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Why do the Chinese trust their government?   [Copy link] 中文

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In the new beginning era under President Xi, he has shown the zero tolerance of corruption and will  ...

It is important President Xi be given full support ahead.

After all, corruption sank the KMT administration.

There are some challenges today.

One, despite their flimflam and facetious diplomatic platitudes, the world of western interests does not want to see China rise too fast to be equal to them.

Yet China has already surpassed many of them in some areas. Therefore they will want to put it down any which way before it reaches the global pinnacle of its national development.

They ignore its many contributions that have pulled many other poor countries' economies up and through the financial mess they had created through greed.  They decry its efforts to help many other poor countries be lifted up through new connecting trade-helping infrastructures.  They create negative views of its efforts to help other peoples understand more the rationale of why it must rise.  They encircle it with iron chains of military bases, and at the same time stoke fears in other countries whose systems of ideology and government similar to theirs have also only resulted in the same problems as they themselves are experiencing today.

In the face of such challenges, an extra-strong leadership is therefore needed for the last leg of China's rise.

Two, many of their media still play on the difference between China's administrative ideology and that of their 'free world's' administrative ideology. It seems their basis is 'what is different from ours is immediately a rival to ours and no further elaboration is needed'. In other words, 'our free and unfocused' is better than your 'controlled and focused' even if more and better benefits accrue to the people from the latter than from the former.

Despite that observation, they yet ignore China has already said its system may not find equal traction in other parts of the world. Meaning, its system is uniquely applicable to China because of its characteristics and historical experience so there is no need to fear China's rise. This they conveniently ignore. Because they only want to make China a scapegoat to deflect attention of their own countrymen from their own governments' errors and excesses which would have made them question their own systems.

And today, many of their countrymen have. Their internal division and discord, heated debates leading nowhere, political kerfuffles and paralytic logjams of policies and projects, and social breakdowns are everyday events. In fact, their foreign policies are a laughable expose of contradictions akin to a 'chill looking for a spine' for all the military and economic powers they wield and exercise onto others smaller than them.

Three, China has an aging population, also many still poor.  To take them out of poverty and at the same time tackle the need for more revenue to provide for the elderly in the future, it must make sure its economic growth remains strong despite global market challenges old and new.

That is why it is investing heavily in innovation and new technologies, infrastructure and education. To release the innate cleverness and energies of its peoples who want to improve themselves and the state. Therefore a strong leadership is also needed to channel this cleverness and energies so that they will not be dissipated by overlapping and redundant efforts, wasting money otherwise better spent and wasting time otherwise bringing faster achievements, and thus wasting new opportunities for faster growth otherwise realized.

How much has already been lost in the past when provinces unknowingly competed with one another for foreign investments until the foreigner could play one against the other for the best deals to himself at their expense? It is because in the rush to make local progress, they did not take enough account of a central national view that would have brought more sustainable long-term progress to the peoples of the provinces. Therefore, again, central leadership is important to control local excesses however earnest they be so that capital is more efficiently used while redundant projects are retired faster to free more resources.

Four, despite foreign ravages in the past, China remains a civilizational state. This notion is however lost on many foreign powers. But that is because their social systems exclude their contemplation of such a concept which however is rooted in China's historical evolution. Their inability to understand and accept this fact is in fact one of the reasons why they keep on harping that China must follow their rules when it is their rules which have provided them comfort zones not to reinvent themselves which if they had done so would have reduced the problems they are now facing, problems that they instead say are caused by China's rise and performance. Therefore, China must have a stronger central leadership to counteract such a conveniently misplaced and persistent stand.

And, five, for that same reason, they expect China to follow their schedule of reforms designed for them. What about China and its peoples? Shouldn't China be master of its own destiny, one forged thousands of years ago, only postponed because greedy foreigners had carved it up one time? And now that President Xi is back on track to bring about faster and stronger changes in specific directions to identified objectives, they have turned their guns directly on him instead.

Without studying carefully the remits of the various positions he holds in the central government set-up which allow for extended tenure, they have said such centralization of powers for indefinite times will mean he can dictate until any error will unhinge the country while any selective prosecution will cause injustice and favor factions.

Again they ignore the things he has set up. Groups of outstanding leaders, experts on economic transformation in the global context, experts on connecting ideology to social improvement, experts on financial, industrial, telecom, infrastructure, technology and military modernization, and experts to articulate sensibly and reasonably all this with facts so that the future opening up of China will be progressive, step-by-step, taking cognizance of the complexity in implementing any program in its special social setting but focused on swift and confident success. Thus, healthy growth and progress without unhealthy residue and side-effects of irrational exuberance such as befell many past newly emerging nations.

Sixth, factionalism. On the last leg towards its eminent achievement in the family of nations in the world, internal factionalism will be what foreign powers would like to stoke to maintain their advantage over China. Why should President Xi for that matter any president of any other nation allow a second colonialism through remote effect by foreign media arguments? After all, isn't the saying 'the buck stops here' sitting on one presidential desk on the other side of the same world? If so, why is what that can for another not be what that can for China?

It is because of such centralization that factionalism will not be able to rear its head which can dissipate resources needed to close the final journey to full achievement.  President Xi has bravely shown he is willing to be judged by five thousand years of history for any mistakes in the future for the sake of helping all of China rise up to fulfil the destiny of its peoples in the world. That is his sacrifice not acknowledged to this moment in the foreign rush to villify him because they cannot accept the CCCP as a success.

As for potential corruption, by setting up a specific national agency to combat corruption, it will only draw more the lightning rod of attention and subterranean rumble across the entire society if the peoples who had set it up practice another standard for themselves and their interests.

All over the world, such a situation has inevitably led to unrest and no sane leader who has personally traveled far and wide to visit remote villagers to ascertain for himself their plight would want to see such a thing happen that will deliver the unkindest cut of all - the collective loss of hope for national integrity.

After all, how many billions can one carry or leave to how many other people in the end, and what will that do finally other than deprive millions more who are no different as human beings as well, made mortal by time and circumstance?

Some may say that is just an echo of socialism. But perhaps it is just plain common sense with Chinese characteristics.

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Whale_Shark Post time: 2018-3-11 21:25
Dear SoftAngel,

A trusted arbitrator has to exhibit impartiality and even-handedness in resolving  ...

It boggles me how one can come with a conclusion that is opposite from the facts. Makes me wonder who is who.

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huaqiao Post time: 2018-3-12 14:16
It boggles me how one can come with a conclusion that is opposite from the facts. Makes me wonder  ...

Very well said !

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okra Post time: 2018-3-12 11:43
It is important President Xi be given full support ahead.

After all, corruption sank the KMT admi ...


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dostoevskydr Post time: 2018-3-12 14:22
Very well said !

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ArkOne Post time: 2018-3-12 09:05
In the new beginning era under President Xi, he has shown the zero tolerance of corruption and will  ...

I couldn't agree with you more. It is not the form of government but rather the acts of government that matters to people. It doesn't matter if China is an authoritarian or democratic country. It is in the name only. As long as it helps people to improve and live better, the government will gain public support.

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ceciliazhang Post time: 2018-3-12 14:33
I couldn't agree with you more. It is not the form of government but rather the acts of government ...

Yes, good governance is more important than political ideology, and the content is more important than the packaging.

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