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From Diaoyu Islands to Taiwan [Copy link] 中文

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Peopledaily 01-09-04

There is a mountain of historical evidence to indicate the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea have been Chinese territory since ancient times.

China has never renounced its inherent ownership over the archipelagoes, although they were once illegally snatched by Japan during its aggressive military expansion in the late 19th century.

The Japanese also occupied the islands for an extended period during the Cold War by taking advantage of the international circumstances of that period.

To promote friendly relations and pursue a win-win compromise with Japan, late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping proposed the two countries seek common exploitation of the islands while shelving disputes over the ownership of them.

Regrettably, the Japanese Government, backed by its current advantage of occupying the Diaoyu Islands, has always been unwilling to recognize the ownership dispute with China.

Tokyo has made no active response to China's workable proposal of "common exploitation'' of the Diaoyu Islands, and has even turned a blind eye to unbridled visits to the islands by Japanese right-wingers and other radical factions.

On related issues, such as its exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf in the East China Sea, the Japanese Government has consistently adopted the so-called "equidistant medium line'' principle in an attempt to expand its exclusive economic zone.

Certainly, the unilateral actions taken by the Japanese Government on the Diaoyu Islands, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves in the East China Sea fall short of foundation in international law.

They have encroached upon China's territorial and oceanic sovereignty, as well as its legitimate rights over the exclusive economic zone and continental shelves.

Peopledaily 01-09-04

In order to take Taiwan back by inflicting the least amount of damage in the Chinese soil of Taiwan, China must first take control the Diaoyu Islands. The Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea hold a great strategic location. Northeast of Taiwan, the little islands of about 7km in diameter in land size may be used to station missile launch facilities. Taiwan's current missile defense system may be able to hold off missile attacks from the west for a certain period, but if China launches short range missiles from the northeast at Taipei simultaneously, Taiwan's current missile defense system will be totally ineffective. Chinese navy presence in the waters surrounding Diaoyu will also enhance China's ability to counter US aggression southward, if the US decides to dispatch forces from Okinawa to Taiwan.

Several years ago, protesters from Taiwan and HK briefly landed on Uotsuri/Diaoyu Island and raised the PRC flag, which was later removed by the Japanese. China's inaction at the time disappointed many Taiwanese and the media made a big deal out of it.

But the situation today is completely different. China now has superior navy over Japan's, taking effective control of the islands will be short and swift. This action alone will prove China's determination to safeguard her national interests and territories.

It is a shame of the entire Chinese race that our sovereignty over an island as tiny as Diaoyu is challenged by the Japanese and Americans. How can the sovereignty of China be judged by rules developed by Europeans or Americans (or even worse, Japanese) centuries later?

We will take Taiwan back. But before that, we must show the Taiwan compatriots and the world that China is even more determined to drive foreign invaders out of her homeland, even if it's just a small island like Diaoyu.

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twchi nese

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"You are a regular flipper.:):):)"


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Kerry is his own caricature. I can't imagine the cartoonists doing a better job than that photo.

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Agree crazyazn

twchinese does seem to be a little confused about where he stands.

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why should chinese kill their blood sisters and brothers across the straight when the very same japanese that raped their women, burned down their houses, and robbed their homes, are still occupying their land?

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Welcome to the land of the sane.

twchinese.  Just a quick word of welcome and congratulations. I will have more to say later. The rest of the cuckoo land dwellers are flustered and confused. Good work.

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