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** I also think Chinese parents are a significant liability ** by seneca [Copy link] 中文

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Education system

The actual education today in China just fits the nation's needs. Just change a little and it will be okay.

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seneca's only merit to this CD forum is:

抛砖引玉(Throw out bricks to attract jades).

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Right on, Chairman, thank you for your post !!

Why foreign English teachers like seneca and his cohorts are no good for China


Check this out, from, the resident racist China-hater seneca is surely not alone -- can we honestly trust the teaching of our kids to racist pigs calling us "monkeys with disgusting, un-hygienic, rat-like mannerisms"????

See what those foreign English teachers have done to the likes of Wendy and Chriswins??? One does not have to look far for examples of the ill effects of having anti-China bigots like seneca and his cohorts to teach our kids!!!



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Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 5:05 pm Post subject: Why do they Stare ??


Well tonight I decided to try out a "western buffet' in town. After the stress of the last couple days I decided I could use a nice western meal and a quite relaxing evening alone. So I ventured into town and went to the local Oregans to try the buffet.

After being seated by the waitress, I notice an unusual amount of people staring at me. Now I reasoned that I was just having "China Stress" and nothing was different than all the other times that Chinese people have stared and gawk at somebody different. After getting a plate full of roast beef and Chicken wings I went back to my seat and started to eat. CRASH! Not one, but two Chinese had spilled their trays right next to me, not because the trays were heavy or the floor was slippery, but because the monkey's were to busy staring at me.

Now I must say I have been in China for over 6 months, and I consider myself fairly immune to their disgusting, un-hygienic, rat-like mannerisms. But tonight it was no holds barred. For some reason this whole section of the restaurant found it very interesting to watch my every movement. I tried not to pay attention and enjoy my meal but it was just to much. I counted over 20 people just STARING at me. Now I tried to keep my eyes down and avoid I contact, but how long can you stare at plate of food? I tried to look around like nothing was wrong, but no use. Every time I looked at someone their eyes were fixed on me. Even trying to "stare them down" had no effect, they don't even look away!

I am convinced the rats were trying to make me as uncomfortable a possible and that they know that this is just plain rude and inconsiderate. Now I don't buy the BS "they have not seen many foreigners" *beep*, anyone that believes this should have their head checked ! I have seen several other foreigners in this town. I have also seen them on billboards, advertisements and TV. So what's the big deal ?

I understand the average Chinese has the manners of a rabies infected rat, but does it ever cross their mind that they are making someone feel very awkward and uncomfortable. I have a mother who is blind and partially paralyzed and I sometimes notice people taking long glances, but it almost never happens that someone will stop and point, stare and laugh. For Christ sakes if someone did this in Canada, I am sure this person would get knock on their ass, by myself or a good Samaritan.

Oh I can hear it now " if you don't like it...............................", don't worry first chance I get I am out of this rat hole. You can have ! I love teaching, but I have to much respect for myself and my teaching to put up with this from people who invited me here to teach them the language of civilized people.

"Well, we now have exactly the same situation as at the beginning of the race, only exactly opposite. " - Murray Walker

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Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 5:16 pm Post subject: *


their disgusting, un-hygienic, rat-like mannerisms

Excellent! I for one would like to say on behalf of all the plate face apologists on this forum "GO HOME" **

**When you get home, locate a chinese take away, walk in semi-naked, spit on the counter, crap in the corner, piss on the prawn crackers & scream NI Hao as load as you can while laughing with all your Carlsberg fueled buddies! - you have now learned 5 thousand years of culture in less than 6 months


(From )

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wanted to reply to "" - but apparently need a "reason to join"

Reason for joining:

Sickened by that racist post. It really revolted me - it is really hateful stuff (reread it again and think about how you would feel if he was talking about YOUR people, if you don't believe me. There is no excuse for it, its just plain racism)

Chinese people stare and watch ANYTHING that is vaguely interesting - street arguments, bike crashes, outdoor chess games, etc. They are naturally gregarious people - concepts of personal space are just not the same as in the west, its rarely aggressive in nature, and can easily be turned to your favour if you have some basic goodwill and social skills (which its obvious many of the "teachers" here don't have)
I've never heard of an incident of racist violence against foreigners in China (Even though, I might add, many foriegners in China spend alot their spare time here engaging in all sorts of antisocial activities. Imagine how westerners might react if so many of the chinese visitors in their country spent their time hanging around only with each other flaunting their money at expensive bars and buying expensive prostitutes. They'de be lynched, wouldn't they)      
But being brought up in Australia as a HALF chinese child (so I get stared at in China too!), I know only too well the dangers of racist violence - not staring, REAL racist violence.
Thankfully, over the last few years this has almost dissapeared, and I would be singing the praises of western society had I not encountered so much anti chinese racism among expats since I started living in china.
How many of these idiots have actually bothered to learn Mandarin, I might ask? There is a voice behind the face, and a person,  with no different needs and feelings as anyone else. How convenient to label people "monkeys" because you can't understand their language.
Another common misconception that many "teachers" here enjoy voicing is that chinese basically "have similar views about everything", and are automatoms without the powers of reason of wetsterners. This is crap. If you just speak english to chinese ofcourse they're not going to be as eloquent as when they speak in their native tongue, you idiots. If any of you have cared to learn a foreign language, you might also realize that it is very hard to express yourself fully if you are not fluent. Also a chinese person isn't going to pour  their heart out to you just because you want them to - it takes long time to get to know a chinese person well, especially if language is an obstacle.
Be patient, ask questions, and listen.
I've learnt amazing things that have frankly surprised me. Being taught ancient chinese history from peasants who didn't even finish primary school. Discovering from an old retired factory worker from Dong bei that he had a special interest in celtic mythology! Chinese may be blinkered and backward in their views in many ways, but they are also very inquisitive, and quick to assimilate new ideas. They also have good bullshit detectors. They understandably hate hearing from selfimportant smug tossbags that their country sucks( as anyone would be). I know you'd all be happy if you could make all the chinese hate their culture and government, and ask for westerners to run the show, but they don't want that, sorry. (not to say that they do not want change and reform though).
The writer of the original post should be ashamed that they have spurted out such puerile crap - I'd sort of understand if he was some disenfranchised blue collar worker with no education and no prospects for the future (in fact his language and name calling are almost identical the stuff I'd hear ad nauseum from such people in the 1980's when I was growing up in Australia). The difference is, it seems someone has wasted a tertiary education on this bigot.
I know many westerners in China who are absolutely not like this at all, who understand and bravely face the challenges in engaging with different cultures, and use their goodwill to bridge the gaps between people, rather that throwing tantrums and resorting to hate. Please, make yourselves heard- let the liberalism and humanism inherent in western culture be heard. I know its there, and I'm proud if it, as much as I am proud of the many good qualities of the chinese. wrote:

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seneca open support for the racist post, transposed by Stud above from esl.

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Quote: with the full support of seneca, the resident China Hater.

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