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same with above

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Let me clear up a misunderstanding..

First, I never said I slept with anyone...

But more importantly, I never taught at a University where there was young students. I worked at private schools that host ADULT classes...

My students were mid-twenties and up. Some were nurses, lawyers, marketing, sales, etc.  Kind of like a "after work night-school" setting.
Some of the older students were in thier 40's.

These people can do whatever they like, and in some cases, the students are older than the foreign teachers. Nobody is robbing the cradle here, and also, my post is a story of the reality of proposition and equal is not a story of  "my conquest to sleep with students."

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I have no experience of this kind of thing because I teach much younger students but I can believe every word of it.
Some girls chase foreigners because they think they have money/want to go abroad.  Some girls chase foreigners because they want to improve their English ability.  However, an increasing number of girls just want to experience what it's like to sleep with a foreigner.  
I was chatting with a Guangdong girl online yesterday.  I was shocked at how open-minded she is with regards to sex.  I never envisaged myself having that kind of conversation with a Chinese girl.  

As for being angry the morning after.  I find that the girls are never angry.  It's what they want.  I've had a fair few of these experiences in my twelve months here, and this is Henan province, not Shanghai or Beijing.
Some of the girls don't even speak English (I speak very poor Chinese) yet they're happy to come home with me.  The majority of them will leave in the morning without the intention of seeing me again.  It's usually me that feels awkward rather than them.

I get the feeling Chinese girls are starting to rebel against the traditional attitudes imposes on them by their families.  I don't think I'll ever see the day where their behaviour rivals that of a British girl on an 18-30 holiday in Greece, but attitudes are definitely changing.

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a beat generations is sadly found in China

I'm sad about it.

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First of all, a slut is a slut, whether she does it with a foreigner or with a rich chinese man, it makes no difference. She is only looking at the dividends.

Second of all, you can be a slut and a student at the same time. And, there must be some students who are sluts.

Therefore, there will obviously student/slut girls looking for foreigners, because they want a piece of the profit.

The End

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wei sun

that's what we're discussing.   It's nothing to do with profit for a lot of the girls now.  It's about curiosity and satisfaction.

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Because of some regulations and laws, to sleep with students is not often in west countries ,however it seems to me this happens often in China. When I was an university teacher in China , I knew some female students offtered to sleep with their teachers just in order to pass the examinations or get a good mark or merely because they  were attracted by them. My neighbor was a teacher and a part-time lawyer and married ,however still there were many girls stayed with him at night when his wife was on a business trip , they finally divorced and he got married with one of his students ,there are still all kinds of  rumors on his marriage.

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