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NOTICE: girls seeking "foreign friends" [Copy link] 中文

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As we all know, this world is full of evil and immorality. But looking for business on CD is just plain, downright, low....

Why don't i see chinese guys posting "Handsome, attractive guy seeking foreign friends, sweet smile, warm heart'??

Why don't i see any westerners posting " Chinese friend wanted for cultural, language exchange"???

They would write "in Shanghai","English, seeking friends","American English teacher seeks new friends"....

Could you ladies please preserve your dignity and not try to display your uneducated discrimination on CD? please?

"Sophisticated caucasians wanted, chat and maybe more" you honestly deserve sophisticated men from anywhere???

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witty and precise.

The person from whom you learned to speak english conveyed western critiqueing methods to you very well.

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Why do girls from China prefer Westerners to the Chinese?

I'm a part time Model from London (or white devil as some of you may refer to us), but what makes a Westerner more attractive to Chinese girls than the local Chinese?

I've been reading some of the posts thats been put up and its pretty degrading to see how some girls would throw themselves to any white man that says he's from London/America etc. It seems that the colour of one's skin is more important than the inner soul/personality of that person.

People seem to be trying to win 'dates' on these forums by using the exchange of language and culture as an excuse. I totally agree with Wei_Sun on this. Heres an advice, don't make yourselves seem so desperate (tho u may be), but be a little more reserved. Alot of these white ppl are there to play you, and are not serious in anything more, so don't expect to be swept off your feet. Trust me...I've been in such a situation a couple of years ago when I was modelling in China and I played that field which I regret now.

Girls - Take it easy..

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perhaps SOME do prefer them...

but why do you care so much that you feel it to be your duty to go as far as post your little rant about it?  China has a big population, in fact the biggest in the world.  There is really no need to feel insecure because some girls prefer Westerners, and I think I could give you a number of reasons why (although they may be censored in the end)...

Out of pure interest, who made you the morality police for the Chinese women who post on this forum, and did they agree to it?  Your argument would be valid if it didn't smell so much of pure insecurity and posessiveness, which is quite sad actually.  

Face it, people have A VARIETY of preferences, and even if you don't like it, it doesn't mean you have any right whatsoever to control them.  Frankly the whole "let me warn you about the foreign devils" attitude is a bit tiresome and all too common on these forums, although it does provide a bit of a laugh from time to time...

So on second thought, keep it up, son...maybe someone will actually care and feel pity for you

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Re: a_a_shanghai

Hey miss shanghai, I think you have caught the wrong end of the stick. I can imagine you being one of those that would go after the white folks, and good for you if the guy does turn out to be nice. All I was doing is giving my advice to some of the people here in the forum..its up to them whether to take it or leave it. I don't recall chaining them up and 'controlling' them.....I don't have that kind of power.

'Why?' you may so wisely ask as to me giving a so called 'lecture' on this forum...well let me tell you. I have a chinese friend who was also infatuated by foreign folk, so much so that she freely went on a date after meeting a guy from one of these forums (not on CD) cut the long story short, she was drugged and raped by the man....whom I hope is rotting in hell right now.

I'm not condoning all white males to be like that, but just giving my advice to be careful when meeting 'strangers' They don't necessarily have to be white as anyone can carry out such an evil it dark or fair skinned. I wrote in particular criticising the white male cos girls seem to be more eager to meet them up without knowing them at all.

You mentioned that I am insecure.......Why should I feel insecurity?? I'm a Westerner and a model at that. I am not writing to create arguments or tension among users here..far from it, so its up to you to heed my advice or not. I couldn't care less as to each his/her own. Just giving my 2 cents.

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great point!! wei_sun, this thread shall be put in Friendship, Love section

What a shame, so many Chinese girls totally abandon our traditional virtues and make themselves the victims of those expats!

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RE: "perhaps SOME do prefer them"

Why would anyone look for a friendship on the basis of race? Isn't that a sign of discrimination, lack of education and lack of respect for other races?

Please, don't answer that Mister Shanghai, because it wasn't a question to be answered.

Thanks to the rest for your support. I will take note sleepye and repost this in Love,... section.

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