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The Armies of the World Moving Toward Har Megiddo [Copy link] 中文

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500 tanks worthy of the name Wehrmacht have rolled into Syria in hot pursuit of ISIS which has moved East of the Euphrates, leaving Turkey in charge of northern Syria, news reports indicate.  Jubilee year of mercy ends October 2, 2016.

The 70th year after the signing of the Treaty of Surrender of Imperial Japan in 1945 ends on September 2, 2016 - another Jubilee year of mercy ending with Japan tearing up its Pacifist Constitution, and egging ASEAN countries to go to war with China in the South China Sea.

Trump, trying to end the stranglehold of corrupt politics by the Establishment, may lose the election on November 8, 2016.  But if he wins, Obama will have only 2 months to finish his projects.  Things may heat up fast.

OPEC may finally raise the price of oil, forcing the Fed to raise interest rates, and together, they will force a sleeping China into economic depression, social unrest and military alarm.

Finally, Eastern Europe may light up again.  The Great Tribulation.

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The Turks are in Syria to stay, and they are headed toward the Kurds remaining on the Western side of the Euphrates River.  The ISIS has never been definable by territory, by content, by ideology or by membership, and is a convenient excuse for everything that does not fit official narratives.  Thus, the Turks were in Syria to fight "ISIS".  Well, so is everybody in Syria now to fight ISIS.  But where did ISIS go?

Now you have the Turks fighting the Kurds, both fighting the Syrian government, and mixed in with Turks and Kurds are the "rebels" who are the next dummy variable to serve as excuse for everything that is lacking in official narratives.

The reality is that proxy wars are morphing into direct conflicts between major powers, and things can only go from bad to worse, because the result is unstable.

It won't be enough to ignite a world war by itself.

But with the simultaneous orchestration of conflicts in Eastern Europe and East Asia, WW3 remains possible.  And since in fact these two conflicts are getting more and more likely with each passing week, the probability of WW3 is approaching UNITY.

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This will be intresting what will happen in a few months time

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As Trump's candidacy continues to gather support from all races, all classes and all states, the architects of WW3 are being forced to compress their timeline to Armageddon.  Normally, there should be no WW3.  But these are not normal times.  The Fake Revolution of Sanders is fading.  The tune of the Pied Piper has died down.  Young people wanting to change the world for the better are realizing that Trump is their only hope, not to climb the socio-political ladder of the YES-MEN of the two parties of the same Establishment, who are opposing Trump when the people are rooting for him. but to do what will make them proud of being part of the Trump Revolution of 2016.

The Sanders' Revolution of 2016 turned out to be a mass surrender, on the order of the Battle of Kosovo, with not just the laying down of the arms, but with the conversion to the enemy's religion.

Avoid the Pied Piper, lads and lassies, do not accept being treated like Lemmings.  Stand up for the Right.

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