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2016 Hangzhou G20 [Copy link] 中文

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That China is a global major economy is already obvious, hence there is no need to further elaborate this fact with grandiose.

So what should China dish out?

Perhaps most important is the identification of nations that are willing to work for mutual progress and those who are only interest in stirring trouble and disrupting others with war in mind. With only 20 nations and a couple of other organizations in the meet, China could ring a global tone vouching that it will also voice up for others who are not in the meet will be good.

Exhibiting serious intent to drive global economy and to work closely with equal minded nations should be vital. Just ignore other stupid disruptive rants.

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seneca Post time: 2016-8-25 11:10
Funny post.

If only twenty participants meet up in Hangzhou, it is going to be a very short list ...

Loser always blame winners, what else is new and they lose because they have always see others' shortcomings and incorrectness, not that their assessments are correct but obviously blind to their own faults. Another trend of losers is that they bark and they bark but when things come to crunch, they whimper blaming the entire world except for their idiotic behavior.

In contrast the Chinese not short of errors, recognised their own shortcomings in their previous century of hiatus. Although they opined that others took advantage of their major blip but they also took it upon themselves to make a comeback. these are people the world ought to learn to respect.

Of course I can understand your frustration. In your religion, you are taught to worship telling grave lies with eyes wide opened without blinking. For example in your sphere, sub-prime loans being prestigiously granted good investment grades is a norm - the greater these lies am able to cheat people's hard earned money away, the more glorified they are esteemed and bestowed. Its obvious all 300 million in the Northern Continent who purports excellent professionalism and perfect human rights practice designed this and its so unified in that no one slipped a single word of the con plan played upon the entire world. That's the 300 million's real religion. So when China refuses to join your play, you just got mad and tried to paint China bad. What else is new?

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This post was edited by tenith at 2016-8-27 14:13

With a massive platform like this, how is China intending to connect with the world and get the world interested and connected to it?

Steering the world isn't an easy job if the people do not know that there is a good train to jump on or do not want to jump because of scepticism due to lack of knowledge. Just shaking hands and dealing with a few leaders aren't enough to move the global economy. Leaders who share China's vision may find it difficult back home to inspire if they are beset by domestic problems and the local masses can't see the larger global picture. For almost 60 years people are totally guided by Wall Street's direction for example so its difficult for the same people to understand and comprehend for example the Shanghai Stock Exchange's (SSE) direction. Globally there aren't enough positive write ups of the SSE. The Hong Kong-Shanghai Connect - what does it mean for the world if corporations are listed on HKSE or SSE?

While it make sense to exhibit China-Russia partnership to build confidence around Asia-Europe, this G20 should also reach out to common Russians as to what future they can build with China and vice versa. China can position itself as an International Nation by exhibiting close working rapport with the US and EU as well. China's behavior with the EU and the US will indicate to the world what position China is taking. Special touch should also be highlighted with the Anglo family familiar in particular to China's Hong Kong like England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada which already have substantial financial interests in China and investments can be further increased both ways. As primary Asian nations, China and India ought to reflect their spearheading representation of Asia Dynamism. This serves both India's and China's interest going forward and also that of BRICS which ought to make its mark in G20. The rest of Asia in G20 should not be left out either. Finally, US is always a pertner that is difficult to ignore. Across the Pacific China and US ought to project matured enough working relationship between them. Continued provocation will not put either US or China on top of the global leadership list. As it is now, Germany under Angela Merkel appears a good alternative. Likewise Theresa May of England will also look fit for the global leadership job if she can keep UK intact post Brexit, better still if she can somewhat bridge the Irish-English divide. Countries banking to rise riding the "whacking China publicity" wave are wasting time, wasting resources and completely lost in ideas to grow their nation. Japan's Abe epitomise this notion of failure certainty. He ran round the world arguing the danger of China's armoury and shot 3 economic arrows. Obviously, no East Asia nation has been invaded yet. In contrast except for Japan, the other East Asians as far as Australia are ramping up their businesses with and investments in China. Most nations did not perform worse than Post-Massive-QE Japan. Because Abe can't deliver, he, cowardly tried  hidding behind a false picture of "China Threat". Ultimately common Japanese paid the price for Abe's acts - few Japanese's satisfaction but one hundred twenty million's desparation.  

Make this G20 the platform of future universal economic leadership. That's what G20 should be about.

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