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Is smoking Marijuana a very bad thing? [Copy link] 中文

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long-winded response:

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Tobacco or Marijuana

I am a company manager in California.  Marijuana is an illegal drug here.  Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages are legal.   From a health stand point none of these is advisable in excess.  The level of excess varies.  Many people know there limits with alcohol and moderate quantities will not cause health problems.  Tobacco in any quantity is dangerous for the health for both smoker and those close by.  Marijuana without additives or paper (the main problems with tobacco) may be less damaging than tobacco.

The other point is the ability to function under the influence.  Two distort the minds ability to react or comprehend normally.  This is why escaping reality is often the reason for use of alcohol and marijuana.  The difference is that most people know their limits for alcohol but with marijuana there is no limit.  Tobacco while a health risk for everyone is not a problem for mental functionality.  

Most companies in California now require drug tests when hiring or following an industrial accident (required by insurance companies).  Many people have made themselves unemployable through use of marijuana.  Why is marijuana more of a concern than alcohol to employers?  Because moderate drinking that is controlled does not inhibit a persons ability to function.  Marijuana has no minimum. One joint can distort enough to run a forklift off the dock killing or maiming the driver .  I know of no company that permits the use of drugs or alcohol on premises.

By the way, the liberal state of California holds a company responsible for an accident caused while driving under the influence, if the alcohol or drug was allowed to be taken on the work premises before driving home.  Even if it was taken in the parking lot after work..

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Re: Tobacco or Marijuana

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Just one thing...

...I would argue that the "marijuana is illegal because one joint will impair you" argument is invalid.

There ARE quite a few people for whom drinking just one glass of wine or beer would impair them.  But there are no laws stopping them from drinking.

For that matter, people can be held legally liable for driving while impaired from using medical drugs that cause drowsiness or other such effects.  But they aren't illegal.

It is quite legitimate to have laws making it illegal to operate machinery/vehicles while impaired -- whether by alcohol, marijuana, or anything else -- and I support such measures wholeheartedly.

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I disagree...

....with the fact that people jump from marijuana to cocaine or heroine.

It is true that 90% of heroin junkies smoco loco ( smoke marijuana) at first step. But the % of people jumping from hashich to heroin is something like 0.00....%

I smoked myself some before but I don t like it. And according to the effect on people around me ( who smoked between 10 and 20 joint everyday) the effects are not that light and people should be more cautious about cannabis.

I don't worry about people like me, over 25 who know what they want to do in their life. But I worry about the young generation ( particulary in france) who becomes more and more lasy and start to smoco loco at 12 years old!!!

I don t have any opinion on legalize it or not. But from my point of view, this drugs is both light and strong, like alcohol. One glass sometimes, or a couple during a party is ok, but when it starts to be everyday, the results are the same than heroin and cocaine.

I tell you this based on my experience, because from the music world I come from, i can see many of those people around.

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My suggestions...

...for the regulation of marijuana:  

I propose that they should be very similar to regulation of alcohol, as done in Canada.  To whit:

1) In Canada, alcohol is not freely available in all stores; it can be bought only at special shops licensed to sell alcohol, and at restaurants/bars licensed to serve alcohol.  I would propose that selling marijuana should be similar...that it can be bought legally and easily, but only from special shops licensed to sell it.

2) In Canada, the legal drinking age is 18; it is illegal to drink before that age, and illegal to sell alcohol to people below that age.  I'd propose to make a similar legal age to buy or smoke marijuana.

3) In Canada, there is no law against getting drunk.  You can drink as much as you want, no problem.  But there are laws prohibiting you from driving or operating machinery while drunk, and any crime committed while drunk (ie. beating one's wife/children) can get a more severe penalty.  I'd propose to make similar laws for the use of marijuana.

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This question has got so many smart guys involved here!
I'm a little surprised and proud...
My marijuana friend is a very nice guy, caring and funny. I'll not leave him because of this. I'm just curious.

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