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This was NO MISTAKE!! [Copy link] 中文

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sorry to hear that professor

chineseyang doesn't deserve a response, he's just an advertisement for all that's wrong with the chinese and their attitudes towards foreigners. no inteligent or witty reposte can defuse his endless racist ignorance

A friend of a friend came to town a couple of weeks back.  He's a Nigerian guy working in HK as a personal bodyguard.  6 foot 6, 250 odd pounds.  
It was so funny to see the locals browning their trousers every time he stared back.

Do you speak CHinese at all?  Could you make out any of the conversation that was going on in the corridor?
I can imagine how pathetic it must have been.

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What?... Did you fart?

Yaang...I have no idea what you mean when you call my story false...or call me false...and this has nothing to do with marketing, you fool.

I love China and my Chinese friends, of which I have many, and I have never regretted being here or working here. In fact, only in the past month did I discover this forum and found so many people discussing relations.

My initial posts were out of shock and suprise, not out of malice.

The post you made tonight is diffucult to understand, highly defensive, and makes a direct attack upon the truthfulness of something that happened to me in another country.

I cannot image how your pea brain figured out to make this a personal thing, but I guess the "subscriber you were dialling was powered off"!

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hello, CHEAT, LIAR, TRASH TALKER "professor" aka "seneca" aka "ilunga" aka "hool

"wendy" aka "wenndy" aka.....

EVIDENCE provided by TRASH, CHEAT, LIAR, FAKE "professor" dated 2004-09-13 16:22 :

1. "This was NO MISTAKE!!" aka 'seneca' dated

2. As a Marketing Manager with an appliance company in Shunde, Foshan, I always attaend trade shows to show our company products and do the business."

3. " After 3 years, I can tell you that I have met no other foreigners who are in as deep as I am, as I work for privately owned Chinese companies, not US owned, or international trading companies."

4. "Last year, I took a train to Vietnam about 10 days before the 1st China Guangdong Commodites Fair. (This is like a small version of the Canton Fair)."

5. "Because my company always does live cooking demonstrations,"

EVIDENCE provided by the CHEAT, LIAR, FAKE "professor" aka "seneca" aka "ilunga" dated 2004-09-13 21:29

6. "chineseyang doesn't deserve a response,"

7 "I have no idea what you mean when you call my story false...or call me false...and this has nothing to do with marketing,"

8. "The post you made tonight is diffucult to understand, .....I cannot image how your pea brain figured out to make this a personal thing,"

1. you TRASH LIAR don't have to have been working "as a marketing manager" in reference to p2 - copy of your statement, even if you have ever been INVOLVED in Marketing,

you TRASH, LIAR with little pea brain would have had NO difficulties to understand that the "trade shows", "live cooking demonstrations" etc, are all part of the Marketing programs within Marketing field, for promotional purposes, even though you had NEVER BEEN EDUCATED, let alone qualified.

therefore, you CHEAT, LIAR "professor"'s statement as to the GROUND narrated by a "marketing manager" is KNOWINGLY FALSELY MADE --- IMPERSONATION, & FORGERY.

2. As to "chineseyang doesn't deserve a response", bitch, trash "ilunga", I can assure you that you has nothing in your little ignorant, poorly educated pea brain to enable you to respond to my post!!!

3. Of course, you TRASH, CHEAT, LIAR "have no idea what" I "mean"(t), & "The post" that I "made tonight is diffucult to understand" by YOU, UNLESS you had some REASONABLE QUALIFICATION, EDUCATION, OR EVEN EXPERIENCE OF RUNNING AROUND FOR MARKETING GROUP!

1. Go and get a degree relating to MARKETING for you little pea, ignorant "professor" brain before you talk about marketing on CD.

2. Compromise: the degree that I referred to in the last paragraph of this my post, doesn't have to be a DEGREE MAJORING IN MARKETING, let alone INTERNATIONAL MARKETING, which the latter requested the completion of 1/3 more subjects than the former one.

3. I'll wait for you re subject of MARKETING on CD, till you are qualified even with a diploma, BITCH!!

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Wow....the Girl Has Balls!!

I realize it is that special time of the month for you and you are easily agitated, but I surely was amazed at how much trouble you went through to destroy this thread.

I know sometimes when you feel inferior, you must attack others that come in the room..sort of like a little dog feels when a big dog walks in the room...he starts barking...backs up..and pisses on the floor.

You want to impress other want to squash the "Marketing Manager"? Silliy Girl! Marketing is nothing but a job that many people do here, so what's the point, dingleberry?

That festering bedpan toilet of a brain that you have, which you so desire to unleash upon me, when I never provoked you, only serves to show other readers, that you truly are an angry little girl...

Maybe your boyfriend thinks you are clever and cute, but all the make-up in the world cannot hide your rotten, chicken face.   You
are a coward and you want other people to see your anger..(I guess that's your sexy side?)

iLunga was right about you not deserving a response, because you don't
deserve a response...

What you deserve is a red lipstick bullseye painted on your pooper, so when that little dog gets done pissin' in the corner, he can hop on your back and finish the job right.

Dream come true...huh?

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A few comments:

1) Just ignore ChineseYang; he only has two active brain cells, and those two cells are two busy fighting with each other to contribute to intelligent discussion.

2) While I appreciate your experience, I must admit to considering your comment about 'nobody being in as deep as you' a little naive; I've been in China for over 11 years now, most of which has been spent working directly with Chinese, including several years in 100% Chinese companies.  I now have my own consulting company, and work frequently with the Chinese gov't, and many Chinese companies (as well as foreign companies).  I know that you intended no offense; and I would agree that your experience has given you knowledge that many other expats wouldn't have.  Just wanted to clarify that you're far from the only one.

3) When I first came to China in 1993, similar things happened to me -- and I'm white.  Today, the "educated" or "sophisticated" people from cities generally wouldn't object to being my roommate; but when I go to the countryside, I still encounter plenty of racism, from people who refuse to eat at the same table with me (out of fear of catching a 'foreign disease') to people who think that I am giving them the "evil eye" (because I have blue eyes).

As a black man in China, such racism will be even more evident and common, even in the cities.  And it is sad that it is so.

But also don't have people here burning crosses on the front lawn, or assembling gangs to go and beat up blacks.

My point?  Racism happens everywhere.  It is hardly unique to China.  It IS going to make things more difficult for you in many ways, especially working in such a strong Chinese environment, but that is an inescapable aspect of the path you've chosen.

4) I'd suggest that if you plan to CONTINUE working in this environment, you try a different approach.  Stop the passive, humble, apologetic foreigner approach.  Its not your problem, it is theirs.

Instead, if such things happen again, confront them on it.  MAKE them lose face.  Make a public issue of it.

It won't solve ALL the problems; but it will make at least some of them reconsider their attitudes and actions; and it will make them consider more directly how their attitudes affect you.

It will ALSO make them realize that acting in such a manner will only hurt THEM, by making them appear ignorant.

I am all for cultural sensitivity, and not rocking the boat -- most of the time.  But there are times when rocking the boat IS called for.  Being "sensitive" to Chinese culture doesn't mean accepting all kinds of shit that are dished out to you.  Even many CHINESE people would complain about such treatment.

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To Professor-Surprised and saddened

I'm surprised and saddened by the treatment, that you received. If I was in your place, I would have been extremely angered by this.

I'm a chinese living in Canada, and I've only visited China once, therefore, I would not have much idea as to the mindset over there.

I've been to an office conference, once, where I had the opportunity to have a hotel roommate for a week. I was wishing that the roommate would be somebody different, from a different culture. I'm always in the mood to expand my horizons. I was not disappointed, the roommate turn out to be an Indian guy. He and I, got along very well. We became good friends.

Currently, my circle of friends looks like the United Nation. I've friends who are Kenyan, Nigerian, Jamaican, Irish, Eqyptian, Pakistani, Indian, Sri-Lankan, Chinese, Romanian, Czech , local white canadian (for want of a better description) and so on.

I wish that things might improve for you, in future

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Professor, your story is true, I have seen it many times.

I have often wondered how Black Guys like you tolerate it for so long and keep a level head. You are one of the good guys just trying to make a life and you are treated this way. I have seen it many times and it makes me sick.

I have the greatest respect for you. Not because of your color, but your resolve to constraint. I don't know how you do it. You must have great will power and patience.

I'm a half breed American Indian and I have been treated that way only on a rare occaision and I wanted to scalp the bastards.  It was tough holding back.  You have so much more of it than I ever had.

Unlike most of us in the US the Chinese are not as accustomed to seeing black people. I will not apologize for anyone who treats others like this, there is no excuse, but with more exposure to good guys like yourself, it will slowly change. Especially if by good chance those who treat you as such are admonished by their own peers.

I have also seen Chinese people treated that way. So it's not "just a black thing". It seems you have much more share of it and it is not right.

Many of the posters have conveyed their own feelings in your favor, but "Yang" is just "yang". If you read his other postings, he doesn't even like himself! The poor guy is in misery. We basically ignore him. He is like a mosquito buzzing around our heads. Just a pest.

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