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China—a rational people with courteous manners [Copy link] 中文

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to "darling_cz": I wish that you are not going to falsely accuse the Japanese ma

your false accusations: such as "courteous manners", "racists" because of he mentioned "bombing by the United States"... bla, bla, bla

Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba said today:
"The egocentric world view of the US government is reaching extremes," mayor Tadatoshi Akiba said in an address at a ceremony to mark the August 6, 1945 World War II bombing by the United States.

""Ignoring the United Nations and its foundation of international law, the United States has resumed research to make nuclear weapons smaller and more usable," the mayor said.""

Good insight into the american past, current, future crimes, Tadatoshi Akiba san.

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It got to be a great honor of being Chinese, evidenced by so many, countless fal

of being Chinese, made on CD.

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Respect, admiration. Horror. Marvelling and disgust.

I found the original posting very readable and the sentiments expressed worthy of respect and admiration.

I too am horrified by reported US efforts to develop smaller and more 'usable' nuclear weapons.

I marvel at the way the Japanese people appear to have genuinely embraced pacifism in the last 50 years and am disgusted by what I perceive to be ongoing US government efforts to get the Japanese government to remilitarise against the will of their own people.

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maybe you are wrong.

sorry, but i did not say that china's economic progress depends on Japan's donation. i am afraid you misunderstood me.

believe it or not, though japan has cut down its financial aids recently, it is still the biggest donor of China. it is also the biggest donor in UN that is why the charity branch o f UN is always in the charge of a Japanese matter you like it or not, it is the fact.

by the way, some of the ideas are revised by the administrater.

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thank you all for your comments

in retrospect, when China won the right to host 2008 Olympic games, Japan also gave us its best wishes, saying congratulations to our representatives altough they felt disappointed about their failure.

imagine if China lost the opportunity to host 2008 olympics while Japan got it, what our reactions would be? Could we behave as gently as they did to us?

Japan is hostile to us all the time, but such attitude does affect them being gentle on the international occasion. no matter their superficial behavior are natural or intentionally, we should learn some thing from them instead of doing words battle all the time. in this way, we can surpass them in time.

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more mutual understandings!!

Japan is teaching its people to hate chinese
China is teaching its people to hate Japanese

go to : to have a look (an english website)

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To "crazyazn" Seems that you lack of basic knowledge

I don't know where you are from or what side you stubbornly take. Whatever , It seems that you lack of very basic knowledge. Let me teach you.
1. CHINA, CHINESE . You spelt wrongly and need to spend more time in learning English before you paste any words here again
2. The money supported by Japanese government is a loan, not aid.
We need to pay interest for it. It's not free.
2. It's true that China got the loan from Japnese since 1980' . Another fact you need to know is that Chinese government  exempted  Japan from astronomical war indemnity.  The hostoric background knowledge I think you need to learn more before you make any commets on this issue.
It's obviously that you are quite ignorant. What a pity!

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