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Speak English Right - 12/27/16 [Copy link] 中文

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Speak English Right - 12/27/16

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Good morning.

Not long ago, I taught you the difference between the two words ‘bring’ and ‘take’. Each of these are used depending on where you are.

For example. If May contacts me on WeChat and wants something from America when I go back there in January, she will ask me, “Michael, will you bring it to me when you come?”

If my mom, who is here in America, asks me about the same thing that May wants, she will ask me, “Will you take this back to China to give to May?”

Also, if May wants to know when I’ll be in China again, she would say, “When will you come back to China?” She would use the words, ‘come back’ because she is there in China. 

If my mother asked me when I’ll leave here (USA), she would say, “Michael, when will you go back to China?”

‘Go back’ is used if you need to say ‘go away’ to a place. ‘Come back’ is used if you need to say ‘come’ to a place.

Remember this:

go back - go away from here
come back - come back to here
take back - take away from here
bring back - bring to here


I will go back to China in January.
I will come back home after I go to the store.
I will go back to Dallas, Texas, next week.
My friend will come back here soon.
I will take back some presents when I go.
I will bring back presents here to my home.
I will go to school.
My teacher will come here.

That’s all for today.
Goodbye for now.
I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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Extremely helpful to Chinese. At least, they know the correct proper expressions and meanings.

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Speaking native English helps to make English natives understand well.
Audio allows learners to emulate. It is conducive to pronunication!

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