was wrong, dead wrong, and what the Israelis are doing today simply reinforces the perception that they actually admired the Vater of their nation by following his methodology in mistreating a people weaker than themselves.

Being a stateless people, the Jews weren't committed to the welfare of their host states but instead congregated in their own neighborhoods or in the case of Warsaw in Poland -- ghettos.  They certainly learned how it felt to be victims of discrimination, and therefore it was highly ironic how when given the chance, the Zs amongst them became the most ignominious oppressors themselves.

The Chinese were sympathetic to the Jewish emigrants from Germany in WWII because they felt that, like them, the Jews had an admirably tenacious, sustainable family-centered culture and identified with them as victims of Western hegemony.  Mind you that I said "Western" and not "German," because no one (with Schindler a notable exception) other than the Chinese raised a finger to help the Jews from beginning to end during the Holocaust.  But what did the Jews do to China -- did they ever say a sympathetic word about the Nanjing Massacre? Never!  So in their minds Holocaust did not have universal equivalence – and that’s why their perennial lament about the Holocaust sounds so hollow and hypocritical.   

The Chinese helped the Jews certainly not because they expected or countenanced the fact that one day these same Jews would victimize Palestinians using the same jungle logic that the Germans used -- that the latter were a weaker people and therefore susceptible to mistreatment at will.  If the Israelis were truly smart, they would have taken the pre-1967 War land and run with it, and they would have helped the Palestinians financially in establishing a new state in order to gain the higher moral ground in world opinion.

This would be what the Chinese would have done had they been in Israeli shoes.  But what do you see today is the opposite – committing atrocities beyond the limits of human decency -- that over a thousand unarmed Palestinians were maimed or killed by Israeli bullets in the last serial confrontation, and Palestinian youths were mowed down like grass in the path of a lawn-mower.

In this way Israel is foolishly planting the seeds of its own demise -- that one day they will be treated the same way when their current backers lose their predominant position on the world stage.  

Such a day will surely come because with the advent of the Bullet Train and other means of rapid transit, the world is coming into the New Era of Closely-Knit Globalization and mistreatment of one neighbor is the equivalent of malfeasance towards every neighbor.  

So at this point let me talk about Donald a bit:  Mr. Trump as a real estate businessman had gone bankrupt three times.  What this means is that this chap is daring but does not necessarily have the best judgment at crucial decision points.  No one in Wall Street bailed him out during some of those financial crises and he finally secured loans overseas from places like Hongkong SAR.  

His decision to transfer the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, instead of benefiting the Israelis, is doing great harm to the latter because his radical action merely accentuates and prolongs the pain of occupation – a pain felt not only by Palestinians, but by all people with a conscience, as if he were using a scalpel to push an embedded shrapnel piece deeper into a wound. The harm is already done, and the resulting pus will destabilize the entire Middle East situation so much so that total war is no longer unthinkable.

And that means a global conflagration.  Add this to the struggle for oil in the region, and you will see why recent events in Syria are pointing ominously in this direction.

Now back to your question about the superiority of Chinese civilization.  It is superior in the fact that it champions peace and enrichment for the entire human race, and unlike the West, there is no such thing as Chinese ambition to be a hegemonic nation lording over others.  It is simply not in our DNA.  Evidence that global welfare is the real intention of China can be seen in the way China's leaders receive the heads of state of every country rich or poor, big or small, strong or weak  They are all treated with palpable respect and due consideration.  Commercial ties are always based on win-win considerations, and not on a China-First basis.

On a personal level, Jews and Chinese got along real fine as could anecdotally be seen in the fact that the oft-divorced social butterfly Wendy Deng was instrumental in the consummation of Ivanka Trump's marriage to her Jewish husband Kushner by arranging for them to patch up love-spat differences at a party on Murdoch’s yacht.

Another thing I need to emphasize here is that the Jews were not allowed to own land in Catholic Europe even before the Lutheran Reformation movement, and so they turned to the professions including banking and other economic activities.  That's how they came to dominate the West's financial sectors because they became money-changers controlling everyone’s purse in Europe and beyond.  It wasn’t because they were extra smart but because they were literally forced into those occupations while other Europeans made an easier living through ownership of their lands.

We are not targeting anyone.  In fact, we are just saying that Chinese CULTURE is superior to Western CULTURE because it has been proven that the former advocates HARMONY and collective well-being for the entire human race, while the latter countenance the use of pretenses (such as the use of staged scenes of victimized women and children in the recent chemical-attack allegations against the Syrian government) to bomb and kill the people of weaker or less technologically advanced states.   The recent bombing on a pretext again reflects the habitual hypocrisy of Western culture.

To enlist China’s help, Israel needs to re-orient its strategic imperatives and wholeheartedly heed China’s proposition for a Two-State solution.  Israel must understand that China is in ascendancy and its current backer is not.  China is willing to step in and help whenever and wherever possible, but Israel must take the first step.  Fat chance that is to happen anytime soon, and so history will take its course despite our sincere pleadings.

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