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White girls like black men [Copy link] 中文

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What is the difference?

Between white women and black women?  They are both beautiful.

  Do not call black men 'boys'  Its like calling chinese 'chinamen' in the west.

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Your Stereotypical Opinion Is Totally Baseless

Where are you getting your facts from dragonball? Everything that you have said is myth. I find your statements totally offensive and I think you need to rethink your opinion. No matter what race you are a person just likes another person. Penis size and how much money one makes are not criteria for most white girls, let alone most girls in this world.

I don't know who you have been talking to or what you've been reading, but you need to do away with such ideas.

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Here is one reason

Black women are mean. Compared to white women, black women are more mean, They usually run the house and tell the man what to do. They also hit back. When a black man gets mad, he will hit the woman. White women are affraid to hit back and black women are not affraid.  The black man likes and should be the boss of his house. But he can't  because the black women are so mean. This is very true if you have ever lived near them like I have. White women are more loving than the black women are.
Its not true that black men make more than the white man. As a former supervisor in the US I can guarnatee that the white man makes more than the black man if not the same pay. So money is not the issue.  Black men like white women, just like white men like asian women.

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You can always tell when kids are playing on the computer...

You don't know shit!! When people talk about white, black and mixed relations, you are talking about a miniscule fraction of a single percent of the population.

Comparitively, very few white women date black men...surely less than 1% in America. Myths are more prevelant than the truth. Most black men have black girlfriends.

Black women are not mean as you say, but they surely stand up for themselves and have tendency to be more aggressive. But this is a product of all blacks. It is a survival trait developed  from standing beside and within oppression.

A black woman will defend her husband or children or property or honor more agressively also. A black woman has a level of personal pride that will not allow her to accept abuse from ANYONE, including her partner.

Look at a famous couple Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Bobby is pathetic and always beats Whitney, who is a christian. She is always in court with a black eye, but has never hit Bobby. And she always defends him. But do you think this is good?

People think the know something about blacks because they know a few or lived next to "them"...what is "them". Maybe you should say "IT" or those "things"..

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Why white girls like black men

White girls like black men because their gold digging whores.  They always have been; always will be.  It's how they've been raised for generations.  They've always been taught to marry rich successful men and they are told that they should gratify men; that's why they like to give blow jobs so much.  But they are also a selfish group of women.  During the slavery era, there are endless reports of them seducing and sleeping with black men, and then condemning them to death through rape accusations.  They're no good, and black men are foolish to fall for them

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Who is Dragonball, poster of this thread?

1) As Stud, the Chinese forumite, has revealed, he is also Hongtea

2) As Aragorn, the Chinese forumite, has revealed:
- he is not Chinese.  In some postings he claims to be Laotian.  In others, he claims to be American.
-he hates Chinese people.  He has called the Chinese people "narrow-minded and ignorant" because they wouldn't give him a job teaching English (because the intelligent Chinese can see how poor his English is)

3) As anybody can see, he is what we call a "troll" -- he uses these forums to post racist comments and to stir up hateful comments and thoughts by Chinese and foreigners alike.  He just makes things up in his head and says them, but never supports his lies with any kind of research.

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har that dragon dude started a bs topic.....

girls dont date guys for penis or semen....

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