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Foreign boyfriends VS Chinese boyfriends [Copy link] 中文

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New kid

Mark wrote:

>I guess the preference to foreigners by the Chinese girls often come because a >foreigner is something fresh and new.

Ah yeah, it's like the new kid at school.  The new kid who transfered to your school is always the hot new ticket for a couple of weeks until they're not new anymore and the allure wears off.

For me it was Sherri Shebani.  She was an Iranian girl who transfered to my high school my junior year.  I was nuts for this girl because she was so beautiful so I pursued her like crazy.  After a few weeks I had won her over when all of a sudden my eyes were opened and realized that at 16 she had more facial hair than me and really was not attractive.  The poor girl couldn't understand what she did to make me dump her so fast but it was just her "newness" wearing off.

When I first came here to China seven months ago I likewise thought MOST of the women at my work were gorgeous.  Now I'm much more discerning and can't find any of them really all that attractive.  I know they didn't get uglier, their newness just wore off in my eyes.


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Yes,money is not evil

I cannot agree with you more.Everyone has his own idea.Life is hard for us sometimes.

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It is said that Shanghai girls are focusing on foreign boyfriend,while girls from inland intend to find a boyfriend from Shanghai.Haha.Very fantastic.

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lovecystal , COOL comment!!!!!!!!!

It is wellknown SH husbands are capable to do more housework and tend to be more caring than husbands in other places of China.


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Foreign Boyfriends

Well, the world is becoming a smaller place--jet planes and the internet take us anywhere,

Attraction to foreigners may just be exoticism.  Many American guys think that Asian women are especially beautiful.  Some American guys only like blondes.  Maybe some Chinese women think that American guys are good-looking.  

I suppose it's possible that some Chinese women have heard the myth that white guys have, but I'm not sure that many really have or that they really care--ladies?

Sure some women are attracted to men who they think will be better providers.  Any man who can travel to another continent to retrieve a woman must have something on the ball.  Maybe a very poor uneducated woman would think moving abroad is an attractive idea.  But an educated woman with a good career is going to be giving some good things up in order to marry a foreigner and move abroad.  And if they think that the USA is a much better place than they are mistaken.

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a person's looks is very important

I can't agree with you more, mono-life.

If a girl is not condiered to be "beautiful" or "pretty" or "attractive" or whatsoever at the first sight,  few men would have the "interest" to  get to know her and to explore her mind and discover her internal beauty.

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i think

if you love him ,will u think about his nationality?i will not

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