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An Expat's Proposal For China's Next Five-Year Plan   [Copy link] 中文

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waterdroplets Post time: 2016-1-14 22:08
Your comments are very interesting and meaningful. I am from an overseas Chinese fa ...

Thank you for your reply and sharing your home coming experiences. Good to know u feel at home in china. Good values are to stay no matter where and good natured ppl r welcome wherever they go.

top-down mentality is likely to have more presence in the east. 君臣父子,尊卑有序 as by Confucian teaching is deep rooted in chinese. Its said that one of the purposes of the cultural revolution is to bring changes to such mentality so the elites could be made less proud and less complacent and the grassroot could speak up more and feel more worthy of themselves.  The lack of role models could be the unexpected and unwanted side-effect from this enforced change.

Judging by the resources consumption rate by the west (1/2 of annual global resources consumed by 1/10 of the worlds population), the western society seems to be run on high maintainence. Whatever their model is, economically it doesn't seem to be that viable an option for the rest of the world to copy.  Japan, Philippines and india were the first few Asian countries adopting the western model but japan was run by pretty much the same dominant political party for nearly half century after ww2 so I guess the bottom-up effect was little. and I don't think Philippine and india are now doing better than china. Certain African countries seemed to get into bankruptcy very soon after adopting the western model, eg Zimbabwe, which is said to be in a better state when run by a top-down white regime.  

take the example of man vs woman, they are built differently to start with, being respectful of each’s strength and tolerant of each’s weakness should make more sense than forcing woman to be like man. We can learn from the west but we don't need to abandon our own way to be the same as the west. We can never be the same anyway.

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seneca Post time: 2016-1-19 17:22
My post was in reply to your sentence about "reviving...Chinese be civilized.".

Then you should quote my comments, not his; that would make it clearer as to whom you are addressing!

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sfphoto Post time: 2016-1-18 01:13
I was both English and Chinese-educated during my primary and secondary years; only during my Unive ...

A brief recount of my missing replies previously in chinese:

1. Nature bigger than nurture(culture), culture bigger than ideology.  Thousands yrs shaping by the same mother land bigger than a couple hundred yrs new influences. Chinese do tend to be more evasive regarding rules by culture otherwise no need for heavy fine for eating chewing gum in singapore. overseas chinese are not morally better off.

2. The communism influenced Cuban culture is unique on its own among the bigger Hispanic cultural spectrum and such uniqueness could be largely attributed by communism.   Same applies to mainland China among the bigger Confucian east Asia.

3. No ideology can overthrow or overrule an established culture othetwise cultural revolution would have prevailed. Interests in Confucian teaching and 国学 are back and keen. Good teaching and good values are to stay.

4. Communism and Confucianism should be able to complement rather than work against each other. Both do not involve God, a good common base to start with. I think Confucianism's ultimate ideal 大同 = communism.

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