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Media bias against China harms USA [Copy link] 中文

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Post the 3rd time

Another thing is that when a foreign language book goes to China, what usually happened is that the foreign publisher would join with a Chinese publisher, repackage the book, and agree on a new price….

I have to ask you to travel to China again, go to see the Chinese book stores. It's a festival! Books of ancient time, modern time, American books, European books, from Japan, from Taiwan, everywhere everything. In general the book prices are cheaper than in US. What foreign publishers go after is the huge market.

As for Pfizer's drug...Don't forget in China we not only imports American drugs, we also import from Japan, France, Germany...and Chinese bio-tech is growing very fast too. There is NO way US pharmaceutical companies can maintain monopoly like they did in US, artificially inflate the drug prices.

As for the GM cars. It's not unique, it happened to Honda and Hundyai (Korean), it happens in every early stage of capitalist markets. Besides, China won't give up the effort to develop its own car industry. If car is a big business, the here is a high speed train story:

A couple of years ago China bought a high speed maglev train from Germany and worked with the German engineers in installation and railway building. The Germen were totally impressed by how fast Chinese engineers worked on the project, constantly felt they couldn't match up the speed. It's running in Shanghai now. How about future corporation?

China needs more high speed trains, Germany wants to sell more to China. But China said that China won't just buy, China must learn the technology, set up joint venture with Germany. Germany hesitated, didn't want to give up so easily. So Japan and France immediately jumped in. China is testing their technologies. Meanwhile, just last week I read a Chinese news that the first completely Chinese made high speed (magnetic suspension) train mini model is tested successfully. They are lighter, faster and more economic! Of course China has to build a real train and test its reliability and so on... but that day won't be too long.

This is the reality. Everyone must face it.

By the way, the China news in Chinese is far more interesting and richer in content and information than the English ones on Xinhua or China Daily.

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Middle class in China

The best estimate of the number of people in China who live a middle class lifestyle, as defined in American terms generally, was 125 million.  That's a lot of people.  The USA is 380 million and the EU is about 400 million, but those totals include all the rich and poor too, not just the middle class.

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Reply: Media bias against China harms USA

I don't see real bias from this article.

The real bias from western media is -- they only tell you the bad stories about China, where you can't find an evidence to say they are biased technically, but in real world, they keep their readers away from anything but bad stories.

Well, maybe I am wrong, you might find some good stories if you realy work hard to find.

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Shan Huang.

There you go, you just confirmed the point. Buy one train, reverse engineer it then make your own.
The problem is Chinese engineering expertise and attention to detail, concepts of quality etc. (o.k. the tolerance is not to the spec's, but near enough's good enough isn't it?) are not up to par..
Engineering to price, not quality, is not the way to produce a quality product.
And if you want to develop your own innovative products Chinese engineers need to start thinking outside the box otherwise that's all you'll ever be able to do, copy others products.
Have you seen Chinese cars? Brings to mind my favourite oxymoron, Chinese design.

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ahchoo, that's untrue

Americans said the same thing about Japanese but see, Japanese now stands the lion shares of American car market.

Maybe I was typing too fast on the story above, maybe you read it wrong. The model train Chinese developed actually involves three main technologies, one of the technologies was not used by any of the mutured developed products from Germany or Japan or anyone else.

In viewing of China's technology you must always remember that China has a strong fundation of science. We had a tradition of appreciating science. In the Soviet time, China established a complete education system well founded for scientific advance. Of course China must learn what others are doing, but China is not relying on reverse engineering.

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