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Philippines Ideal For Love Life said a Bank!!!??? [Copy link] 中文

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An article from Philippines published throughout East Asia purported a financial institution of global standing - a very huge one indeed finding Philippines ideal for love.

Don't be offended but that article is really laughable!

First imagine a bank doing such a survey that leaves one really thinking if one should ever bank one's wealth and money with such a bank!!? Businesses should think if they ought to invest in Philippines at all. Instead of focusing on an economy the bank focused on matters that isn't amongst the top of its priorities, more so in a slowing global economy and more importantly that of a respectable bank. Since when global reputable banks are housed substantially with sociology experts than financial experts? If its the former better don't bank with that bank! What most of us grow up learning most, if not all of the time are top banks in this world focus in their field of expertise and outsourced this sociology part to sociology and health experts. In many other countries, successful respectable banks do what is in their core expertise - investing, lending, analysing economic trends,  projecting income , assessing investment climate etc. Social measurements such as the reported one in successful countries are shouldered by organizations with specialized sociology expertise. This is thought in reputable universities as "specialization" or "concentration of expertise" etc.

Then the logic of the survey is also highly questionable. For couples to be in love the environment must be conducive. Such as is it safe for couples to have outings after work, usually at night, is the economy promising for future, etc.

For people who have been to East Asia, its definitely safer to walk at night in Taiwan, Hong Kong Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan even Vietnam. One cannot say the same for Philippines. Its not that it is totally dangerous but its definitely less safe. This reduces sphere for couples to build on their romantic sentiment. The Filipino economy doesn't have the dynamism even to match that of Thailand's or Indonesia's. Economy wise, everyone knows Philippines derive substantial income with the their women laboring abroad. This contrasted with Indonesia where even their men labourers who used to seek fortunes abroad are returning home by large numbers. With huge worries on money, future well being how can one have more room for romance than elsewhere where the people are so confident that they don't only have enough to eat but am able to eat in any place in Asia or Europe? Then Philippines is not short of disaster. With much of these places not properly resurrected or restored, yet they have time for romance? It probably meant these expats couldn't give a damn to the plight of the pitiful common Filipinos. Yet the bank measures these people's delighting and pleasuring amidst Filipino suffering and ordeal - an institution with a heart?

The Filipino economy cannot be better than those of North East Asia, Indochina and Indonesia. This means that expats sent there aren't top ones - probably the lesser ones. Sure there will be a few top notch guys but should be very small in number. How is it possible that any foreign business will send all its top notch executives to Philippines instead of say Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan and China? Its suicide for that business.

Yet can one imagine a global bank, in particular its creditworthiness, having so much time putting up an article that don't jive with the reality? For serious businesses, they ought to check how much banking businesses, real ones that is have expanded in Philippines. That institution either don't have enough jobs since it has so much time to do non-banking matters or is already maligned. The country too. How can such an article be posted for international reading? Like its past 8 years, the country continues directionlessly.

As Philippines continues to toe after and dance with the Americans minus the American dollars, its headed even nearer to a failed nation. Every East Asian knows that Philippines in the 60s was a star and as they forged closer relationship with the Americans, its telling their fall continues to be more painful each time - almost the lowest country now in the entire East Asia with the exception of North Korea which isn't overtaking them. But at least North Koreans can boast that they won't armed rebellions every now and then in their country.

Philippines it seems are continuously being led the wrong side of development by the Americans and South East Asians working for the Americans. Until the Philippines understand the infinite American negative impact, it cannot rejuvenate and that means its more tough for love to blossom.

With more than half a century of listening to the Americans and South East Asians working for the Americans, perhaps, its wise for Philippines to try the next 50 years working with China. But given the recent arbitration episode, it will be difficult. It doesn't make sense for China to shore up Philippines when it is so clear that Philippines will partner with US to destroy China's interest. It isn't safe for China too when so many American mercenaries (given their 100% record in failure to end terrorists reign all over the world - especially missing terrorists in Syria until the Russians stepped in). Unless Philippines can convince foreign nations that American influence in Philippines is totally ended, its not possible for massive foreign investments for as long as American regime rules in Philippines whatever others build can be lost overnight. Philippines also have to work on their own credentials as most East Asians know them.   

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