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Is smoking Marijuana a very bad thing? [Copy link] 中文

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reply to #22 gtnbia - hemp great! Marijuana - no harm

Wow this is really useful information. I feel like telling my government already to grow hemp and that way can save a lot of imports from other countries on fuel, fabric, paper etc etc etc.

Smoking marijuana is no worse than drinking Qingdao Beer or puffing Red Army Cigarette. For a little entertainment why not.

Marijuana is not even biologically addictive! unlike alcohol or cigarette. I see the Chinese way of learning baijiu 100 times worse than smoking marijuana, yet they all encourage each other to drink at dinner table, then run to the hospital for whatever IV the next day before popping back into the office.

It's people's ignorance and the wrong kind of propanganda that gives marijuana the stigma. Time to wash marijuana clean!!!!

I don't like Mikeghet's argument that we should ban marijuana because if we allowed that then we would start allowing this and that....marijuana is marijuana, morphine is morphine if you understand enough of each subject you give each subject its due consideration. Lumping all together and making a generic conclusion is making the who issue murky and convoluted. That does nobody good.

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The strange thing for me is that traditionally, cannabis has been a major part of most asian cultures.  It was actually a western influence that pressured countries like India, aghanistan and nepal (not sure about China) to ban the stuff.   Indeed in parts of india it is still legal in certain forms (eaten)

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Originally posted by pcssss at 2007-4-24 11:45 PM
....(pot is usually the doorway to harder drugs).

is it really?

got data to prove your statement?
"It ain't no thang but a chicken wing."

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of course

If you go to any canadian or US university website or the canadian national center for behavioral neuroscience. Look up any professor of neuropharmacology and behavior. Dr. Mitterer of Brock university as well as Dr. Stephan Brudzynski, have both conducted research in this area.

It is not pot that causes the use of other drugs, no no no, do not EVER make that mistake. The individuals with peers, esepcially teens, pre-teens and teens are more likely to use heavier narcotics as a result of social interaction rather than on there own. WEED, just happens to be the dug at the route.

Kalat, in a 2003 study cited that individuals who use marijuana as their first drug experience are more inclined to use heavier narcotics as a result of continued exposure to friends who use it. This of course does not mean that all individuals who smoke weed will do eavier drugs, and from my own experience with patients it is best to treat each person as an individual and on a case, by case basis. Alcohol and weed both cloud ones judgement and puts you in an otherwise altogether different state of awareness.

The above, are of course, the opinions and interests of the mentioned researchers, and should never be taken as fact. Nothing in science can ever be proven, we simply just fail to find things false...a hoarses ass explanation but the gods honest truth.
Hope you and your friend can still be friends ~1~ - Dr. Dre

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Stay clear

Stay away from it. At the very least you'll find that getting involved in any kind of drugs can be a quick way to make sure you never have money in your pocket, or anywhere else for that matter.  
Also, depending upon the friends you make, you may find that some of them are only friends when you got the pot or cash.
As for your friend, you don't need to stay away from him/her, until they suggest, maybe repeatedly, that you should try some.
I have heard a million different things about smoking pot and I think at best it is at least as bad for your health as smoking.

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Originally posted by canadianguy at 2004-9-1 12:40
...first of all, smoking marijuana in the States AND in China is illegal; and while getting caught in the U.S. may lead to a relatively minor charge, getting caught in China could lead to much more ...

I agree with you 100% buddy!

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Originally posted by halibut at 2007-4-26 20:14
Stay away from it. At the very least you'll find that getting involved in any kind of drugs can be a quick way to make sure you never have money in your pocket, or anywhere else for that matter.  

This is incredibly misinformed.  Pot, in the UK at any rate, is not that expensive.  It's much cheaper to buy some and hang out at home with some friends, than to go to the pub together, which can rack up quite a considerable bill.

That said, I haven't smoked the stuff in years.  Don't have the time these days.

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