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Life and virtue, which is more important for a woman? [Copy link] 中文

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From "China Women's News"

Xiaoxue, 18, a girl from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, desperately jumped out the window of a building, when intimidated and assaulted by a would-be rapist, Taojun, who was later arrested and convicted  "crime of rape" and received 7 years in jail.

This news was in circulation overnight. Xiaoxue left hospital earlier than expected to evade  rumors, but the rumors wouldn't give her a break. Xiaoxue complained:  "Now I' m utterly at a loss and I become more and more puzzled. I don't know whether I have done the right thing. When I was at school, virginity was considered as the most important thing. Now more and more people deem it's not worthy at all. But who would think on my behalf? A woman who was hurt has to face all miseries alone in the society. In this nation, where the idea of demanding an unmarried girl to keep virginity is so prevailing, I may have to spend endless miserable days henceforward."

Which is more important, virtue or life? Our reporter conducted a survey among people from all walks of life. They offered different answers, but one idea was astonishingly similar. When asked if the girl were his own wife, which way would he choose, nearly every man preferred the way Xiaoxue did. "If she is injured or disabled, then I'm willing to support her all my life; if she was raped and thus lost her virtue, I can't imagine how our life would look like in the future". Most ladies, and by-standers, however, preferred the other way around, that life was more important.

Dramatic, isn't it?

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there is nothing for a woman without life.

Everyone will say life is the most important thing for a woman as well as a man. What is virtue? about body or heart? If you make sure you love that girl, do you care so much on the virtue?

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Selfish men

I think this only reflects that most of the men are so selfish that they prefer to face the danger of losing their wives or the ones they love rather than accept the thing understandingly. It's the women's sadness, really.I look down upon such men.

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Nothing is more stupid than physically virtue

If a woman can devote her whole soul to a man, what is the import of so-called virtue? If a woman cannot devote her whole soul to a man, what is the import of so-called virtue?

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life more importtant definitely

Methink the girl jump out of the window just because a instant reckless thought crossover her mind, and she conform to that thought. If she could calm herself down, and recover her wits with her, she would not dare to do that. Virtue or virginity become less important to today's girls, everyman's hoooking-up experience in disco bar or night clubs can testify this absolutely. Just my two cents.

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to those who vote for "life is more important", may i ask you an "irrelevant" qu

if you're a soilder and got capatured by your enemy. you have two options:

1) let out the secret of your army,then survive. but your army comrades will suffer a lot. that means you're going to become a traitor.

2) keep your mouth shut, and get shot immediately.

which one do you chose?

it's off topic, but i can see  your attitude towards life more clearly.

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result! cause?

Be unfair! If the casualty is the opposite sex,what do the civilized persons think?Of course, we can especially sympathize and understand the girl's behavior for the heavy beat and the huge pression from our society .however,we must realise the soure of it,which is due to  the prevail thought of man-dominated from our long 2500yrs' culture.

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