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Chinese President: Welcome cyber criticism   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2016-4-22 23:53
Well, others have been kidnapped from Hong Kong and Bangkok to Mainland China.

Ai Weiwei was p ...

Hey, I'm not ignoring that stuff. But there are SOME indications of progress in China. And when we see such indications we should reward them (positive reinforcement). I do UNDERSTAND the serious limitations!
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seneca Post time: 2016-4-22 06:26
I think this sounds like a joke.

Yes. It was posted as a joke.
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cmknight Post time: 2016-4-22 23:31
Define "basher" for us, please.

Unfortunately, when foreigners offer criticism, constructive or o ...

Well, I'll be the first to admit that the bashing era is gone. And it was never directed to western individuals but to western media. Chinese people who use the term today probably don't even understand the nuances. So I really think you're being too hard on him.

But many problems in China are indeed unique to China. For example, the Chinese overpopulation problem is unique to China because of specific Chinese cultural beliefs and love of children and also of boys over girls. Do you see this same thing in other cultures or something? I don't think so, at least not to the same degree. So how can you say it's all the same? Chinese people are not good at discussing stuff, so when you talk to them, they may not be explain what they mean in its entirety. And then you take the little that they have said and conclude that they don't know what they're doing. Maybe give people the space to live their own life and do things their own way, yeah? Even though you think what they're doing is just stupid. China is not yours to control or to solve. Why? Frankly, because you're an outsider. Don't feel bad, I was born and raised outside of China, so though I'm Chinese, I'm an outsider too. I wouldn't think to try to solve anything for them. I tell them what I think yeah, but I don't care what happens beyond that, if they listen or not, that's not my concern.

You people like to say that you're more advanced, blah blah blah, that you have encountered and solved them all the problems China's experiencing, and that China should listen to you. But you know, let people learn their own lessons. People have to do their own growing. Secondly, people don't grow in the same direction. Let China do their own thinking and perhaps they can solve the problems better than you can. Growth is not in one direction. China does not necessarily have to follow in the west's footsteps.

Many faults in China, you can find them in the west but hidden. In the end, the west really hasn't advanced much either. It's just appearances.

Asians are not so noisy when they go to the west to demand this and that. But it's obvious to any Asian who's paying the slightest attention that that's what many westerners do. Look at whole websites set up to complain about Asian countries. Have Asians done the same? Nope.

Maybe you should stop whining and let the people directly involved with the problems deal with the problems themselves, and you deal with your own life, what's directly your own problems. Are you completely problem-free? Often, Asians have their reasons for doing things that aren't so obvious to you. If they explained things to you, you might get an "aha" moment. But the problem is, Asians don't like to talk and explain stuff, even to people close to them, especially Asian guys. Especially offline. Especially in English. Online is as vocal as they are going to get.

Asians and Westerners are different. They do things differently. For example, racism is a big deal in the west, but it's not a big deal in Asia. But you want to come to Asia and make racism a big deal in Asia as well. Why? Asians don't have enough problems?

And oh, you integrate yourselves into the society? Do you speak Chinese? ...So, please just save it. If you spoke fluent Chinese, read and wrote fluent Chinese, I would take you more seriously. Until then, it's just a joke to say you understand China today. Me, many of my Chinese friends from Taiwan, we talk to each other and say things like we can't understand the Mainland Chinese, when culturally we're supposed to be very close. So how would you understand? You understand the most your own culture, the one that you were born and raised in. Beyond that, most people can only dabble. You don't sound like an exception to me. Sorry. You do sound like a nice guy, though, if you would stop whining so much.

Here's a little advice. When people don't want your advice or if they call your concern "meddling," then it's time to take your attention elsewhere. It doesn't matter that you only want to help them, if they don't want your help. It doesn't matter that you think you know better. It doesn't matter if you think they're being arrogant or stubborn or stupid. It's just your ego that insists that they must accept your help. Is it your pride that you refuse to back down? If people don't want something, don't force it on them. You can't understand this point, yet you insist that Chinese must understand you?

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It sounds the top leader talks to many of here.  That you now get endorsed from Chinese President. And you should exert this right rationally and efficiently. How do you guys think?

Same as west, as long as you don't post any threat to the established system, you are fine.

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cmknight Post time: 2016-4-22 23:31
The Chinese solution isn't working. Why? Foreigners have offered solutions, but you won't listen

Not listen because either the solution doesn't work or will bring up even big problems.

You don't like the soup of a restaurant you are eating at, but it doesn't mean you will go to a restaurant with good soup and bad food.

How do we solve the problem of people having too many babies. In other countries, the solution was education ... proper human development education.

LOL, you are so naive, you simply don't know how human society works.

Let me give you an example

Land acquisition from 100 families
Goverment plans to compensate each familiy 250,000, so that is 25 million.
but one famility demands 600,000.

Question : if government gives this familiy 600,000, how much more will government pays, other than the original 25 million?

A hint : it is not 350,000 more.

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Winston_Pang Post time: 2016-4-22 20:24
Hate-posts from foreigners are not welcome. His message are directed at Chinese people only.

Presid ...

Human lives mean nothing when the western warmongers see a bigger gain through war

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