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Stop defining people according to which country they are from. Nationalism, while great, has no real place in how you perceive people in general. Yes china has a long tradition of being courteous and gracious. We as a people have also committed some great attrocities. But did you or I take hand in that? no it was the policy makers which are usually a few greedy people with bad morals. People that were put into power because of the philosphy of  "make no trouble" ingrained into the Chinese by the concepts of confuscianism.

In order to build a strong moral foundation, one needs to educate the kids. Start by not giving in to stereotyping any group of people. They are not  Mongolians or Koreans or Indians or Japanese. They are humans. We are all humans. Each of us are individuals who are affected by their  upbringing and enviornment.  Stop the stereotypes.

In the case of the sports games, people boo because they want their own team to win. This is a natural behavior. If both teams were from the same country you will still hear booing. This is just natural, people are competitive by nature. Trying to change our nature results in a nation of robotic people, broken of will and imagination.

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if you are a crow , please do not laugh at other birds' black feathers..

to my Japanese friends:
suppose in history many Japanese were killed by Chinese and China still does not  face its mistakes. Instead, China spreads Japan threat theory and China's economy surpasses Japan very much. If the football game were held in your country and your people treated it as an opportunity to eradicate the historic insult but they failed.

I don't think your people would behave better than us.

your prime minister has visited shrine where holds convicted war criminals times and again. Such actions harmed many Asian countries deeply.  Don't you think your country is behaving well. it is so ridiculous when you cannot behave well and critise other people.

a traditional chinese saying: if you are a crow , please do not laugh at  other birds' black feathers..

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Dear darlin_zc,

It seems you have never visited Japane before.
You cannot generalize Japanse behavior from one politician.  

You mentioned Japanese people would behave like Chinese people if they were in same situation. Such an approach is far from realistic. Nobody can ansewer such a question.  

It is really hard to imagine Japanese people throw stuff , scare Chinese people who purely enjoy sport and break the window of Chinese diplomat. Chinese govenment also do not have to warn their soccer fans in Japan not to wear their national uniform.   They also do not need tens of thousands of police to protect Chinese soccer funs.   

Political protest should not be expressed in that way.

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Asia Cup 2004

Exactly. Right wingers or 'nationalist' by their definition is always frowned upon no matter where and when they may be. Or I should rather say they should be.

   It is pretty appaling and shocking to many Japanse that Janaese players and  supporters are booed or even threatened by some Chinese fans(hooligans?) at Asia Cup 2004. Even a diplomat car's rear window was smashed to pieces. And we know majority of Chinese don't know what happened.

   It's understandable and at the same time funny that all the hard line approachers who blabber insulting curses to Chinese on net about this happening in Japan are right wingers who would most likely to spat or boo to Chinese (or foreign) players or supporters in Japan.  

   About Nanking massacre, many Japanese (including all right wingers) believe it was just a small 'accident' which is intrinsically unavoidable during war time or Chinese are just  balooning it major holocaust or even falsifying. On the other hand, we hear young Chinese had (have?) been educated to have antipathy,if not hatred, against Japanese stressing what happened during WWII. Both are fruitless.

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right wingers


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