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** I also think Chinese parents are a significant liability ** by seneca [Copy link] 中文

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Foot in mouth, racist blooper of the month award goes to seneca:

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Defence of the facts by seneca:
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By posting a message on a thread started by Chairman et al, I am therefore giving them unqualified support.
Nice try but no cigar.
I have at all times tried to distance my self from these cartoon characters - if you don't believe me read my posts.
Despite still not having found that thread on education, I have actually read quite alot of your posts. Unless Chinese culture really is completely hopeless and devoid of any positive qualities, then I'd have to say that you are a heavily biased reporter of chinese issues.

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For the record, the bigoted b!tch cynica has nothing good to say about China on

Seneca has called ALL Chinese women "sluts" on this board. [1]

Seneca has said "chinese girls have many unpleasant qualities hidden from view: I deem them extremely tyrannical and cantankerous." [2]

Seneca has claimed all Chinese have "thinking disabilities." [3]

Seneca has advocated to remove Chinese parents from their part to see to the education and safety of their children. [4]

Seneca has asserted the city of Ji'an in Jilin province was not part of China. [5]

Seneca has called spitting "China's oldest cultural achievments." [6]

Seneca has said "Not only is cheating a serious enough topic, it is the bread and butter of China's economy." [7]


The list can go on and on and on ....

In short, seneca has absolutely NOTHING good to say about China and Chinese on this board.

Moderator, are you a CHINESE with pride and dignity??

If yes, what you should be deleting, instead, are seneca's posts of insults and venom!!

Better yet, you should have banned racist China-haters like seneca a LONG time ago!!

So, care to explain why you deleted my post simply stating the above facts?









Seneca's sample statements:


"Those answers tell a lot about CHinese thinking, don't they?
And, don't say you have never come across such answers; to me they are legion in my day-to-day dealings with Chinese. What Chinese have never perceived sensorily, they simply can't imagine.
That's a very limiting factor to their thinking!" - seneca

"Allow a Chinese to develop his or her thinking unfettered and you may be dealing with another genius before you!
Meanwhile, a backward culture induces a backward thinking that is at odds with many non-Chinese, not to mention with thinking Chinese as well." - seneca

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Bad Parents----Thats the problem or is it?

Here in the US about 50 years ago various psychologists/psychiatrists/psychoanalsts were mis- understood and interpreted as meaning mothers were at fault for that childs problems . Then fathers were blamed. Then inborn temperment was at fault. Capitalism and materialism followed as root causes of pathology. Then it became genetics.  Those who think , abhor such simplfication as nature versus nurture. If 'Chinese parents' are such a liability-why is it that China has been around so long with its rich history and culture, and now its vibrant growth is obvious to all. All parents struggle to improve over the prior generation in child rearing. Overall parenting is the most difficult and challenging work there is in the world.  Chinese parents are to be celebrated , not denigrated for adjustments which need to be made in every culture to express the ultimate in creativity and the future imprvements our children will bring to this world.
When dealing with causality it is sets of issues which may be explanatory. Blaming parent is dwarfed by the complexity of what seems to be truth

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crazyazn has been deleted
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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Well said tiffin

"Chinese parents are to be celebrated , not denigrated for adjustments which need to be made in every culture to express the ultimate in creativity and the future imprvements our children will bring to this world."

Thank you!

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I agree that the educational system , where kids are full time bond to schools is inhuman. This is what I think. Others may /may not agree with me.
Such system deprives kids from their right to have normal childhood. Such system may succeed in pressing more data into their heads , but at the extremely high cost - loss of one of the best parts of one's life.
What I want to point out here, I am not so sure that this is purely chinese system , Seneca. Everybody may correct me here and I will eagerly listen, but I think it comes from Japan via Korea.
These two countries have much more common with China in the aspect of social system (group ahead of individual). What on the "west" is regarded as a harm done to the individual child by the overdone educational system - in Far East is seen as a normal and natural rat race commencing in the craddle.
Some criticism of the system is heard in Japan after having realised a high ratio of suicides among youth.
Chinese do pay a lot of attention to the education of their children. Parents stay on their heads to obtain financial resources for their kids' schooling. Sometimes they sacrify everything else.
There is also a sort of "excuse" for these parents. Do they really have much of a choice? Can they find and afford schools where a time balance is correct and SIMULTANEOUSLY the effectiveness of teaching high?

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