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Uighur terrorists [Copy link] 中文

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Uighur terrorists

Has NATO Turkey sent trained Uighur terrorists into China???

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emanreus Post time: 2015-10-8 21:54

Uyghur terrorism

01 October 2015.
By Brandon Turbeville.

Uyghur Terror Networks Span Continents, Have Root In Turkey and NATO.

With the possible entrance of China into the Syrian crisis, a spate of recent articles has appeared in various media outlets discussing the importance of Uyghur terrorism in China and the effect those acts may have on its decision whether or not to truly commit troops or other means of assistance to the Syrian government. These discussions, however, have typically been superfluous and tangential, rarely attributing the importance of the connections between the Syrian crisis and the Xinjang Uyghur separatist movement.

While many might suspect at first glance that the two crises are unrelated, the fact is that the same powers that control the savages raping and beheading their way across Syria also control the Uyghur “separatists” wreaking havoc in Xinjang China.

Indeed, Uyghur terrorists have been playing an increasingly large role in Syria. Aside from fighting in and alongside terrorists from other locations, Uyghurs have also fought in their own Uyghur brigades.

Jisr al-Shughour, a town located in Idlib province in Syria and about twelve miles away from the border with Turkey, has been the scene of at least two massacres by Western-backed terrorists – one in 2011 and the other occurring this year in 2015. In the second massacre, most of the killers were Chechen. However, after the massacre of the indigenous Syrians took place, hundreds of Uyghur families were moved in to “resettle” the town. As Afraa Dagher, a political analyst from Syria wrote.

Now, there are new residents or, should I say, “settlers.” They are known as Uyghurs. These Uyghurs, like the Chechens and other terrorists, are fighting together with other “moderate rebels” and under the name of ISIS. Yet these terrorists are now bringing their families with them. This movement of terrorists has now brought 3500 Uyghur families to live in the Idlib countryside after displacing the original Syrian residents.

This plan to transfer terrorists from China, (Uyghurs), Turkey (Turkestan Party) to areas in Syria such as Idlib, Raqqa, and Deir al-Zour in Syria has been taking place for two years.

Indeed, part of the goal is to destroy the ethnic and demographic nature of Syria as it existed before the war. It is also designed to destroy modern secular Syrian culture. But the fact that Uyghur terrorists are both involved in the fighting as well as “resettling” areas of Syria goes to show that the connection between terrorism, the destruction of Syria, Uyghurs, and Western/NATO intelligence is even deeper.

The reality is that the expansive network of Uyghur terror networks are by no means merely organic and spontaneous. They are a product of the same Western, NATO, and, specifically, Turkish intelligence networks that have created and directed al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS.

The Power Behind The Uyghur Terror Networks

The most obvious culprit behind the Uyghur separatist movement in Xinjang if, for no other reason than its past history and current involvement in destabilizations all across the world, is, of course, the United States. After all, the United States has a vested geopolitical interest in the destabilization of China and has been involved with a number of other color revolutions and separatist movements in the past, including the ongoing “Umbrella Revolution” and the Tibet separatist movement in China alone.

The Turkish Connection

The fact that the United States is heavily involved in the promotion of Uyghur terrorism – while not widely known amongst the general public – is rather widely known amongst geopolitical analysts. However, what is rarely, if ever, discussed, is the connection between Uyghur terrorism and Turkey.

The history of the Uyghur people, shrouded as it may be in terms of historical research, traces itself back to Turkish ancestors. Hence, the connection between Turkey and Chinese Uyghurs that Turkish intelligence is able to grasp onto in order to create, maintain, and direct Uyghur terrorist organizations.

As mentioned above, the use of Uyghur terror organizations has largely been confined to Xinjang province in China. This is, after all, the center of Uyghur destabilization. Over the course of the Syrian crisis, however, as jihadist forces organized by NATO, GCC, Israel, and Turkey have begun flooding into Syria from locations all across the world, the Uyghur contingent was not far behind.

Numerous reports of Uyghur terrorists operating in Syria began early on, with subsequent confirmation via photographs, witness testimony, and eventually video corroboration. Now, Syria is victim to Uyghur terrorist groups such as the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP). The TIP has proudly posted pictures of “little jihadists,” small children being trained in al-Qaeda training camps based in “rebel”-held territory in Idlib. TIP maintains at least two training camps in Syria – one for children and one for adults. The TIP is active in China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

This information corroborates that provided by Afraa Dagher who reports that Uyghur terrorists were not only being used to fight the Syrian army and wage a war of terror against Syrian civilians but also that families were being moved into Idlib, particularly Jisr al-Shughour, in order to colonize the land. In this regard, Turkey’s fingerprints are all over the plan since Uyghurs have an ancestral link to Turkey and planting “Turks” in Syria would thus be a logical extension of the NATO/Neo-Ottoman plan. Thus, the colonization of a people more in line with jihadist elements of Turkish society in an area that borders Turkey is a logical progression of both the goal of the destabilization of the Syrian government, the erasure of Syrian culture, and the creation of a jihadist caliphate that will ultimately be a part of the new Ottoman Empire exemplifies the logic of Turkish oligarchs, intelligence communities, and megalomaniacs like Erdogan.

The Turkish-Uyghur terror network, in addition to fomenting violence across China, has more recently been trafficking terrorists from Xinjiang, through Southeast Asia, and onward to Turkey where they are staged, armed, trained, and then sent to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria. This trafficking network apparently snaked its way through Thailand – exposed when Thailand detained over 100 Uyghurs which it then deported upon Beijing’s request back to China in July.

On the same day the deportations occurred WUC and NATO’s Grey Wolves organized violent protests in Turkey both in Ankara and at the Thai consulate in Istanbul during which the consulate was invaded and destroyed.

What is perhaps most concerning regarding these two Western proxies is the fact that many past bombings associated with Shinawatra’s terrorist networks – networks which are extensive – match the methods used by Turkish-Uyghur terrorists making it likely that NATO’s extraterritorial networks New American Media reported on in 2009 being set up in China, are likely now dotting Uyghur trafficking routes throughout Southeast Asia as well.

The blast in Bangkok likely took place for a number of reasons. Not only did Thailand ignore US demands to release the detained Uyghurs to Turkey, as well as oust a long-cultivated US proxy – Thaksin Shinawatra – but it has been cultivating unmistakably closer ties to Beijing including the signing of major joint-infrastructure development projects, closer military cooperation, and even the potential procurement of 3 Chinese-made submarines – all of which US policymakers have been decrying with increasing indignation.

Yet while the “snake line” may traverse China, Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Syria, there is ample evidence this same terror network will soon be exported to target Russia inside Russian territory, particularly Crimea, this time using Tatars in the same method as Uyghurs are being used in China. In areas where Russia borders China, it is likely that the Uyghur outfit will be donned once again.

Understanding the scope of Turkish-Uyghur terrorism, their rhetorical supporters, and the function both serve toward maintaining US global hegemony helps disarm the West of its various volatile narratives and criminal conspiracies aimed at creating and leveraging terrorism. If when each bomb goes off, or when any consulate is attacked, the public points the finger not at America’s proxies, but directly at the special interests upon Wall Street and lining Washington instead, all benefits of carrying out a proxy campaign of global terrorism to begin with will evaporate before the West.


By now, the use of Uyghur terrorists should be obvious both in terms of goal and methodology. With NATO/Turkish terror networks spanning from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, the game plan is clear – destabilize and destroy any government that resists the plans of the world oligarchy and any nation that may represent a potential resistance to its plans. From political wings of destabilization organizations promoting color revolutions and political subterfuge to actual terrorist outfits conducting bombings, murders, attacks, and beheadings, NATO and Turkey have committed themselves to a war on the people of the world, subjecting victim nations to horrific living standards and unspeakable acts of violence while clamping down further and further on what is left of the rights of their domestic populations. This Western/NATO/Israeli backed social division, destabilization, and warfare is now reaching a fever pitch. The race to achieve hegemony has clearly begun as has a growing opposition to it.


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Turkey, like Saudi Arabia, is a major sponsor of state terrorism. If, according to logic that terrorism must be rooted out, then Turkey and Saudi Arabia, should be targets.
"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far.

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lioncitytemasek Post time: 2015-10-19 03:34
Turkey, like Saudi Arabia, is a major sponsor of state terrorism. If, according to logic that terror ...

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