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White girls like black men [Copy link] 中文

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Gimme a break...

This is by FAR the stuoidest thread yet. Thank sDragonball.
I'd like to set the record straight for those of you who 'think' you know wtf you're talking about.
1. Black men do not hit their women(at least not as much as many Chinese men do). I know too many who are patient,pacifist and loving husbands,boyfriends, and fathers.
2.Black womens external appearance of strength is usually to cover an extremely sensitive side. The side that has had the perseverance to raise families single-handedly through seperations since slavery etc.The entire American black populace has to deal with problems you can't imagine.
3. North America has so much diversity. By comparison, China is really monochromatic in structure and any generalizations of Chinese people are likely more accurate than generalizations of an entire race.
4. Bring me to this. BLACK is a colour...not a culture. Specify who and what you are talking about before making such stupid statements as seen in above posts.  A Jamaican is as different from a Ugandan, who is different from a NewYorker raised in Brooklyn, who is different from someone from the Swats, who is different from a BeverlyHills son of an NBA player.

In short, most of you are miopic in your view of the world and it's inhabitants. Get some experience,get some understanding and till then, shut your pie-holes.

PS. Until further notice you are all Japanese or Thai or whatever I choose.

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In China's more enlightened regions, many Chinese girls are beginning to feel the lust too. It's good for your sister if it's good for mine. Get it?
They love a man who is a man. All women do. If you are a masculine man(as opposed to a long fingernailed, blouse wearing, stick of a nancyboy with blackened teeth, and no sense of fashion) you'll be able to understand what I said as truth.

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what i am most curious is ...

why when hearing "white women love black men", some people would  feel insulted and jump up? isn't this racism? is segration still alive somewhere in this world?

it's no big deal for a white woman having a big crush on a black man, and it's also no big deal for a black woman having a big crush on a white man. all people are equal. nobody is superior because of the color of his/her skin.

so stop your noisy and raucous chant!

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Really, before you people put a post up here please EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!! nothing is more dangerous then people living in IGNORANCE!! good luck to you with that!

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Beer drinking trailor trash.....

>White men living in the mobile home, drink beer, watching racing cars
>Who would you marry?

  Believe me, there's someone for everyone. You could pick the worse person on earth, and there will be a mate for them somewhere.

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you are talking nonsense! I can see many couples coming to China from America. They are all white men and white women. I have never seen a black man and a white woman as a couple. To say that a black man has a big penis is completely groundless. We Chinese are also very strong and can be vert attractive to our Chinese women.

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hey umm...

this topic was created to entertain us right? or entertain yourself? or are you SERIOUS?

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