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The Old, the Disabled, the Injured, and the Retarded: Life in Trump's America [Copy link] 中文

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I am old.  That’s right, I am old.  I go to job every day, been there for decades.  My boss circles me like a vulture, waiting for me to die, hoping for me to die.  At my age, I am not as productive as I used to be, and there are millions of fresh young people in their twenties waiting to take my seat who will be a lot more productive than me.   My boss wants to replace me with them.  He legally can’t say what’s on his  mind, but I can see it, I can sense, I can smell it, I can taste it.  I see him salivating like a scavenger animal, waiting to strike.  And I don’t blame him!   That’s right, I don’t blame him.  I am old, I smell, and I have become ugly with age spots and wrinkles all over me.  I have also become fat due to my slowed down metabolism.  

I want to work until I am forced to quit.  I believe that the act of retiring before you die is an act of domestic terrorism and parasitism.  The audacity of one to think that he can just retire and live as a parasite on the public tax money!!!!   Only Adolf Hitler was more evil!

You see, it is my belief that once you physically can no longer work due to either old age, an injury, a disability, or mental retardation, then it’s time for you to choose to euthanize yourself.  It is time to give you spot in life to a young and healthy individual.  

The problem is that we made euthanasia very depressing and painful in America.  We should make euthanasia a celebretion!    What America needs is a new Federal Government department: the American Federal Government Department of Euthanasia.  It should be 100% free to all users who want to die for any reason whatsoever.  And this new Federal department should make the death a theme park experience with great drug-induced euphoria.   We can have themes like the themes we see in Las Vegas and Disney’s Epcot Center.  Each euthanasia patient can choose his theme, experience the theme like he was on vacation, and the euphoria-inducing suicide pills and/or lethal injections can be incorporeted into the vacation theme.  The euthanasia will be a great vacation and very exciting and euphoric, thus eliminating all fear, depression, and sadness. And it will be completely free!!  It will be many times cheaper than to use tax money to fund the many years of existence of the old, disabled, injured, and retarded.

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Of course, different people age differently.  Some people have good genes and age slowly, and some eat a lot of bad foods for decades and decrease their lifespan, so they have to retire earlier.  It’s the economic market that will decide if you can still work or whether you should agree to get euthanized.  If you are still productive enough, someone will offer you a job.  But if you have aged too much, no jobs will be available, and you will have to euthanize yourself.

Especially under President Trump, we have to do this.  Trump believes in economic anarchy: no taxes to help any fellow human  being.  He wants to bring us back to the early 1900s where people worked for 25 cents a day, 16 hours a day, seven days a week, ate only one time a day, lived in a bedroom with six adults per bedroom, and as soon as you got an injury at work, you are immediately fired and left to die outside of the city so your body does not stink up the place.   So, under Trump, old people, disabled people, injured people, and retarded people really need to have a Federal Government Euthanasia Department to get euthanized.  But, even if we did not have Trump’s cruel Adolf Hitler style economics, I would still support my euthanasia ideas because I think we need to give people a humane way to end their pain, plus, I do think that people should choose to not be a burden on society if they are old, disabled, injured, or retarded.  No one will be forced to get euthanized, but I think people should choose out of their own free will to get euthanized once they are a burden to society.  And, it will be fun with my euthanasia theme park idea!

America is running out of money, Social Security is drying up, welfare money is drying up, and the result is that the old, injured, disabled, and retarded are going to severely suffer as homeless people.  We need my suggested euthanasia program to end suffering in America.  America currently has 40 million homeless people, and they should all choose to get euthanized in my suggested euthanasia theme park government facility.  

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Serve them right and they have earned a tough lesson of worldwide losses in wars and many more troubles as in trade wars and military confrontations. With a bunch of bloody fools running the white house businesses, it is very unlikely to see sparkles out of them all, indeed so true, but very unfortunate for many good Americans !

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12dream Post time: 2018-3-15 23:29
Serve them right and they have earned a tough lesson of worldwide losses in wars and many more troub ...

What you talking about?  America/West are the leader in world kindness and love.  The lost blood was only the blood of evil doers.  And the West has sacrificed their own lives to bring democracy, freedom, and human rights to most mankind.  

God Bless the West.

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You see, it is my belief that once you physically can no longer work due to either old age, an injury, a disability, or mental retardation, then it’s time for you to choose to euthanize yourself.

Mental retardation??? umm ... No! The proper term is "Dementia" ... NOT mental retardation.
Stupid people are like Glowsticks. You want to snap them in half and shake the crap out of them until they see the light.
I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the head ... only with words

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A "Stormy" time lies ahead for trump
Human lives mean nothing when the western warmongers see a bigger gain through war

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