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4 soldiers killed in US missile strike on Syrian airbase: monitor [Copy link] 中文

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Trump - Jihadists around the world applaud you. ...

just take a look on the article by Olivier Lepick who is military expert specialized in chemical weapons:
1-satelit/ google show that there was NO depot/stock /factory that could hide chemical weapon where Syrian attacked. (Assad/ putin said Syrian army bombed a depot in wich rebels stocked chemical weapons), the zone bombed is a residential area. Assad lied.
2-When you attack / bomb a weapon depot, you will concentrate your strike on the target, post attack pics and witness revealed that there was 3 different target, each was enough far fron the other (so Assad lied another time here when he argued army sukhoi 22 were bombing one depot)
3- Witness /survivors mentionned they were surprised by the "little noise" of 3 explosions , as they see explosions everyday, they know what they are talking about: a chemical weapon bomb produce small explosion as too much explosive would destroy the chemical weapon. So it show the explosion was those of chemical weapon bomb, not a conventionnal bomb !
4-Symptom of the victims are very similar with those seen with SARIN gaz, there are details that clearly show it, the main point is that NOT ANY ONE REBEL GROUP KNOW /CAN USE THESE STUFF, these require high level technological knowledge and stuff: there are no record of rebels using such complicated weapon, on the other hand: Assad army is likely to hide some stock even after the so called destruction of chemical weapon stocks. Assad had this stuff, rebels not.

Assad lied, putin lied to, there are certainely details that we dont know, but the fact is that all what Assad said is blsht.

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Trump has violated his own campaign promises not to intervene in foreign wars or act as the world's policeman. The attack on Syria was based on a pretext that Syria used chemical weapons. That was a blatant lie as Russia and the US have removed Syria's chemical weapons in 2013, with Assad's approval.

According to Dr Ron Paul the chemical attack was done by the Mossad as a false flag incident. The Mossad's motto is "By deception we shall wage wars."

In fact, the cruise missile attack was timed for immediately after Trump hosted the dinner for President Xi at Mar-A-Lago so that the latter could not criticize Trump, as Xi was a guest. That was a divide and conquer strategy as China seems now to be at odds with Russia.

But China must side with Russia and must also warn the US not to attack Syria again or attack the DPRK otherwise after the US finishes off Russia and the DPRK, China's fate will be sealed as the US wants world domination and a New World Order under the evil US military Empire.

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