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Is China more democratic than the USA? [Copy link] 中文

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Is China more democratic than the USA?

Mervyn Locke Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull

Answered Mar 19 R26; Upvoted by Xinchun Li lives in China

Having spent the better part of my life in Europe and the last 10 years in China I’ve actually tilted in favor of the Chinese system. Why? Because in China the government is better at meeting people’s needs in terms of improving their quality of life. True corruption has been rampant even though to a lesser extent today but politicians all over the world do their best to cling on to power and keep whatever superior benefits they may have so in that case the difference is not that great from a philosophical standpoint.

The problem with so called “Western democracy” is that it only gives politicians very short-term incentives to stay in power and winning the next election with little attention to what should be done in between also buying votes with money and through lies (they say something before election and then they deliver something totally different post-election). Also forming coalitions with minority parties that get a disproportionate amount power to carry out crazy policies. Not to mention the extremely slow decision making process and political pie throwing causing stalemates.

And most important of all tell me what’s the long-term vision of a country like say Belgium or Denmark? Right. No one knows. In China there’s always a main headline like “inclusive growth” “Made in China 2025” and so on and so forth that unites and sets the direction as a whole. US is starting to come to grips with this with “Make America Great” again EU has no clue where it’s going.

To sum up: Democracy for me means serving the people and considering the economic growth and increased political power of China there’s little doubt who has the superior governance system. Those that do not see this will wake up one day and ask themselves “how could this happen”?

Michel McGill Born lived and worked in China.

Answered Apr 4

Yes. China is more democratic than the USA.

From Michel McGill's answer to "Julie Bishop has warned China it can only reach its full economic potential if it further embraces democracy." Is she right?

Chinese revolution is democratic revolution. Chinese people have fought for democracy ever since 1840. They fought and failed until 1923 Dr. Sun Yat-sen realized that Democracy was impossible when Western Powers dominate the politics and economy of China. So the first step toward democracy is to drive Western Powers out of China.

China successes to drive Western Powers out of China at 1949 however Western Powers would not give up so easily. They don’t recognize Mainland China as legitimate government. They recognize Taiwan as legitimate Chinese government. War is always a danger for China ever since 1949. Western try to dominate China again by military pressure (gunboat diplomacy) in the name of “democracy”.

From the experience of last 174 years Chinese people know that the first task of fighting for democracy is the get rid off Western interfering. Chinese can not have democracy by letting Western Powers meddling Chinese affairs. Handing Chinese fate to the hand of Western Power is not democracy. Democracy means Chinese people determine Chinese affair not Western powers determine Chinese affairs. When Westerner said they want China to be democracy Chinese know that’s fake statement. Britain ruled Hong Kong for 150 years without a single governor was elected. Hong Kong people was treated as second class citizen forbidden to take any chief position of government offices.

Western powers conquered Beijing on 1900 and did not install a democratic system for China. Chinese cannot got democracy by letting Western powers to determine their fate. Western powers is not for Chinese democracy. They are for their national interest in China at expense of Chinese people.

After Arab spring and Iraq occupation how can still have people believe America is spending huge amount military resources and NGO funding altruistically for the democracy of China? Did any candidate for president campaign ever ask voters to spend tax dollars for Chinese democracy?

Chines is fighting for democracy by resisting Western interfering. Because China is a better democratic country then western powers Chinese industrialization takes short time without resort to colonization slave trade opium trade and gunboat diplomacy.

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One of the characters distinguish Chinese democracy from Western democracy is the multiple parties scheme. Western democracy is based on competition among parties while Chinese democracy is based on coalition of all parties.

There are many parties in China. Every parties in China is constantly evolved in government policy making thought National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The representatives come from all democratic parties and individuals without affiliation to any party.

There were two strong parties during Anti-Fascist-Japanese-Invasion-War: KMT and CCP. When Anti-Japanese War was in the end game Mao published his article ON COALITION GOVERNMENT, detailed the policy of building a unified China of Independence Freedom Democracy and Prosperity. Majority of parties in China supported CCP’s idea of coalition government except KMT. KMT wanted to exclude all other parties and had KMT the only party to rule China. Chiang assassinated a few democratic activists in the era of White Terror. After Japan surrendered on 1945 KMT launched civil war and was defeated.

New China was established on 1949 with political system structured largely according to the document of ON COALITION GOVERNMENT.

Chinese democracy is therefore different from Western democracy. Western democracy is based on competition among multiple parties while Chinese democracy is based on coalition among multiple parties. A coalition need a leader and all parties supported CCP as the leader due to the leadership CCP played in Anti-Japanese War. CCP leadership is therefore written into the Constitution. A Anti-Japanese invasion song become the national anthem. The constitution was the result of political consultation by many parties together. Chinese political parties were therefore not compete with each other for power but cooperated together focusing on how to build a new China. Each Chinese parties are worried not about the interest of special groups but emphasize on how to build a new China they wanted for a hundred years.

For hundred years the fundamental conflict that hindered China from modernizing had not been conflict among different groups of Chinese people but between Chinese people and western powers. It is the international pressure shaped the structure of Chinese political system. That’s the most effective political system to resist outside threat to China. When outside threat is diminished the system will obsolete. Before 2008 China already show signs of evolving toward western political system. Then there come US re-balance of Asia-Pacific and suddenly the system since 1949 reinforced.

Competing among Chinese makes no sense when they facing common enemy such as Japanese invasion. Competing politics makes no sense when China is surrounded by world military forces and nuclear countries. Coalition politics is therefore a historical choice and a unavoidable reality.

Chinese Congress has inclusive representation. Each minority ethnic groups have their representatives in Congress regardless how few a population they have and how weak their economy. Congress representatives also including all walks of groups and professions. Chinese people don’t need politicians to represent them. Every groups is allocated seats in congress.
Anti-Japanese war will not be successful without the coalition of different groups of the society in China. CCP was able to unit all walks of Chinese people in fighting Japanese invasion and formed the effective political operation in Anti- Japanese-Democratic-Bases. The Chinese democratic system originated from Anti-Japanese War that need political coalition to form United Anti-Japanese National Front. Coalition is there for the intrinsic character of Chinese democratic political system. The decision making process therefor bares the character of political consultation.
Democracy means the government enforce people’s will. People want their live improved and the government fulfills it. That’s democracy. Democracy is a way to have people’s will prevail. Chinese government is more capable to function like that than American’s therefore China is more democratic than the USA.

Randall Burns I studied Economics at the University of Chicago(AB 1981). Write at
Answered Apr 15 R26; Upvoted by Xinchun Li
The Chinese government has higher approval ratings than the US government does.
The Communist Party in recent decades has operated as a republican institution. The closest thing the US has to the CPC may be the legal profession and some related occupations where there is a real sextive criteria for joining that is fairly open. The problem there is that the US legal profession has gradually become more oligarchic because it takes a lot of money to go to an ABA accredited law school(in the old days someone could study law with an attorney and not wind up with crippling student loans).

China’s democratic institutions are still pretty weak. China has been improving in that sense. Independent public opinion polls are now allowed and public officials are expected to pay attention to them. The CPC seems to be sincerely attempting to be responsive and competent(there is however a very real problem with corruption). The US election process has been degenerating towards plutocracy due to money in politics centralized media control and the obsolete First past the post election system with its inevitable gerrymandering. Still I think US democracy is stronger than Chinese democracy.

China has more limited civil liberties than the US. Some of that is related to the needs of maintaining order in a country whose core area is as large and densely populated as China’s. China’s republican institutions are strong and in at least some respects may be stronger than those of the USA. I think it would however be inaccurate to say China is more democratic than the US.
I’m trying here to establish an accurate taxonomy so we can all understand each other and find some real common ground.

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Chinaman2017 Post time: 2017-6-12 01:04
For hundred years the fundamental conflict that hindered China from modernizing had not been confl ...

Sorry, you were doing OK with "Is China more democratic than the USA?". But you should have left it alone because I fell asleep halfway through the second paragraph.
(mostly harmless)

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seneca Post time: 2017-6-12 21:16
This is a nice gossip column for when I take a long vacation at the bathroom.

Dont stay too long at bathroom or you get hemorrhoid

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China appears to be MOVING TOWARD democracy; but, as the arrests of disidents and the lack of alternative political organizations show, IT REQUIRES MORE TIME. The basic statement is FALSE.
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