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Japan - probably a nation in the lost [Copy link] 中文

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Recently, high media coverage was given to Abe-Trump meet - the first leader in this world to do so.

One might ask why the unprecedented hurry?

Canada, a country unmatched by any other in this world, where US is the most important neighbor and ally hadn't even made such preparations, even with Trump threatening to end NAFTA. Neither did US' special global ally UK. Europeans too are still waiting as of now, not really in a hurry, preferring to gauge and size up Trump first before talking. All these are vital signs of countries confident of themselves and calm with their thoughts and acts.

But Abe and the entire Japan can't seem to wait, appears to so anxious to meet Trump, even the APEC which holds great economic promise to Japan wasn't as important as Abe meeting Trump. Given that Trump has no ministers or ministers elect with him now, does a seasoned Trump with deft business skills will agree to anything that Abe talked for over 90 minutes? Any seasoned businessmen go into top meetings thoroughly armed and prepared with their CEOs, CFOs, lawyers etc. So Trump won't do it any differently than what he had done for the last 4 decades or so.

Given that nothing tangible can be achieved, why was Abe in such a hurry with zero preparation?

Let's speculate a little.

Could Abe and the entire Japan have betted on Hillary winning? Could Abe and the entire Japan have funded Hillary against Trump, now fearing a possible sideline by Trump?

Other than this reason its hard to envisage why Abe risks so much to meet Trump so early with nothing achievable. If it is accurate that Abe was there to sooth feathers roughed, then it points to one thing - Japan isn't as sharp as it thought it was or seem to be. The entire Japan is in question and clearly proven only normal like most other moderate nations, not qualitatively exceptional. There isn't any Japan primacy in the first place.

Quite rightly Trump is on that Japan has to bear more cost to any security that it seeks. US also cannot tolerate a hugely armed Japan which is a much greater risk than China is to US. If US doesn't push for more sharing from Japan, US will have to shoulder all the cost that Japan incurs with its "Antagonising of China" acts instead of "Working with China" acts. Trump is deftly right because the more US shoulders Japan's cost, the more Japan will be inclined to incur freely since it won't be liable to bear them. At the same time long term benefits go solely to Japan. For example in stoking the China fear theme, Japan will get huge construction contracts from South East Asia and India because Japan successfully gets everyone to think that they needed to hedge, even when uncalled for. None of these profits the US.

In contrast had these contracts go to China in a higher proportion, some of it would have ended up in US companies in China given that its easier for US Companies to set up businesses in China than a racially biasedly orientated Japan. China's economy is more dependent on US' than Japan's is. Indirectly too, if Chinese companies make more money, they will also spend more on other services and products offered by US companies. The same cannot be said of Japan as Japanese have this policy of using only Japanese products and services. Its a globally known fact.

Since the China-US economic partnership bolsters well for both why let it be spoilt by Japan?

That's perhaps what could have happened during the Obama-Hillary era where US was made to shoulder unnecessary costs and of course if this bears some accuracy, then it follows that Abe and the entire Japan will be more than willing to fund and support Hillary as the 45th president of the United States of America against Trump, knowing Trump's campaign call was actually a fair one to US which means not so good for Japan, to extend Japan's sole honeymoon.

Another possible mistake Abe and Japan made with such hurried meet is that it showed how fast Abe and Japan are telling Trump and the entire world that they are turning their backs and abandoning a powerless Hillary, even though Hillary has previously gone to the extreme to support Abe and Japan so much at US' costs. Can East Asia, India, America and Trump trust them?

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There's only one so called leader supporting him.
The place is called Formosa.
Her days are numbered as well

For the rest of the world,  
Political politeness it is.

Remember, hand-shakes with Saddam Hussein.

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emanreus Post time: 2016-11-21 15:06
There's only one so called leader supporting him.
The place is called Formosa.
Her days are numbered ...

Ha! Ha! The Formosa case, may turn out worse.

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He lost his calendar.

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It's obvious if Trump withdraw army it becomes vulnerable to big brother China will swallow up Japan. Better to butter early.

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This post was edited by sfphoto at 2016-11-23 06:16

Poor Abe-San. Like Cio Cio San, Abe-San will end up committing hara-kiri after Trump abandons Japan, just like Pinkerton.

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