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Differences Between 23 And 32 Year-old People [Copy link] 中文

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Bruce Chan


1.       When 23, at times felt I was useless and wasting youth,for at which time, Xiang Zhu had published her fourth poetry anthology; YuchunLiang had become professor; Goethe had met his female leading role of The Sorrows of Young Werther.

When 32, unexpectedly I haven’tkilled myself, feeling future worth expecting. Seemingly face the work thatneeds those so- called young guys, forty or fifty years old to accomplish, stillample time left.   

2.       When 23, it took great courage to steal a kiss on girlfriend.When 32, touch secretary’s hand at will as she serves coffee in.

3.       When 23, in college, be willing to spend 5 Yuan to buy arose for girlfriend. When 32, have already stored 2000 Yuan case-dough.

4.       When 23, longed for a formal suit with a decent tie. Withneat hairstyle, brilliant leather shoes and graceful gesture, old gentleman thoughtas a talent of great appearance.

When 32, only wearing shorts and slippers,at a free night drink beer at late-night street stall.

5.       When 23, gave close attention to Chinese team and celebratedwarmly for the dream of top in Asia, but ragedfor their poor performance.

When 32, take Soccer Daily under the inside legs of familytable.

6.       When 23, after sport and shower, go to canteen with rain-speckledhair.

When 32, every morning afterwaking up check whether there is white hair.

7.       When 23, found teachers’ mistake and raised hand bravely topoint out.

When 32, clearly know that bossis forever right and stoutly follow it.

8.       When 23, took girlfriend to a poor little restaurant,asked sliced noodles, imagined sitting a five-star hotel, and moreover drew chairfor the lady gently.

When 32, hardly enjoy a dinner athome, even so, after which, wife goes to wash the dishes and I myself go towatch TV.

9.       When 23, wrote poetries at class, and once began therewould be tens of pages.

When 32, all night staring at computer,type leader’s speech for the next day.

10.   When 23, had only a lousy radio to lose my mind in CuiJian’s Nothing At All and Chyi Chin’swolf.

When 32, have amplifier andspeaker system worth thousands of Yuan, and Beethoven’s and Mach’s great works,but there are full of dusts on them.

11.   When 23, inscribed “TheCang shipwreck once was water, but the sorcery mountain isn't cloud” on thedesk.

When 32, knowing from newspaperthat Chyi Chin has chased Joy Wong for nine years and finally succeeded, with contemptthinking “there must be something wrong with his brain!”

12.   When 23, every term transcript needed to be reported to parents.

When 32, holding invoices, askleader for signature.

13.   When 23, learnt oil painting.

When 32, learn signing.

14.   When 23, watching art exhibition, again and again warnedmyself: This is art, I’m enjoying art. It didn’t matter what thinking in mind. Themost terrible one was some part of body would protest in public.

When 32, take a picture of sexybeauty as desktop.

15.   When 23, discussed human philosophy in dorm.

When 32, tell dirty jokes at mealtime.

16.   When 23, had no formal girlfriend.

When 32, already have a formalwife.

17.   When 23, taking a guitar to outside of girls building, playedthe guitar and sang, until all people upstairs thrown bottles down.

When 32, in KTV with femalecolleagues, sang emotionally “I havechosen you! You have chosen me!

18.   When 23, as taking a shower sung Cui Jian’s “your little hand is cold, the same as youreyes!”

When 32, often take a nap insauna bathroom.

19.   When 23, secretly read Lady Chatterley's Lover.

When 32, secretly read Weihui’s Shanghai Baby.

20.   When 23, when printing name cards, racked my brain formore titles.

When 32, except name, there isonly a telephone number on the card.

21.   When 23, when taking a taxi, only focused on the taximeter.

When 32, when taking a sedan car,only focus on the beauties outside.

22.   When 23, did sport every morning, and then askedgirlfriend to do together. Afterwards, enjoyed breakfast together.

When 32, that would be great if Icould do several sit-ups in the fitness center.

23.   When 23, waistline was 2.06 feet, and weight 60 kg.

When 32, waistline was 2.6 feet,and weight 78 kg   

24.   When 23, played video games, Contra and Pick Mushroom.So much fun!

When 32, play Mahjong,with subordinates, win more, loss less; with leaders, win less, loss more.  

25.   When 23, felt good when others smiled at me.

When 32, get used to smile toeverybody, which is irrelevant to mood.

26.   When 23, we gave nicknames to everybody including girls.

When 32, have got used to call evena 50-year-old lady Missy, call SanwaLi Mack.

27.   When 23, as a university student union cadre, chaired allsorts of student meetings in lecture hall.

When 32, being a section chief, rollup sleeves and play finger-guessing games in hot pot restaurant.

28.   When 23, usually be fantasied with what would be when Iwas 32.

When 32, I am writing a tediouspaper called Difference Between 23 And 32Year-old People.

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