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Australia should address its anti-China tendencies [Copy link] 中文

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When the new school term began in Australia recently, posters appeared on the campuses of some universities warning Chinese students not to enter the university buildings. Such racism should be condemned by the whole of Australian society, and the relevant authorities should do more to guard against the spread of anti-China sentiment in universities.
These racist posters obviously hurt the feeling ...

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An interesting piece of journalism. Not exactly accurate in its reporting but interesting non the less.

It is true that Australia like EVERY other country in the world has people who for some reason, choose to dislike a country or countries. Some call it racism if the culture is different enough.  Yes there are people who do not like or trust China.  That should not come as a surprise as there is much to be suspicious about.  If I give examples this comment will not be published.

While China can say someones opinions on territorial disputes are unjust, that is itself is an opinion but it would be more accurate to say they do not favor one country or another's perspective on the issue. They are allowed to have their opinions as you are with yours.

It is the right of a free country for citizens to have opinions and to state them. No matter if they upset the local Government's will as in democracy that government can change every few years. At the discretion of the voters.

Having worked at an adult School in Australia for over 10 years.  A school that has close ties to China and campuses in china, it is surprising to me that any school in Australia would have signs up discouraging Chinese students from entry. Chinese students are valued and friendly people.

China has a long and full culture and to know and understand it and all its nuances would take lifetimes of study.  While Australia's western culture is only a few hundred years old it has its own nuances. We mock and ridicule ourselves and dont take it too seriously. There are always some who do.

The majority of Australians are tolerant, accepting people and our country has chosen the multicultural pathway that most countries scoff at. And for the most part is has been a huge success with the input of other cultures enhancing Australia in many diverse and wonderful ways.  Some of the first people to come to Australia hundreds of years ago were Chinese miners, for the gold rush.

Our Government will educate those who need it, those who are racist are frequently put straight by those around them, ordinary people.  

To be fully honest the Chinese people are great, we love the food, the culture and so many things about China I dont have space or time to write them all down.  What scares us is your size and your choice of Government.
Not to mention your buildup of Military that is setting off a mini arms race in Asia. Scary stuff for small countries.

Australians voice their opinions and that wont be changing any time soon. Not all opinions are worth hearing, even in our country. Silly signs get pulled down and if we find those who did it they get educated and sometimes fined. Dont take to much offense to what people say. As we would say here, take it easy and lets have a beer.

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