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Is it morally acceptable for medical professionals to generate wealth? [Copy link] 中文

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ChanRasjid Post time: 2016-12-10 18:09
You are wrong in many ways and facets. According to Buddhism, the root cause of suffering is desi ...

I'm not wrong. The day you realize I'm right is the day you will become free. Rather, Buddhism is wrong in many aspects, and in some ways it's just as bad as Christianity teaching sin. The only good thing about Buddhism is that it teaches reincarnation. Nirvana, hell, and heaven are all not real.

Closer to home, desires are natural and they are not necessarily a cause of suffering. You can make it a cause of your suffering, like what the Chinese have done. But that is not the true nature of desire. Do you really think it makes sense to empty out your mind so you have no desires and no feelings and no thoughts. Just think for yourself for a bit there, the answer should be obvious. Humans are naturally full of desires and feelings. Desire is what moves the earth. It's why humans take birth, because they have desires. So without desire, we would have no life and no existence.

Of course, it's ok if you like the Chinese face culture, just like it's ok if you like suffering. It is *your* life, after all, free to do whatever you want with it. I tell you what I see, I don't force or even persuade any changes. Well, the changes that I try to persuade you to do, such as bring back the traditional characters, is more for me, because I myself love China and would love to immerse myself in traditional characters, because I'm seeing simplified characters more and more everywhere nowadays outside Mainland China and they are ugly. It forces me to distant myself from China, because those new simplified characters are not only ugly, but they are bad for the subconscious mind. There is no way I can avoid the simplified characters (I know because I tried) so the only thing I can do, is practice indifference and detachment toward the characters and China.

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Carole66 Post time: 2016-12-10 21:35
I think we need doctors even if they eanring too much

Do they really earn too much

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Let's face it: There will always be some people who will be best motivated to work hard (or efficiently) by their own greed. This is the basis for capitalism; and capitalism has certain benefits (mainly that it selectively-rewards efforts that people are most willing to pay for - which is a measure of efficiency). To squeeze the best productivity out of these people financial rewards are effective. I don't think the average person is that greedy; but some "high-output" people are. We rely on their work;so we should pay them well.
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Ted180 Post time: 2016-12-11 21:58
Let's face it: There will always be some people who will be best motivated to work hard (or efficien ...
We rely on their work; so we should pay them well.

It is not we who pay them well, but what the market gives them.
EDIT: "high output" is only relative; eg. they allocate resources to produce Viagra.

I can understand the concept of the free market; it is the way that have evolve naturally since ancient times. Just on the concept of the free market, one can write a full 500 page book on it alone! Then come a certain Marx who messed things up. People assume that just because their brain is working, suggesting any different idea makes them to be genius!  

The Western style systems that Seneca defends is only something current in today's world, but what is current may be the worst of the lot.   

Chan Rasjid Kah Chew.

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