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What makes Chinese Chinese? [Copy link] 中文

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Since I posted the original post 11 years ago, I have thought more and more about China and Chinese, and I am particularly troubled by two thoughts: (1) while the Chinese worship known knowledge, they seem to lack curiousity to explore the unknown. (2) their general lack of interest in political and social science afford them little opportunity to improve their political machinary, essentially still using a rudimentary system of ruling by the will of the ruler.

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It has been for more 10 years since I last posted on this topic, and during this span of time, China has changed dramatically and its economic output has surpassed all other countries except United States, and the housing in Beijing and Shanghai is far more expensive than  those similar ones in San Francisco and New York.

I become even more fascinated by "what makes Chinese Chinese". Below is a blog I wrote and originally posted on It is reposted here to share with users on this board. I am sure some of the non-Chinese speakers 10 years ago may have already learned to read and write in Chinese and I find it convenient to post this in Chinese.

地球是平的, 圆的, 或者不着边际


从小咱就学了:地平方正,天上盖个大锅底。出国后学的多了才知道有希腊人早在公元前几百年就把地球周长测量计算出来了。 西方的文献大多会说咱老中到了十七世纪还认为地平天圆,那时牛顿已快把天体运动用一个简单的公式描述得精确无比, 还是个传教的到中国后,咱老中方知他住在地底下的那一边。

世界文献同时也都称咱老中的天文观察纪录肯定世界之最,这些观察的结果定肯与地平天圆不符合, 如月食的的观察。面对大量的事实咱老中为什么就不能,更可忧的是,不会去挑战地平天圆之说。更可怕的是根本少有人想去考虑这类--不着边际之事。


目前我只有一个幼稚的想法:老中缺乏一种好奇,探索的精神。为啥如此咱又不明白了。读书太多?不象。或许是读得太少!读的时间很多,恐怕面太窄,质量高的不多, 结果越读越笨!


我决定从小事做起:多读点高质量的书。最近喜欢上了。 那里有成千上万的热心者,把历史上出版的,值得一读的书都,细心的校正后,放在网上供世人免费享用。做为热心者之一,我做了个App让读者更方便地使用 (老外用的多,亚洲人15%, 老中5%?)

回到主题:咱老中除了读书,别的都不太灵,为什么越读越笨呢?至今我认为:肯定是读错了书。最开始, 我责怪历史上的圣人,责怪他们为什么不多花点时间去思考和挑战。 但一想到当今我们可谓当代的圣人呢?我们至今又思考和挑战了啥呢? 我脸红,羞愧无言。

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