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The age gap between Chinese posters and foreign posters.... [Copy link] 中文

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I look around the internet cafe, the oldest person is ME.

You take a look here on CD, I doubt there is one Chinese poster over the age of 30.  The foreigners, well, I think I heard someone mention he was 70 years old.

Is age a reason why the best posts usually come from foreigners ?

Are we looking at some young Chinese school kids' postings and think that they are representative of China ?

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There are some Chinese forumites over 30 yo in fact. But the majority is around 20-30 yo.

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To hooligan

How old are you? I bet I am older than u (born in 1975). Anybody here dares to tell his/her real age?

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It all depends.....

There is a direct relationship between the age of technology adopters, and the age of the actual technology that is adopted. This correlation can be seen repeatedly in every country. It also depends on certain cultural aspects as well.
In America, it is only in the last ten years or so has the technology of the Internet diffused enough into general society that you see older people online. First young students, then their parents, and then grandparents. For an older generation to adopt the use of new technology, there needs to be personal reasons for them to do so. In the case of the Internet, the ease of Email technology has now superseded the use of writing letters through the mail. Most people will write email, and answer it these days. To my knowledge, very few people write letters anymore. Yet as little as ten years ago, this was the method most people used to communicate long distance besides the phone.
In the case of China, it is clear that the diffusion and ready access to technology like the Internet is still an ongoing process. Based on the increasing access, I think you will see more and more older people accessing it as time goes by. It has to be easy to use, and become an everyday sort of technology. Then you will see a larger age difference. This is exactly how it was in America over the last 10 years or so. First young people, then older.
Other immediate historical examples of the way technology affects the average persons life besides the mail and computers is, telephones, typewriters, pagers, radio telephones, cell phones, television, VCR's, record players, tape-players, cd players, DVD players, ARPAnet, BBS's, FIDO net, USEnet, Internet, to name only a few. A historical look at any of these will show you how a group of people first see, use, and finally accept them as everyday items until they are replaced by a newer technology. ( This applies to all things, historically speaking.)
It is also interesting to note, that all these technologies interrelate to the ability to communicate, and entertain. The more closely they interrelated, and the simpler they are to use, the faster they are adopted.
For me, the age of the poster does not concern me, it is the quality of their thoughts, or the subject, that determine my interest in their posts. Everyone has been young, and will become older. Each of us must learn, when we are introduced to something new. I think it would be a mistake to characterize an entire country based on the posting of the young, middle aged, or old. (you may safely assume I am not talking about the questionable people who are on line, who are simply the same questionable people we meet in our daily lives. One would not characterize a country, or group of people by them either).
As for age being a factor in posts, clearly it must, as age might determine how much a person knows or has learned. On the other hand, one can be quite young, and have a lot more knowledge about a particular subject than many other older people. The ability to communicate effectively is something that requires time. Some people are better at it than others, no matter the age group. I know few older people who could learn a lot more about communicating. And some younger people who blow me away with their abilities.

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about age...


i also believe the average age of the posters here is kind of mysterious, and i confess i'm already in my early thirties. As far as i know, people who are busy fighting in the News Talk section are a little bit older, but the ages of people in this section are in diversity, and in the English Study section, which is occupied by English learners, most posters are much younger, and most of them are merely students.

i took for granted that you, hooligan, was a tad, and when i investigate more, i was surprised to find you were a young lady.

i have found lots of people in the News Talk section are trigger-happy, and this is not bad to us English learners. a non-controversal post is hard to invite other in-depth replies. so this keeps our community larger and larger.

but i have found some discord here. some people who are stark shameless  merely come here  for cheap and easy sex... flesh trade... this is definitely beyond me. it's nothing wrong to pursue a kind of relationship on net, but i strongly detest those lady-killers who are hunting naive girls here.

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I'm 35.  Believe it or not, Silvertex.  Considered a foreigner even though I'm ethnic Chinese.

And I'm still curious, Hooligan, if you're a man or a woman.

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Maturity and patience plays a part in it also.

I'm three months short of 60 and have not kept it a secret. I have tried to get my 24 year old daughter to read the forum but she is not patient enough to sort out the different language styles.

I find that most 20 year old Chinese are much more mature and gounded than most American 20 year olds. However in worldly matters and experience Americans tend to lead. The Chinese are light years ahead in education but a little behind in experience.

I have discussed the experience thing with a lot of Chinese and the population has a direct affect. Here in the US a teen can go out and try a lot of things that those of the same age in other countries can not do.....For example their first car and the responsibilites that come with it. Cooking at an early age is also very American.

I was very suprised that our 12 year old daughter has not been taught to cook. Also her friends here in the US and China. There are a lot of little things we accept here in the US that simply are not done in China and things accepted in China that is unheard of here in the US.

Our younger generation just does not have the patience to discuss topics such as seen on this forum. That is one of the factors that keeps me here. I am learning about the culture of China in the future but along with it I learn from the older Chinese and how they respond and work with their own culture of their own generation and the responses to the changing younger generation and their culture.

I really feel the forum is one of the best representatives of Chinese culture and mind set that I have seen. It has a good mix of negative and positive with the occaisional "out in left field" oddballs.

Of course there are so many ways to look at age.....Age can be in the mind or in the joints. Age can be narrow minded or more open than in youth. It's all in how we accept our years on earth. A bunch of accumulated years on earth is one thing but how we apply ourselves during those years is what is important. That gives those accumulated years value and meaning.

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