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Life and virtue, which is more important for a woman? [Copy link] 中文

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Coming from the chief idiot himself...

...this from the man who constantly speaks up against western culture, yet doesn't understand a thing about it.

...this from the man who MAKES UP imaginary facts and statistics to support his arguments.

Okay, coolmax.

Please DO enlighten me!

Tell me -- do you believe that Chinese men DO HAVE THE RIGHT to tell Chinese women what is right, and what is wrong?  


Please DO tell all the Chinese women in this forum -- who ARE from your culture -- how they should think, and how they should act, according to YOUR belief.

Because you see, coolmax, there is one real problem here.

We've had MANY discussions and debates on such issues.  And in almost EVERY CASE, Chinese women have agreed with MY arguments...not with yours.  And a lot of Chinese MEN have agreed with my arguments.

I don't just make up facts and statistics off the top of my head, like you do, and then expect that everyone should believe me.

I would think that when I talk about Chinese women, and most Chinese women AGREE with me, that this would indicate that I have a BETTER understanding of the culture than you do.

And I don't have to make up imaginary information to do it.

Come on, coolmax.  You've attacked me here -- but you didn't say a thing about what was actually WRONG with what I said.  So please enlighten everyone here, and tell me what part of what I said was wrong.

Tell us why Chinese women should NOT have the right to make this choice for themselves?  Because that is the only thing that I said.

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canadianguy, i have to warn you name calling isn't a way out, either.

i can aslo call you moron, idiot, lady-killer or whatsoever.

name calling only means you're bad-behaved. you, you'd better learn more manners before you come to china.

As a born and bred chinese, i have every reason to think in a Chinese way, stopping educating us all the way!

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for sunglasses

I disagree.

MANY western men would NOT think about their gf/wife "losing their virtue".  For me, the ONLY thing I would think about would be how to help/support my gf/wife.

What happened was NOT her fault.  It was NOT her choice.  Another man forced it on her.

And she should not be punished for that.

Any man who blames his wife, or thinks that she has 'lost her virtue' due to being raped, does not deserve his wife's love.  Because the man is NOT thinking about his wife.  He is thinking about himself.

What could POSSIBLY be more selfish?  Your gf/wife has just gone through one of the WORST experiences any woman can fact...and instead of loving/supporting her completely, and thinking about what SHE is suffering, you are thinking about YOURSELF?

Yes, there are cultural reasons why Chinese men think this way, and I understand that.  There is a very long history of such thinking, and it is hard to change such thinking overnight.

But do NOT try to blame it on "nature" or "genetics".  There are many, many men  in other countries who do NOT think this way; there are even many men in CHINA who do not think this way (as proven by the posts of some of the male Chinese members here).

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You still haven't answered my questions.

What part of what I said is wrong?  You say I don't "understand" or "respect" Chinese what part of what I wrote is wrong?

Do you believe that Chinese women should NOT have a choice?  Do you believe that Chinese men SHOULD determine what is "right" and what is "wrong" for Chinese women?

Do you think that a Chinese man should NOT love/support his gf/wife if she is raped?  Do you think that 'proper' Chinese culture means he should condemn her and hate her for being raped?

Or are you going to just make up some more imaginary statistics for us?

Come on, coolmax, put your money where your mouth is.  Be a man.

Tell us what YOU believe; and tell me what I said that was wrong.

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ok, reply to the name-callinig lover

name calling is fun, isn't it?

what you're thinking is in a western way. maybe that's nothing wrong with it. but if you judge every chinese phenomenon in your way, then we would be wrong each time. culture is culture. China culture has been in exsitence for thousands of years, so it's ridiculous to look at china with your "modern" and "loose" eyes.


Actually, this should be an open question. No definite answers. you can express your own ideas, but to denounce others by your value is also laughable and lack of logic.

i have to reiterate, you can give your own opinions, but acting as a judge is absolutely unacceptable.

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...acting as a judge is unacceptable

THAT is laughable!

You act like a judge of WESTERN culture every time you write something!  You even make up your own facts and statistics to try to make it sound like you understand what you are talking about!

I am STILL waiting to hear your answer!!

You said that I don't "understand" or "respect" Chinese culture.

So please go back to what I said above.  Where I said that Chinese women should have the CHOICE about what to do, and that no man should tell her what to do.  Where I said that ANY man should LOVE AND SUPPORT his gf/wife if she has been raped, not condemn or abandon her.

YOU said, after I wrote that, that I didn't respect Chinese culture.  You STILL haven't said what part of what I wrote did not "respect" Chinese culture.

Yes, I disagree with YOU -- and I call you an idiot.  I call ANYONE an idiot who has to make up imaginary facts in order to support their arguments.  You don't care about the "truth"; you only care about presenting YOUR beliefs.  You say that we shouldn't "judge" others...yet your posts are FULL of judgements and condemnations of westerners, and of western culture.

You are a hypocrite.  You are a liar.  You are fool who is willing to lie, and to make up information, just to try to hide that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

I don't respect you.  Not at all.

But that doesn't mean I don't respect Chinese culture, or Chinese people.  It is YOU, as an individual, for who I have no respect.

And I'd like to point out that, from the responses of other CHINESE members in some of these topics, there are a lot of Chinese people who don't respect you either.  I wonder how many Chinese WOMEN respect a man who thinks that they should not have the right to choose for themselves what is right or wrong.

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To my mind the purpose of the above discussion is to throw some light into the dilemma a girl would be faced with in similar circumstances.

We have heard that when confronted with such a situation many a fair damsel would panic and consequently the first reaction may be to jump. With the benefit of our discussion here let us hope that the girl may have some form of "clear thinking" and try to ward off the attacker rather than to jump, knowing full well that society will not look down on her for any mishap that may have taken place.

Probably that is the  consolating factor preventing her from jumping because LIFE IS ALSO PRECIOUS.

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