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Life and virtue, which is more important for a woman? [Copy link] 中文

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re: Life and virtue, which is more important for a woman

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I agree with Veveran that both LIFE & VIRTUE are important but she said in any event (if it were her) she would jump. I DISAGREE.

Rovi297's suggestion is very good. The girl should be thinking of a way to escape, scream for help or fight back. BUT NEVER JUMP.


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life,virtue is the parallel important

life,virtue is the parallel  important on my mind.

However, now more and more female don't care so much on their virtue, now it's  21century ,people consider sex open.If you always do the same thing, others will say you are so narrowed -minded and far away from the morden.They will think you as a stranger person,It's unbearable to the modern boys and girls.

However, life is also important.Under the same condition as that girl, it's hard to consider and conclude which is more  important, at that very moment, the only thing you thought of is how to  protect yourself, including body and heart and everything belonging to you.

The girl seek to jump out of the window, I think it's only her nature protection reaction. Maybe there is no second for her to think.

However after the matter, people say how she should do and what she shouldn't do , I think it's unreasonable.maybe at the very moment she jumped, she didn't know what she did.So at this moment, it's useless to discuss the matter. In China, most of people (almost 95% like do the after-discussion-the -matter thing). I dislike this kind of thing ultimately.

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It's so strange----absolutely open &absolutely conservative

After reading  the story , I have a strong emotion to say several words . Nowadays,it's obvious that men vote for women who are open-minded and morden. On the street, they always focus on those miniskirts, bikinis.

One the other side, they demand their own wives to be all-wrapped , not leave any skin outside is the best. To female, they have two totally different ways--absolutely open to their lovers; absolutely conservative to their wives.

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Something some people seem to have forgotten...

A fundamental fact here.

It is NOT FOR THE MAN TO CHOOSE what the woman should do.

Every man who says "the woman SHOULD do this" or "the woman SHOULD do that", and then saying that she is a 'good' woman, or a 'bad' woman, based on her decision, is making the same mistake.

Some women will -- out of fear, out of a desire to protect their 'virtue', or for other reasons -- choose to jump out of the window.

Other women will choose to stand their ground, and try to fight the rapist, or escape another way -- and yes, maybe the result will be that they are raped.

But this is THEIR CHOICE!!!

And I will support them in EITHER situation.  It is a TERRIBLE choice to face -- possible death, or possible rape.  

If ANY man thinks he has the "right" to tell a woman what the CORRECT decision is, that man is a moron, and most certainly does not deserve that woman's love.

Now, I have a personal PREFERENCE...I'd PREFER that my gf/wife not kill herself.  Because I would hate to lose her; and because I would NOT feel that she had somehow "lost her virtue", or become a less desireable woman.  I would offer her all the love and support that I have.

Someone talked about "feudalism".  Well, one of the KEY ASPECTS of feudalism is that the MEN make all the decisions for the WOMEN...and the women can only do what the men think is best.


It is the WOMAN who must face the consequences of her choice; therefore, it is HER RESPONSIBILITY ALONE to decide what she should do.

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canadianguy, you're only a volunteer microphone of western culture

don't be so exited. it's not proper to educate all chinese people with your poor and limited understanding about Chinese culture either. don't be offended, i know you're a self-given "expert" on Chinese culture. from your words, i come to know that your intention to reserve Mosuo culuture is a joke, because you don't respect Chinese culutre at all.

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do not blame men

I think it is the game of gene. Every man want  his gene purely pass down, which result in the idea of virtue, in other words, the intactness of his woman.

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