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Hong Kong’ s independence? [Copy link] 中文

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Won't happen

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Blah blah blah. Since when politics is major reason? Media makes it like the #1 reason.

It doesn't matter anyway. China vs USA, if USA wins. CHina will collapse; if China wins, everyone will know democracy is democrap.

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Taking the election in Philippine as an example, media and other candidates have warned again and again that Rodrigo Duterte is a thug and a potential dictator, do people care?

You media love to associate public dissatisfaction with what you kind don't like to sell your agenda.

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seneca Post time: 2016-5-10 20:39
I can't answer your question about Hong Kong's dissatisfaction under red Chinese rule; in theory a ...

I want to take Shenzhen as a example, a successful development of economy. Along with its development, its culture develops as well. Although it still has a big gap between Shenzhen and HK in culture, many parts of which get closer.

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samlam Post time: 2016-5-11 08:45
I want to take Shenzhen as a example, a successful development of economy. Along with its developm ...

There is not much gap in culture.

The only difference now is that people in Hong Kong have lost the feeling of economic superiority over mainlanders,  so they want to keep the superiority on politics, like Indians to Chinese, "We have democracy!!", like Chinese people have any respect to their system.

The real reason is that they don't like to see so many mainlanders go to Hong Kong, though it is necessary for the economy in Hong Kong, and lot of visitors are indeed not civilized enough. Just like people in Shanghai looked down on others 30 years ago.

Of course, media and journalists love to connect any dissatisfaction with politics, because they overwhelmingly dislike CPC and politics is their specialty. Without politics, they are just entertainers, not judges..

BTW, 85% of mainlanders think it is OK to unite with Taiwan with force, pretty much tell you that most mainlanders don't think high of the system in Taiwan.

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If you had something and it is taken away from you then you want it back, yes?

HK originally was very democratic and promoted freedom of speech, now they find after rejoining with China they have lost these rights. When you lose something you want it back. They don't see the Chinese government changing their ways any time soon, so independence is the only viable option.

You say in other comments it is "not a very frendly way to treat our compatriots close to the border" but then, It wasn't a very friendly way that China treated HK once unified. Many mainlanders complain about the independence movement, yet it is because of the Chinese governments interference that started this movement. The Chinese government only has itself to blame.

One more thing, Chinese people need to start seeing it from HK people's point of view. For many HK people, they identify as a hongkonger, not as Chinese. Just because Chinese people THINK that HK people are Chinese, doesn't mean that HK people think the same. To many HK people, China is just another country trying to colonize them.

Not everyone sees the world so black and white as mainlanders. HK people are not necessarily Chinese if they don't define themselves as Chinese. (I don't mean under law, I mean self identity.)
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