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I'm quite angry today!!! [Copy link] 中文

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Being a translator of two Greek men, I was talking to one Greek man and a mongolia woman while having launch.
What they talk about Chinese people is that they think Chinese people don't have manners. I said,you see  I have good manner, and I'm Chinese!  and he said, Yes, that's because you're with foreign people, you're with us so you learned it!  I said, I have manners not because I'm with you. I learned good manners from my family, my school, and my friends. A lot of Chinese people have good manners. and the Greek man said, yes, because they see foreign people on TV and they learned from that!

I was angry then, and the Mongolia woman kept talking about the rude people she met in China everywhere for years. But I live in China longer than her, and I don't think that's true! She was treated unpolitely today on a bus, and the same  thing never happened on me. It's obvious that she doesn't like Chinese people, so why does she come here? I said, what you give, what you get.

At the same time I was ashamed of some bad behaviors of our Chinese people , but however, it's not like what they said. I was so depressed, as I couldn't protect my country from being humiliated. It's difficult for me to find evidence to approve my opinion. At least, it's sure that China is one of the origin places of civilization, we learn manners from our ancestor, not from foreign people! And they should learn how  to respect others, they themselves are very rude when they talk about China in that way in front of me.

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I'm quite angry too.

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Your point is highly appreciated and taken...

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maybe this point exists in many foreigners" mind

except angry with this thing we should realize not all foreigner are as polite as we image. walking on the street you also can see some foreigners behave so bad. it is the time to make us realize we should keep calm , equal to everyone besides us in spite of where he or she come from.

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Different places, different times...

Yes, China has difficulties now, but you could remind the Greek lady of the Dark Ages in Europe, and how the Muslims pulled us out of it through the Renaissance.

And as for the Mongolians, what about Gengis Khan?

And if I understand correctly, Confucius' teachings eventually led to a golden age of Chinese civilization during the Han dynasty.  So it appears Confucius contributed to Chinese civilization much more than the Opium Wars ever did.

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Don't be angry, be logical

I quite agree that you SHOULD not tolerate the fact that a foreigner insults CHINA as having no manners.  

China is a country of 1.3 billion people. You cannot expect all of them to have the same manners as Confucious.

Some Chinese people may behave badly towards foreigners because of a numbe of reasons, but the majority of Chinese people are kind and only 'avoid' foreigners, and that, for a good reason too. China's history has not had a good deal of happy memoirs from the foreign devils. (lol) and in the light of those memoirs, anyone would be wary.

But, coming to your Greek and Mongolian friends, let us just say they were the low examples of the foreign expat/traveller in China. Not All Greeks are so bad, nor allo Mongolians. By vindicating yourself in a manner that illustrates all foreigners as wild, manner-less barbarians, you only prove to us, that you are no different from them?!

It may arise some sympathy from your fellow Chinese on this list, and may lead to some angry anti-foreign posts - which quite satisfies some Chinese- but in the end, you will end up being an idiot for what you wrote.

First, by writing something like this, you showed that you have no idea how to verbally defend your country. If I were you, I would prove them wrong. Do your homework and always be ready next time, if you could not this time. Don't mourn over spilled milk, find another cow.

Second, your words instill the idea that all foreigners are mannerless freaks who like to consider the Chinese as lowlifes. Well, my friend, my girlfriend is Chinese and though I am older and more educated than her, she has better manners than I do. There are other people I know, for example the Dean of my University is a man whose photos are on the walls of the city. He is a high ranking official as well. But when he meets other people, his humble greeting and way he treats his subordinates almost makes you feel this is a dream.  In other words, Chinese do have good manners, as do people from other countries.

Last, I would like to mention anger as a factor in making you lose a verbal game you started. By becoming disappointed and angry, you get nothing. You will lose your health. Cool down and get into a rigourous discussion with your foreign friends. maybe they were not actually thinking in the way you thought they did.  Maybe they were joking with you,  and you took it serious.

It is time to enjoy life and friends from all countries get together and live in harmony. There is no point wasting your, or OUR time reading something angry. If you were in America, they could have sent you to a shrink!


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What they did was just to show who were the real rude people

There is no country perfect, obviousely including China. I admit this country has a lot of problems now, but people here are trying very hard to improve this situation and in the past 20 years it has made a big progress. I believe that's why more and more foreigners coming here, esp. businessmen. We Chinese welcome those foreigners who give respect to us. But if not, please go.

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