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Both sides to be blamed for Charlottesville violence: Trump   [Copy link] 中文

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ariqj Post time: 2017-8-17 08:51
The nazis, KKK members, and white nationalists are not marching and rioting and committing acts of ...

And they will keep on at it if we don't stand up to them.
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Storm Front Raises Fugly Head in the Darknet After Ban.

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fatdragon Post time: 2017-8-17 11:05
"George Orwell wrote in his book 1984: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obl ...

These people are far more organised than most people think or know./
They have this insinuous propaganda network that slowly creeps up on those who are more susceptible to such influences and they have a strong internet presence to do that. Recently a few ISPs, including Google and GoDaddy, took down their websites because they were inflammatory and incited racial hatred, but they promptly popped up in the "Darknet" again (yes, there is such a thing).



Originally Posted by James Harting
Those new to Stormfront, including both members and guests, often have a false, mistaken impression of the National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler. Most of what White people think they know about National-Socialism is wrong.

Their slim knowledge about NS belief is based exclusively on lies and distorted information spread about it by its enemies. One key reason for this is that victors write the history books, and National-Socialism suffered a crushing military defeat at the end of World War Two.

To help set the record straight, here is a quick and concise explanation of contemporary National-Socialism.

(Please note: this is intended only as brief introduction to National-Socialism for people unfamiliar with it. It is not a comprehensive definition designed to satisfy ideologues, political scientists or people who like to argue about details.)

What is National-Socialism?

National-Socialism is a philosophy (or worldview) for White people that is based on three principles:

(1) Natural Order. We believe that the universe is governed by natural laws. In order for Man to be happy and successful, he must first learn what these laws are and then follow them. We believe that Man is a part of the natural world and that he is in no way separate or distinct from it. Consequently, we believe that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of Nature, and not in opposition to them as is the case today.

Under National-Socialism, every aspect of society will be in accord with the Natural Order: the way we structure the goverment, the way we raise our children, the way we plan our cities, the way we grow our food--EVERYTHING. Indeed, in this context, National-Socialism is the original "green movement!"

(2) Racial Idealism. Racial idealism is based on the love of your own people. It means placing the welfare and interests of the racial community to which you belong ahead of yours own personal interests and desires. As racial idealists, we have no wish to harm, persecute, control or exploit other racial groups. We are only interested in protecting our own people.

We believe that all men are NOT created equal. Just as every individual has his own personal strengths and weaknesses, so each race certain qualities that make it different from other races. We believe that the White (or Aryan) race has the right to maintain its biological, cultural and political independence, and that it has the right to control its own destiny. We also believe that White people have the right to defend themselves against all attacks--no matter where they come from.

(3) The Upward Development of the White Race. We want to do more than just defend our Race: we want to see it improve. This can be done by encouraging a high birthrate among those Whites who are the healthiest, strongest and most intelligent. At the same time, science should work to eliminate hereditary weaknesses and defects among our people. Our goal is that each new generation of White children will be better off than the one before it.

* * *

The National-Socialist movement was begun in Germany by Adolf Hitler in 1919. In 1945, it suffered a military defeat at the hands of its enemies. This catastrophic blow was the greatest disaster to befall the White race in recorded history. In 1959, an American naval commander named George Lincoln Rockwell resurrected National-Socialism in the United States. This reborn movement has since spread to every White nation on the globe.

I was hesitant in posting this here on BBS, but since no Chinese would be reading this propaganda craps, I guess it is OK.

And yes, Americans are behind it. Try whois on it for thise who can.
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Both sides......what BS!!!  White supremacy on display!

Look at the difference in how Trump responded to the terror attack in spain today.  that one he called a terrorist attack, but the nazi who ran down americans on our own soil...he couldn't bring himself to call them terrorist.

Trump needs to resign
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

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cestmoi Post time: 2017-8-17 21:06
These people are far more organised than most people think or know./
They have this insinuous propa ...

When they start stripping away history in the form of statues I wonder how long it will be before they start burning books to sanitise inconvenient truths. It is ironic, however, that slavery was not the cause of the civil war albeit that there are those who desperately persuade themselves that it somehow portrays a turning point in history for truth and light. However, when you attack a man's roots then he will look for a banner to rally behind and white nationalism is a predictable response regardless of whether it is desirable.
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Another irony is that Obama installed a Nazi regime in the Ukraine hell bent on ethnic cleansing. How convenient has it been to overlook that!
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JFenix Post time: 2017-8-18 04:56
Both sides......what BS!!!  White supremacy on display!

Look at the difference in how Trump respond ...

All those who use violent confrontation are to be condemned because they have clearly illustrated that they are not worthy of respect if violence is the only way they can communicate their righteousness.

BTW, if you wish to label the thug who ran down fellow Americans with a car as a terrorist then ANY national who attacks a fellow national in the pursuit of political ideals is a terrorist.
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